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or concern proprietor feigning to be an entry-level employee to detect the jobs in their company. In this hidden-camera show an executive goes undercover in his or her

ain company to acquire a natural expression at how people truly work ( or do n’t work ) , and place how it can be improved, every bit good as rewardir~gth e difficult working staff.

The executive alterations their visual aspect and assumes an assumed name and fictional back-story.

At the terminal of their hebdomad undercover, the foreman returns to their true individuality and requests the employees they worked with separately to corporate central office.

The foreman reveals their individuality and honor hard-working employees Other employees are given preparation or better working conditions.

Chief executive officer of Domino ‘s Pizza Australia, Don Meij. CEO of Boost Juice, Janine Allis.

In Revelation, John writes letters from the Lord of the Church to some of the churches in what was referred to as Asia Minor ( Turkey ) .

Merely the Head of the church, Jesus Christ, can accurately inspect each church and cognize it ‘s true status, because He sees the internals, non

merely the externals

In these particular messages to the seven churches in Asia Minor, the Lord gave each assembly an “ Ten beam ” of its status. But He intended for nll the churches to read these messages and benefit from them.

( Note the plural “ churches ” in: Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 29 ; 3:6, 13, 22. “ Anyone who is willing to hear should listen to the Spirit and understand what the Spirit is stating to the churches. ” )

There ‘s nil under the rug here – good rules of systems direction. You ‘re sitting in church in Ephesus – senior stands to read – got an electronic mail from missional John over orr Patmos. Says he ‘s had vision…

“ I know all the things you do. I have seen your difficult work and your patient endurance. I know you do n’t digest evil people. You have examined the claims of those who say they are apostles but are non. You have

discovered they are prevaricators. 3 You have patiently suffered for me without discontinuing. ”

senior has large smiling – feeling reasonably cozy at this point – “ read that spot once more will you brother… ”

But I have this ailment against you. You do n’t love me or each other as you did at first! Look how far you have fallen from your first love! Turn back to me once more and work as you did at foremost. If you do n’t, I will come and

take your lamp base from its topographic point among the churches. ”

Are you sure you ‘re reading the right electronic mail, brother? Who authorised the financial officer to purchase a lampstand?

Purity of philosophy and life

Maintained high degree of service

Missing deep devotedness to Christ

But the Lord was besides talking to persons, and this is where you and come in. “ He that has an ear, allow him hear. ” – “ Anyone who is willing to hear should listen to the spirit. ”

The churches with jobs are all exhorted to beef up their informant

Churchs are made up of persons, and it is persons who determine in assorted ways, and the two churches without jobs are encouraged

the religious life of the fold. So, while reading these messages, to go on to persist in the faithful informant that they have been

we must use them personally as we examine our ain Black Marias.

1 maintaining.

O Missing personal devotedness

o Tolerate immorality, devotions, unorthodoxies I n PPT There is no grounds that the seven letters were independently

o Entertain cults, unrecorded immoral lives composed or circulated individually. Alternatively, they were constructed as

o Some of them were dead spiritually – cold Black Marias, dead a portion of the overall literary construction of Revelation.

spiritual observation, uneffective testimonies

o Apathetic, indifferent

In measuring the seven churches in Asia Minor Christ uses a wholly different graduated table of measurelnent sing their wellness.

The richest, in Laodicea, is truly the poorest.

The busiest, in Ephesus, is chided for its lovelessness.

The lone churches that receive unqualified citation from the Lord are Smyrna and Philadelphia, folds he describes as afflicted, hapless, and weak. Once once more, it is as he said it would be: the first are last and the last are first.

What is true corporately is besides true separately. Though each message is different, the letters have some similarities.

1. PPT In each one Jesus declared that He knows their plants ;

2. PPT each one includes a promise to those who overcome ;

3. PPT each one gives an exhortation to those hearing ; . ,

4. PPT and each missive has a peculiar description of Christ that

related to the message which follows.

5. PPT Each missive includes a citation ( except the missive to Laodicea ) , a reproof ( except the letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia ) , an exhortation, and an encouraging promise to those minding its message.

Angel individuality ( Since John systematically uses the Grecian term “ angel, courier, ” of supernatural existences subsidiary to

God, it is likely that the term has that intending in each of the announcements.

There is the gap bid to compose to the angel of the peculiar church. Although the significance of the word angel is, of class, “ courier ” ( Matt. 11: lO ; Luke 9:52 52 ~ nhde sent couriers in front

of him, who went and entered a small town of the Samaritans, to do readyings for him.

* Although the missive signifier might take us to believe that mention is to the human courier who delivers the letters, the word is merely used of supernatural existences in Revelation.

Why These Seven Churches?

There is no obvious ground for John to hold addressed these peculiar seven churches, though there has been a great trade of guess. I The pick of merely these seven Christian folds is debatable in

position of the fact that there were many other of import Christian folds in Asia Minor ; eg Colossae ( Col 1:2 ) , Hierapolis ( Col4:13 ) , 3bb ‘ Troas ( Acts 20:5 ; 2 Cor 2:12 ) , and possibly Magnesia and Tralles, to which

lgnatius of Antioch addressed letters, AD 115.

Yet all seven were within 160klms of Ephesus in the Roman proconsular state of Asia and might hold formed an established round path for itinerant Christian Prophetss and instructors, possibly since Paul ‘s twenty-four hours.

The Letter to Ephesus: Testing False Teaching 2:1-7

The Letter to Smyrna: Faithful in Tribulation, 2:8-11

The Letter to Pergamurn: The Cost of Compromise, 2:12-17

The Letter to Thyatira: Toleration of Evil, 2:18-29

The Letter to Sardis: The Spiritually Dead, 3: l-6

The Letter to Philadelphia: An Open Door of Opportunity, 3:7-13

The Letter to Laodicea: The Poverty of Riches, 3:14-21

Blank slide

Conclusion – church reviews – narratives

In the epistles to the seven churches, five are told that He has something against them. In each of these the cardinal word of this message is — non to the

unpersuaded, but to the church-Repent! All the glorious promises which each of these epistles contain are dependent on that one word-Repent!

It is strilcing that the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor reference the verb ‘to repent ‘ eight times! The Grecian word used is metanoein.

This is non a simply rational alteration of head or of thoughts, but indicates a existent ‘turning around ‘ of the whole individual.

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