The Theoretical Perspective In Prostitution Sociology Essay Essay

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Structure Functional Paradigm

Structure-functional paradigm besides known as functionalism is a theory that sees society as a complex system or administration and everything in society have a particular map or contributes to keep balance of the society ( Macionis, 2012 ) . Structural Functionalism is macro degree analysis which focal point on complex societies, big scale societal constructions, and societal systems. It is beginnings in the plants of Emile Durkheim. Harmonizing to Herbert Spencer, society is like the construction of the human organic structure ( Macionis, 2012 ) . Each portion is like variety meats, castanetss, musculuss in the organic structure. The parts of the organic structure are separately of import, but they dependent on one another. Functionalism emphasizes on societal stableness. From this position, upset in the system, leads to alter because other parts must set to accomplish stableness. When one portion of the system is disfunction or is non working, it affects all other parts and creates societal jobs, which leads to societal alteration.

In twelvemonth 1957, American functionalist sociologists Robert K. Merton divide maps into two types, which are manifest maps and latent maps. Manifest maps are knowing and obvious effects whereas latent maps are unwilled and non obvious effects. He uses the term “ maps ” to mention to the positive effects of people ‘s action. Functions help maintain society or societal system in equilibrium. In contrast, disfunctions are effects that injury society. They destabilize a system ‘s equilibrium.

Social Conflict Paradigm

Social struggle is a theory that sees society as an sphere of inequality which leads to conflict and societal alteration ( Macionis, 2012 ) . Social struggle is a macro degree analysis examines whole societies, big scale societal constructions, and societal systems. This position is derived from the plants of Karl Marx, who see society as sections that compete for societal and economic resources. Based on struggle theory, society is ruled and control by the power elite and upper category. This elite and upper category non merely want to keep their laterality in society, they even like to increase upon it. Therefore, they influence policy shapers to organize ordinances and Torahs that legitimize its residents in all other costs, resources and wealth.

Symbolic Interaction Paradigm

The symbolic interaction position, besides called symbolic interactionism, is a theory that sees society as the consequences of interactions between persons ( Macionis, 2012 ) . Symbolic Interaction is a micro degree analysis, which focus on little and simple groups or community instead than large-scale societal constructions. Harmonizing to symbolic interaction theory, all societal interaction has a symbolic significance. Anything that said by any persons, behaviors of any single, or what any single wears has an implicit in symbolic significance to it. Symbolic significances are given importance because it is believe that people in the society act based on what they believe and non merely on what is factually true, . Consequently, society is thought to be socially constructed through human apprehension. Peoples understand one another ‘s behavior and it is these apprehensions that form the societal bond.

2. Case survey to explain/ luxuriant each of the position associated with each school of ideas.

The subject that I use as my instance survey subject is harlotry. Prostitution is prosecuting in the sexual activity with another individual in return for payment, such as money.

Based on functionalism position, harlotry has still existed from few centuries ago until now because it does someway function the society. If an act is non functioning the society, it would n’t go on to be. Harmonizing to Erich Goode, societal imposts and establishments that persist over clip tend to be those that are good for society because they serve one or more of import maps ( Goode, 2008 ) . For harlotry, it provides sexually suppressed work forces with a sex life or an alternate sex life outside of their matrimony. Furthermore, it besides allows adult females to gain money independently. They besides can go enterprisers without any kind of start-up costs. Besides, cocotte does hold manifest map, cocotte is a occupation because a cocotte earns for a life through the exchange and they can gain rather a figure of money in a short period. Its latent map is to supply sexual mercantile establishment for those who are non competitory in the matrimony market, such as physically or mentally disabled. Besides, being of harlotry can cut down the incidence of colza and sexual torment. The rating of the disfunction of harlotry is transmittal of sexual transmittal diseases such as AIDS. For case, in states such as Vietnam, harlotry is illegal. This is because harlotry is recognised by and large as a hazard factor in the transmittal of HIV infection and it will peculiarly impact adult females and kids.

Now, allow ‘s look at societal struggle position. From societal struggle position, people ‘s race, ethnicity, gender, age, and societal category are all linked to the uneven distribution of money. That is the ground why the bulk of cocottes are immature, female, and hapless. For illustration, big sum of low category citizens in state such as Vietnam, Thailand and Philippine are forced to be cocottes. They do non cognize what to make, since they do n’t hold any instruction. Therefore, the lone manner that they can gain money without instruction is harlotry. Furthermore, procurers and dames besides exist because of gender inequality in the sex industry. The procurers and dames oppress cocotte by take ownership over them and work the usage of their organic structures for sexual favors. Therefore, when these adult females earn their money, their procurers or dames will take a big part of their net incomes. This will do the economic inequality spread to be widened. Hence, they need to execute sex continuously in order to populate because of the societal inequality.

Now, allow ‘s look at symbolic interaction position. In Malaysia, harlotry is categorized into three signifiers which are bodyguard, street and brothel harlotry. Harmonizing to newspaper ( hypertext transfer protocol: // file=/2012/11/9/parliament/12294866 & A ; sec=parliament ) , in Malaysia, approximately 47,000 foreign cocottes are arrested from 2008 to 2012 for beging sex. From symbolic interaction position, harlotry in Malaysia symbolizes sexual revolution occurs drastically which involve monolithic figure of foreign cocottes. Besides, sexual attitudes have become really indulgent for adult female and they are able benefit from work forces ‘s sexual demands and affect in sexual activity with multiple spouses in order to gain money.

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