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Subculture is a distinct group of people whose culture is different from the mainstream culture of the wider community to which they belong (Gary, 2009). A sub-culture, therefore, is a way of life for the entire groups of people that in turn form the beliefs system, values, norms and lifestyle that differentiate it from the larger culture within the region of its operation. A sub-culture propagates and adheres to minor lifestyles, which are not highly regarded in the society. I have been a member of the Steampunk for the last three years, since I joined it in my junior high school.

For the last three years I have been a member of the Steampunk, the sub-culture has played a very important role in my life as an individual and a functional member of the society. The sub-culture has instilled in me strong sense of love, belonging and acceptance. Today, the sub-culture has enabled me to meet and positively identify the like-minded friends who hold values and lead a lifestyle supporting the ideals of the Steampunk. The type of films we watch, clothes we wear, and trendy languages we speak are similar in all aspects. In the company of these friends, I attain self-conceptualization, pride of association, and all round fulfilment in daily life more than ever before.

I became to get involved with the Steampunk through my friends and the mass media influence. When I was in my junior high school I met this special friend whose dressing style, body outfits and jewels were stunningly amazing. This particular friend and his other acquaintances shared a lot of commonalities amongst them. This closely knit group seemed to be so polished in their language, conduct, and public mannerism- all admirable tributes I cherished. I developed a burning passion for the group thereafter. In subsequent attempts to clad like him every day, I gained more friends who even influenced my language to match that of the sub-culture. Coupled with the impacts of films and TV programs I watched, I fully embraced the values and lifestyle of the Steampunk, as I got to know them more and more.

Fully aware that Steampunk infiltrates all aspects of a social life, members of the sub-culture come up with some languages and terminologies which could only be understood by them, but not an outsider. For instance, the terms “chums”, “clad”, and “bling bling” refer to money, fashionable clothing, and jewelry hanged on cloths respectivelly. These terms are so common among members of the Steampunk regardless of their country of origin, religion, and race, because the sub-culture puts a lot of emphasis on dressing and fashion design (collectively referred to as Steampunk Fashion) more than the mainstream Victorian culture.

Considering that the Steampunk promotes the practices, taste and fashion of the minority against those of the mainstream culture in a society, parents and persons representing various religious authorities tend to have a serious problem with the Steampunk. They condemn the subculture because of its unique and ultra modern dressing styles and fashion designs that grossly contradict religious and traditional dressing codes. They also mistake the sub-culture for a religious cult, which is not the case; Steampunk is not a religious group neither does it promote practices or beliefs associated with any religion of the world.

In conclusion, Steampunk is a sub-culture whose members’ lifestyles, norms and belief are deeply entrenched in film, decor, design fashion, and language. The subculture is widely practiced across the world. These are the things that keep the members of Steampunk sub-culture together.

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