The Shakespeare Authorship Conspiracy Essay

William Shakespeare was one of the most popular dramatists in history. With 38 dramas. 154 sonnets and many other verse forms. Shakespeare’s work has been performed around the universe more frequently than any other dramatist. One gentleman. Hank Whittemore. created a web log that is purely related to the impression that William Shakespeare was a pen-name of Edward De Vere who was the Earl of Oxford from 1550 to 1604. To many. this is an bizarre claim and is considered a confederacy theory. His monthly web log continues to be filled with a narrow history lesson lined with an unpopular sentiment.

Interesting But Not Creditable

Whittemore provinces. “It’s true that for 23 old ages I’ve been analyzing the life of Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford ( 1550-1604 ) as the writer of the “Shakespeare” plants. but I ne’er considered myself a “conspiracy nut” in any manner. First of all I notice that it’s an sentiment seemingly held by a batch of otherwise rational. just persons. “Hey. you don’t believe Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare? You must be one of those confederacy minded nutter! ” I’ve seen this sentiment expressed so frequently in so many books and web logs and it’s been repeated so frequently that it must be true. right? No. I speak here for myself” . ( H. Whittemore. 2012 )

His web log is really extended traveling back to November of 2008 and he appears to hold followings harmonizing to the remarks left at the underside of the web logs. Analyzing the cogency of the informations used by Whittmore. it appears that he is really knowing and could be considered an expert on the history of this clip period. As much content as Whittmore web logs on his site. it still appears unidimensional and has a “fake” feel to it. His credibleness comes into inquiry because he doesn’t even put a life on his site. There is no reference of what he does for a life or where he studied. For all we know. it is fiction.

Endorsed By the Prince of Wales

Another web site that has big sums of subscribers and many sentiments on the topic of Shakespeare’s writing cogency. is www. 60-minutes. bloggingshakespeare. com. This site has astonishing sum of information from many creditable beginnings including MacDonald Jackson. Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Auckland and a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and Martin Wiggins. who is a Senior Lecturer and Fellow at The Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham.

There are 60 subscribers on this site and is promoted by The Prince of Wales who is President of The Royal Shakespeare Company. A. J. Leon. a senior digital adviser to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. provinces. “What I can non understand is the manner people who say he didn’t write the work have to disregard all the grounds that shows he did. We are non speaking about a belief that can be interpreted otherwise depending on our point of position. The grounds for William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon is non circumstantial. It is factual and multi-faceted” ( Leon. 2012 ) .


On October of 2011 a new film has been released called. “Anonymous” . a movie based on the theory that it was in fact Edward De Vere. Earl of Oxford. who penned Shakespeare’s dramas. Equally much as Mr. Whittemore blogs about a Shakespeare confederacy. this movie must be considered a fiction. On his site. his logical false belief is that he states many facts about the clip period and the relationship between Edward De Vere and Queen Elizabeth I. but he ne’er backs up his sentiments with grounds. Although really enlightening from a historical point of position. Whittemore’s deficiency of resources and an surfeit of sentiment harm his dependability and credibleness.

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