The Self is formed by language and signs

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From the very beginning the process of thinking and thirst to know more about the surrounding begun and gradually it became the need of every individual. After the formation of tribes and cultures language became an integral part of the society but to reach at this point knowledge was used as the foremost mean. Man is a social animal, he yearns to make his individuality social and for that he needs to communicate with the help of language and signs and it is this sociality that makes man different from other animals.

Throughout the passage of time the foundation on which Man has evolved so greatly is his ability to communicate through language and signs. It is this ability of man that has enabled him to evolve in terms of both technology and sociality. It is this ability in man that has ensured his survival throughout the entire history of the world. Drawings in caves discovered by archeologists are a proof that cavemen used drawings and signs or perhaps even words to communicate with each other this not only enabled them to hunt more efficiently but also ensured their survival against other beasts that existed at that time.

Civilizations before us used drawings

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or scriptures to portray their culture, their beliefs, their rituals etc. and it is with the help of signs and language that today we know almost all about these different civilizations that existed before us, i. e. their cultural their rituals their burial methods and ceremonies. The Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians all left certain signs in the form of drawings etc that informed of their culture and beliefs, so that their civilizations can always live in the hearts and the minds of people generations after them.

The reason to emphasize so much on the culture of different civilization is the fact that it is the culture that is responsible for molding a human being into what he becomes later in his life. Culture plays a very important part in the development of a society and ultimately the persons who forms that society. A man is incomplete without his culture and beliefs and culture is incomplete without language and signs, in fact they are the very basis on which culture stands.

Language and Signs make a person complete, makes society or a civilization a whole. Every person, every civilization is bound to come to an end one day, with nothing but unnamed rubble on top of which a new civilization will one day build its own new world. Since the beginning of time Man has always felt insecure and incomplete as if there is something missing in his self, something that is not complete. Man is unaware of the part that language and signs plays in his life to make his “self” complete.

As mentioned earlier that man needs to make his individuality social so that he can survive, so that he can become complete, art plays an important aspect in this situation as man turns towards art to achieve this completeness in his “form” without knowing the profound impact that language and signs have on art. He uses art as a way to escape from the harsh reality of the world, to exist as he wants. The word “self” here is used in a sense in what you make yourself to be. So in the broadest sense one can think of “self”, as his character as he sees it.

And it is not you who decide what you are, but it comes from what is around you with the mediums being language and signs. We use language and signs everyday and in every aspect of life, most of the time unknowingly to make ourselves escape from the harsh realities of this world to show emotions, to show feelings, to make ourselves “whole”. Signs helps one to portray feelings/emotions more prominently our gestures and postures depicts our mood and our feeling towards someone or something.

You can judge the level of interest of a person in anything by the body language he’s portraying. Language is considered the most effective tool of etiquettes. How a person presents himself, how he behaves, his body language etc is all affected by his mentality which in turn depends on the language. Now the need is to complete one “self” and to build up a captivating personality, so as to represent not only our self but also our society in a positive manner.

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