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Self-concept is a system of representations of an single about himself, and about the realisation of a portion of the person, his self-image. Despite the opposition, self-concept is non inactive, but dynamic education.A The formation of self-concept is influenced by a composite of factors, among which the most of import are contacts with “ important others ” , in kernel specifying the representation of himself. The topic of self-contemplation and self-pride of persons may, in peculiar, go his organic structure and his accomplishments, his societal dealingss and other personal looks. The behaviour is based on the self-concept and constructs single ‘s interaction with others and with himself.A Therefore, the formation of equal self-concept as uneasiness in general, is indispensable for educating the witting member of society.

The impression of “ self-concept ” was born in 1950 in line with the phenomenological, humanistic psychological science, whose representatives ( A. Maslow, C. Rogers ) , in contrast to the behaviourists and Freudians, have sought to reexamine the unity of the human ego as a cardinal factor in behaviour and developmentA of a personality. Often the term is used as a equivalent word for “ consciousness ” , but unlike the last “ self-concept ” less than impersonal, including a self-evaluative facet. Self-concept, in kernel, determines non merely what an single represents, but besides what he thinks of himself when his calling started and what development chances will happen in the hereafter.

Components of self-concept. Cognitive constituents mean the representation of an person of himself, a set of features, which, as he thinks he has.A Evaluation is how the single evaluates these features as apply them.A Behavior – is how a individual really behaves. Normally a individual believes that he has certain characteristics.A These features can be deduced or reduced to a individual current minute of his life. Furthermore, in world this adult male is objectively might non be strong.A A set of beliefs about yourself have a cognitive constituent of self-concept. These beliefs may hold different significance for the individual.A It can be considered, for illustration, that he was chiefly a bold and strong merely in 10th place.A This hierarchy is non changeless and can change depending on the context or over time.A The combination of value and public presentation at a given minute is mostly caused by the installing of the person, his outlooks for himself. Among other things, the cognitive constituent of self-concept is represented in the head of the person in the signifier of societal functions and positions.

The person non merely believes that it has certain features, but besides a certain manner to measure them if he belongs to them.A He may wish or dislike it, for illustration, being strong. An of import function in the formation of this appraisal is: comparison of representations of themselves with the “ ideal self-importance ” ; relation of representations of themselves with societal outlooks ; measuring the effectivity of its activities from the position of their individuality. As a fact, we can non disregard how we really conduct ourselves.A This “ nonsubjective ” portion is the behavioural constituent of self-concept.

Sing the development of the ego construct, babies ab initio did non separate between themselves and the universe about us.A As growing begins to develop my organic structure, cognition comes with the apprehension of non-identity of internal and external worlds.A Later, immature kids begin to compare themselves with their parents, equals and relations, happening the differences. By in-between childhood they already have their cognition of themselves extended so far that is includes a system of ratings of their ain qualities.

Adolescents have noticeable concern how they are perceived by others.A It is this manner until their intelligence reaches a degree of development, which allows them to believe about the fact that an outside universe is as it is and how it should be.

Throughout maturity, we have the construct of rights while seeking to keep continuity and changing.A Major life events are a alteration of work, matrimony, birth of kids and grandchildren, divorce, occupation loss, war, personal calamity – all of them lead us to revise the attitude. Self-concept is a comparatively stable, more or less witting, and it is experienced as a alone system of thoughts about the single ego, and on its base interaction with other people is being built.A Self-concept is coherency, although non without internal contradictions, the image of ego, moving as a works in relation to himself and consisting constituents: the cognitive – the image of their qualities, abilities, physical visual aspect, societal significance, etc. ; A emotional – self-esteem, self-love, self-abasement, etc. ; estimation-willed, the desire to better self-pride, addition regard, etc.

The relationship between the ego and emotion depends on what a individual thinks about himself, how he perceives the others, which character he has and how close to the bosom he takes everything that happens around him. All these factors influence an person ‘s self-pride. The relationship between the ego and behaviour is determined sing the manner a individual lives, the manner he feels about things, what he thinks and what his bounds are. This relationship affects an person ‘s self-presentation, as what a individual thinks- he them implements in his life, his vision of state of affairss, his apprehension of a proper behaviour.

Self-concept is besides a stipulation and a effect of societal interaction, which is determined by societal experience.A Its constituents: the existent ego ( image of himself in the present tense ) , the ideal ego, the dynamic ego ( the manner in which the topic intends to be ) , I ‘m antic ( for illustration, it is how the topic would wish to be, even if it evidently was non possible, the emotional attitude to these thoughts and beliefs about yourself, the corresponding behavioural response ) , etc.

In general, self-concept is an of import structural component of the psychological profile of the individual, in communicating and activities it is an ideal representation of an person in itself, as in the others.A Formation of self-concept, being finally caused by a broad socio-cultural context, arises in the fortunes of the exchange activities between people in which the topic “ looks like a mirror in the other individual ” . As a fact, formation of theA equal self-concept, and above all uneasiness are one of the of import conditions for conveying a witting member of society. “ Self construct ” is a manifestation of self-awareness, dynamic system of human representations of themselves.A It is shaped by experience of every individual.A This system is the footing of the higher ego of a individual, upon which it builds its dealingss with its environing universe.

Self-consciousness in the psychological literature is regarded as a complex household construction formation in the single mind and image of the “ ego ” .A The image of the “ ego ” is a merchandise of consciousness, consciousness and look that is called human rating itself as a topic of practical and theoretical activities, ideals and beliefs that motivate its activity. The sorts of images of “ ego ” are: the societal “ ego ” , religious “ ego ” , physical “ ego ” , adumbrate “ self ” , household “ ego ” , etc. And besides there are existent “ ego ” and unreal “ ego ” , every bit good as present, future, fantasy, etc. Unlike self-image, the “ ego ” is besides witting of constituents incorporating unknown “ ego ” at the degree of being and knowledge.A The chief map of the image of the “ ego ” is the unity, single and personal nature of his subjective achieve harmony.A The ego construct is the construct that surveies the scientific disciplines of a individual and society.

Harmonizing to its contents, the ego construct could be positive, negative or ambivalent.

A. Maslow sees incompatibilities in the internal contradiction of the existent degree of single self-actualization and its possible level.A A In the constructs of ego individuality as a desire to stand for yourself in the best manner, Maslow describes the demands which an person must meet.A As a fact, Rogers emphasizes the human capacity for personal self-improvement.A The cardinal construct of his theory is the impression of “ ego ” because every individual asks the inquiry: Who am I? A What can I make to go who I want to be? A The image of “ ego ” is in personal experience. So, the ego – the construct is an appreciable and cognitive system.A When an person is capable of loving and being originative, and he loves himself merely if he loves others, so he does non love.A Therefore, the image of “ ego ” acts as a regulator of human interpersonal dealingss.

The modern psychological research highlights the function of the image of “ ego ” as a generalised mechanism of self-identity that argues about this image of “ ego ” , which provides designation, personal duty and creates a sense of societal battle. Persons with different ego – construct perceive the universe in different ways.A Achievement, motive and domination for a individual are the most of import regulators of the ego construct development.

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