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Programming language is really important for large-scale enterprise information systems because it serves as the backbone of the system. Concerns regarding information dissemination and file transferring of the company will depend in the programming language used. In our present situation where there is a high information technology rate, data has surprisingly overwhelmed the people. In order to solve this problem, the programming language that is being used nowadays is nonetheless streamlined, commercialized so as it could be utilized by the majority of people.

Compatibility and commercialization is important so that different systems could interact with each other, thus creating better opportunities for everyone. Even though these programming languages are being streamlined and commercialized, it is unavoidable to have variety of these languages. Many of these were constructed out of nothing, from the basics, from scratch. They are gradually altered and combined with other languages and eventually get obsolete. There were efforts to design a universal programming language, which could be used with anything, thus making it easier for people and programmers, but sadly, these efforts failed.

There is a need for diverse, varying programming languages because of the different uses of these languages. Each use requires a different language, thus you can’t use a specific one for various tasks. In the case of programming languages used for businesses, it would surely require varying programming language since every business venture is different from another, since business plays with other essential factors. This includes the differences in supply and demand, the economic value, the rate of production and distribution, and many more.

Thus, programming languages entail great attention from programmers to meet the needs of the people that would be using the programs. Web-based vs. non web-based software There is basically two types of software applications you could use in business. These are web-based and non web-based software applications. Web-based applications are those that work hand and hand with the internet, relying on its maintenance, file support, back up and many more. Your system is connected to the internet, thus giving you access even from afar.

Non web-based software applications are those you install, update and upgrade manually. This is a high maintenance system, wherein an administrator should keep an eye from time to time. This is a more secure type, because you don’t open or don’t attach your system to other people. As we all know, the internet attaches you to a whole new world full of people, and there are risks of unwanted access from some people you don’t know. Non web-based software. Non web-based software is more on the enclosed system, where you secure yourself from the risks of intrusion from unknown entities.

The up-side of this system is that you have first-hand information about the system because it would require more of your attention when it comes to file support and sharing, upgrading and back-up. You would manually do this, thus you are assured of the safety of your system. You’re secured with this system. The downside is that it is time consuming, and updates and the latest systems upgrade available on the web is not readily enjoyed. It is also a high maintenance, requiring attention from people handling it. Web-based software.

This is an internet-dependent system, wherein you enjoy the ease and comfort of automatic updates, backups and file support in your system. Here, you are able to do work away from the main location of the system as well. Thee down-side of this system is that it is internet based, thus in places (if ever there are still any, at this time) where there is no internet connection, you cannot access your file. You also run the risk of exposing yourself to the outside world, where hackers and viruses exists to corrupt and destroy your system.

The up-side on the other hand is that you can access, retrieve and store data in your system virtually anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. Working away from the workplace is possible. Maintenance, upgrades and updates about the latest software or products are available, thus giving you quick access to better programs without going anywhere. This and many more is available with the web-based applications. Recommendations For a small-scale business, a non web-based software application is ok. You can maintain it by yourself or by an administrator with ease.

But for a large-scale business like McBride Financial Services, a web-based software application is better. This is for the convenience of getting available updates and upgrades in the internet and it is not high maintenance. Today, internet accessibility is almost everywhere, especially in the key areas of the country. There is almost no problem in connecting and accessing the internet. The risks of intrusion through the internet can be eliminated by keeping yourself secure with firewalls and restrictions on access. If you observe safety, then there is no reason to fear intrusion through the internet.

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