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In the assigned reading, “ The Sociology of Health, Illness and Health Care, ” By Rose Weitz, it discusses issues of wellness and inequality. They discuss determinations that are made by society. Many people impacted by hapless wellness and inequality were among the big figure of people to lose their lives in Hurricane Katrina. Throughout the reading there were four societal factors that were discussed- age, sex and gender, societal category, and race and ethnicity. Yet, these were non “ combined with biological forces to inequitably distribute unwellness, disablement, and decease in the population ( Weitz 56 ) . ” While reading, I came across information that was critical to admit, such as the difference between sex and gender, the sociology of hermaphrodite, beat-up adult females as a wellness job, and the differences of societal category and of that between race and ethnicity. The difference between sex and gender is that sex is the biological categoriesA of male and female, based on chromosomal construction, genitalias, and endocrines. “ Gender refers to the classs of masculine and feminine ( Weitz 60 ) . ” In fact many people tend to confound the significance of gender and sex ; many believe they mean the same thing. In fact they are wholly different. Surveies have shown the differences in gender and sex affect a individual ‘s wellness. A Womans are known to populate longer than work forces. This is demoing that adult females are more likely to travel to the physician when they feel badly, while work forces hesitate. Work force are said to populate more nerve-racking lives and with emphasis comes the usage of intoxicant and drugs, which can impact wellness. To backup this statement there is a theory that states, “ Womans are more susceptible to nonfatal unwellness because of their endocrines ( sex consequence ) , or their comparatively high emphasis degree and low control over their lives ( gender consequence ) ( Weitz 62 ) . ”

Intersex comes from a feature of holding both sexes. For illustration, in some civilizations it is forbidden to hold an hermaphrodite kid, this would intend the babe would hold to be killed at birth. Meanwhile, in the United States and other parts of the universe, there is a process done so the kid would be a female or male depending on the genitalias. Boys with a little phallus would hold it surgically removed and “ unreal vaginas were constructed ( Weitz 61 ) . ” If females with big buttons, were so removed and “ a phallus was constructed ( Weitz 61 ) . ” This process would so be followed by the usage of endocrines that correlated with their genitalias to better fit their assigned sex. How would this impact the psychological idea procedure and physical effects of the kid? In fact, no research was conducted, but I believe it can be damaging to kids undergoing this process. They are brought into webs of misrepresentation from their parents, and cut down the ability to bask sex pleasance as grownups.

Physical, emotional, and mental maltreatment is a major job to American adult females, doing hurt, disablement, and decease. Work force are influenced by psychological subjugation, adult stuff, and spiritual positions that buffeting their married woman is normal, because adult females are considered belongings. Many people believe that buffeting adult females is normal, but do non see the effects on adult females. This can be included in societal category. Depending on your place within society, that ‘s how you rank in the societal hierarchy. This can be influenced by instruction, income, or occupational position. It is non merely between work forces and adult females that adult females are n’t treated every bit, but besides between race and ethnicity. Thingss to take into history when acknowledging societal category is, business, groups, activities, and geographic countries. Poverty is the chief ground for hapless wellness. Peoples populating in poorness are less likely to hold a foundational and good paying occupation, which so impacts wellness attention. Many people populating in poorness ca n’t afford nutrient, allow alone wellness insurance. “ Lower category people experience worse wellness than wealthier people, because of emphasis, the unwillingness to command emphasis, and no entree to wellness installations to assist cover with emphasis ( Weitz 66 ) . ” Many low category people are non educated, entirely because they ca n’t afford it. College is really expensive merely a few are able to go to. To you and me, we think it is the following measure in our life, but low category people consider us privileged. They would besides state that we have greater life opportunities because of our societal category. Surveies have shown that African Americans have a higher mortality rate than Caucasians. This is because bulk of African Americans are low income persons. Discrimination can lend to this statistic. Some of the bulk chooses to populate in low income lodging because they do n’t desire to cover with segregation and favoritism in vicinities. Discrimination has proven to impact the wellness of persons physically and mentally. Spanish americans are two and one-half clip more likely than Caucasians to populate in poorness. Surveies have shown that Hispanics are less likely to decease from bosom disease, cerebro-vascular disease, and malignant neoplastic disease because they do non populate long plenty for the disease to happen. Majority of Hispanics are illegal, in which they do non hold good paying occupations, or a topographic point to populate in order to hold wellness insurance. They work in risky countries but ca n’t protest in fright of exile. Asiatic Americans have a life anticipation and infant mortality rate equal to Caucasians. Asiatic American can attach to poorness as good ; they suffer from dietetic alterations, civilization daze, tropical disease, and injury of war and refugee life.

In the book, “ A Primer on International Health, ” by Robert William Buckingham, he discusses the different mortality rates in different parts of the universe. There is besides the subject of disease that affects infant mortality and life anticipation. There are a few computations that are done by epidemiologists to reason the figure of deceases in a given country or state. For case, on page 191 of the book, “ A Primer on International Health, ” the writer speaks of the Black Plague, which was one of the great epidemics of human sort. It stated how the disease was contracted, who was thought to convey about the pestilence, and the result of the disease. The disease was said to be brought by the Jews, and they were punished because of this false idea. With farther research, it showed it was due to fleas on rats. Some people populating in little and unhealthy homes were the first of the few to contract the disease due to the infestation of rats in “ hapless countries ” of Europe and Asia. Overall a disease can be initiated in hapless life conditions. Today there are still surveies being conducted to separate urban versus rural difference in mortality.

Where people live affects their wellness. As stated before, people who live in hapless life conditions are more likely to hold hapless wellness. Meanwhile, people who live in equipped and polished countries are more likely to hold better wellness. It is non easy to be societal classified as elite. You have to hold an instruction, impressive business, and significant sum of income. Not everyone can afford a good instruction, which can give you an impressive occupation, with a good income. Therefore, many people life twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. They may non hold all the pleasances in the universe, but without wellness attention of insurance, their life anticipation will diminish over clip.

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