The Systematic Study Of Human Groups Sociology Essay

Recently issues on teenage gestation have been increasing. Malaya has one of the highest rates of adolescent gestation. Adolescent gestation can be used as a instance survey for Structional functionalism. This is because Structional functionalism is said to be a complex system which has parts in it that works together which besides applies to teenage gestation. Family and school are parts of the society that are responsible in get the better ofing the increasing rate of teenage gestation. Family should give plenty love to their kids. In this manner their kids will non make something which will do their household repute to drop as their household felicity would be really of import for them. School should hold compulsory attending for moral categories. Through this, adolescents will larn more moral values and wo n’t make anything against their faith. Based on Robert K. Merton societal disfunction which is unwanted effects can do adolescent gestation. For illustration disfunction in household. This is when their parents are non observant plenty on their kids. Manifest map which is recognized and intended, adolescents have sex for their ain pleasance and stop up acquiring pregnant. Latent maps which are unrecognised and unintended effects say that through teenage gestation, rehabilitation Centre will acquire income when kids are sent to them for intervention.

Following, I will explicate about societal struggle. Social struggle provinces that human behaviour in society consequences from struggles between viing groups. Social struggle is a macro-oriented paradigm. Factors that cause the basic societal struggle are sex, category, and race. Besides, struggle position focuses on the negative, conflicted and ever-changing nature of society. Conflict theory encourages societal alteration and societal revolution. The chief subject of struggle theory is that different societal group has unequal power, though all groups struggle for the same limited resources. The group with a higher place in society will win over those who are at a lower place in society. Sociologists which are related to this position are Karl Marx and W.E.B Du Bois. Karl Marx states about the construction of society in relation to its major categories, and the battle between them as the engine of alteration in this construction. W.E.B Du Bois race was a major job in United States in the twentieth century.

Case Study- MARRIAGE

Marriage is an alternate manner to analyze about societal struggle. Marriage is a relationship that is shared between all married twosomes. Difference in category is a sub factor in matrimony. Peoples are judged as superior category when they are rich and ain belongingss. Peoples whom are affluent are non allowed to get married low category people who do n’t have anything. Besides that, dowery has a different position by Work force from Middle-East compared to adult females. Work force are supposed to give dowery when they get married whereas adult females are non required to give dowery. The advantage of matrimony is that married twosome ‘s study greater sexual satisfaction compared to individual life people. Disadvantage of matrimony is marriage restricts the freedom of single.

Last, I would wish to depict on symbolic-interaction. Symbolic interaction is a micro-level orientation. Symbolic interaction is the consequence of communicating between people and the use of symbol when they interact. Anything can be used every bit symbol every bit long as it is beyond something. Different people will react otherwise towards something. For illustration an expensive ticker. If a rich individual looses it they wo n’t worry much as they can easy acquire another one but if a hapless individual loose it they might experience really sad about it. Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that people should hold a shared “ linguistic communication ” so that they will be able to understand each other. Some sociologists which are related to this position are Max Weber, George Herbert Mead, and Erving Goffman. Max Weber believed that sociologists must oppugn into people ‘s ideas, feelings, and perceptual experiences refering their ain behaviours.

Case Study- CHINESE NEW Year

Chinese New Year holds the most important place among all Chinese festivals and vacations. Every twelvemonth, household members from all over topographic points will fall in together to observe this fantastic event. Through this, household members become closer when they reunite and interact with each other. Chinese New Year has symbols in it. To guarantee good fortune, Chinese celebrants will head to temple on this gay twenty-four hours. They besides clean their house during this festival season. This is to guarantee that cleaning the house at this clip will brush off bad fortune. Following, they will adorn their house with ruddy. Red is a symbol of good fortune in Chinese civilization. Furthermore, they will put up fire crackers that are thought to frighten off bad liquors. When people visit their place, kids and single twosome will be given ‘Angpau ‘ . This is to promote kids to salvage money that they are given in their envelope.

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