The Seven Army Values

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The seven army values are integral to each soldier. They spell the difference between one who is worthy of being part of the army and one who should be somewhere else. These seven values, though, would have to be willingly embraced by a person as life laws; they cannot be forced on somebody who does not believe in adhering to them. More importantly, applying them is not as manifest as observance to army rules. They are rather kept within each solder and are not always easily detected.

Similarly, the absence of the seven values can be camouflaged by what meets the eye. These values are the latent influences that dictate each move and each decision made a soldier. They constantly hold the reins, whether the soldier is consciously or unconsciously aware of them. They especially take over during crises, and then people see them in action when there are heroic feats accomplished by soldiers for love of country and of countrymen.

But even in quiet corners, these same values are behind the great acts of unsung heroes and unknown contributions to humanity. Whether applauded or not, whether easy or difficult, words said and moves made by each soldier should be aligned to these seven values – then he would have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to fear.

Writing this paper basically involved researching on the official seven army values: how they are defined by the United States Army and how they are manifested through actions. With the thrust on the researcher’s encounters of the same values, the rest of this written work covered subjective and personal insights on the subject. Discussion Each of the seven values has a role to play in the overall development of a soldier. While they are all important, some of them are essential traits of soldiers who will eventually land in leadership posts that go with higher responsibilities.

Indeed, the formation of values in soldiers maps out their place in the army in the long run. Some are born to be leaders, and some are better off as followers. Loyalty brings together the soldiers and makes them one unified whole. This value keeps soldiers looking out for each other, for their unit, for their army and for their country. Loyalty and respect effectively drive soldiers to follow their superiors without question. Officers would have to win the loyalty and respect of the soldiers under their command.

Personal courage, duty, selfless service and honor all mold soldiers into reliable defenders of the American flag and the American people. Right in the midst of mayhem that often sets soldiers into confusion and desperation, their personal courage and sense of duty would keep them resolved to stay and to follow the orders given them, their dedication to selfless service as soldiers would make them willing to sacrifice their very own lives for love of their country and its people, and honor makes deserting the army for self-preservation the very last thing that they would do.

Having all six values makes great soldiers. Consistently epitomizing these values strengthens a soldier’s integrity, and enables him to win the others as followers who would trust him with their lives and obey his orders without questions. Conclusion A soldier with integrity sincerely does good things and tirelessly helps fellow soldiers without vanity-based hopes of getting recognition or applause.

He does the right and honorable thing whether or not somebody is looking because he sticks to goodness for goodness’ sake. Former President Eisenhower was right to put the foremost weight of significance on integrity, among the many attributes of a leader. Indeed, an army officer with no integrity can never be regarded as somebody worthy of being in command – not even if he can be said to have other redeeming traits.

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