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Harmonizing to Maguire ( 1995:1 ) , “ The inequality among the sexes is one of the most stubborn characteristics of human civilization. “ Honestly, it is incontrovertible that gender inequality exists in each portion of the universe. Macionis ( 2006:252 ) every bit good admits that “ In most facets, work forces are still in charge. ” these yearss, adult females keep on fighting for their right, pressing for equal chance and just intervention. Gender stratification, that is the unequal allotment of wealth, power, and dispensation between work forces and adult females, seems to be tighten, but it in fact remains its being to some graduated table. ( Macionis, John. J. 2006: 256 )

Socialization creates gender pigeonholing. In a household, parents treat male and female kids otherwise from birth. They teach male kid to be strong, aggressive and smart. And they should hold an ability to back up their ain household in the hereafter. On the other manus, parents handle female that they should populate in a universe of passiveness and emotion and being a good married woman or female parent in the hereafter ( Macionis, John. J. 2006: 256 ) . Macionis ( 2006 ) , Peterson and Runyan ( 1993 ) and Maguire ( 1995 ) note that work forces are really defined as masculine while adult females are feminine. In equal groups, Male equal group reinforces masculine traits of aggression and control in school when playing games. Female equal groups promote interpersonal accomplishments of communicating and cooperation. ( Macionis, John. J. 2006: 257 ) In school, school ever has different demand on costume and address and demeanor of male childs and misss. For illustration, male demand to have on shirt and pants. Female demand to have on frocks. Male should be smart and have a definite position. But female should be cultured. Furthermore, texts and course of study in schools farther reinforce a civilization ‘s gender function. For illustration, the text is demoing that male should have on suit and work outdoors. Female should remain at place to make housekeeping. ( Macionis, John. J. 2006: 257 ) In mass media, it besides reinforces the gender function. Male plays the capable functions in the Television or in the advertizements tie ining with autos, successful man of affairs and etc. adult females plays less capable characters except sexually expressed function in films or Television plans, or otherwise as a homemaker or female parent. ( Macionis, John. J. 2006: 257 ) .

Because of gender stereotyping, we ever have a gender function outlook to male and female and create gender division of labor. It means that under the gender stereotype, we think that one gender is peculiar good at some occupations. So, it makes people believe that merely that gender of people are able to make that occupation good. As a consequence, it hinders the development of other gender on that occupation.

Gender inequality is still predominating in our society today. Frank Parkin ( “ Class, Inequality and Political Order ” ) notes that, “ Female position surely carries with it many disadvantages compared with that of males in assorted countries of societal life, including employment chances, belongings ownership, income and so on. ”

Social inequality is more obvious in working field. Womans are discriminated in different facet, e.g. wage, public assistance and publicity chance. For a same station, adult females normally get a lower salary degree than work forces. And business ceiling hinder the calling development of adult females. Whenever adult females get pregnant, the state of affairs becomes worse. Womans are normally discriminated by employers because of gestation.

Protection for working adult females

Womans are physically different from work forces. They can bear kid. So protection is needed for protecting adult females. Since 1919, there was Maternity Protection Convention built up by International Labour Organization. However, the regulations were relatively simple and rough. Up until 2000, the convention have been revised and updated for times.

The jurisprudence points out that with medical certification provided, saying the presumed day of the month of childbearing, a adult female shall be entitled to a period of pregnancy leave. Cash benefits shall be provided for pregnant adult females who are absent from work.

Apart from that, it ‘s illegal for an employer to disregard a adult female during her gestation period and pregnancy leave. Each Member shall follow appropriate steps to guarantee that pregnancy does non represent a beginning of favoritism in employment. Womans have the rights to one or more day-to-day interruptions or a day-to-day decrease of hours of work to suckle her kid. ( ILO Maternity Protection Convention, 2000 ( No. 183 ) – articles 3 to 10 )

Inequality to working adult females

Although Torahs have been set up to protect pregnant on the job adult females, there are still employers doing different alibi to disregard adult females. Employers normally believe that pregnant adult females are obstructions for their companies. And pregnant adult females are non every bit productive as strong work forces. Furthermore, employers besides think that pregnant adult females will destruct their companies ‘ image. Pregnant adult females may farther impact the human resources direction of companies in the eyes of employers. It is because the others should portion and bear the work load of pregnant adult females. This will increase the on the job force per unit area of the others. After pregnancy leave, adult females may be dismissed by employers finally.

From the statistics of Equal and Opportunities Commission, there are still 318 instances about Sexual activity Discrimination Ordinance in 2006. Comparing to 2005, the instances ‘ sum is merely 288 ; there are a inclination of addition of sex favoritism over employment field. Besides, the ailment about sex favoritism of gestation increased from 32 instances ( From January to May, 2005 ) to 58 instances ( From January to May, 2006 ) . There was an 81 % addition in sex favoritism. The president of Equal Opportunities Commission, Mr. TANG Yee-bong, Raymond, said that some in-between and little endeavors would disregard pregnant adult females because of the resources job.

There is no uncertainty that pregnant adult females are labeled as incapable workers. Those little endeavors normally do non hold so many employees. When pregnant adult females have pregnancy foliages, the work force of the endeavors will cut down. So, employers may make something to forestall their income from loss, such as a premium, dismissal of pregnant adult females and lower the wage of pregnant adult females.

There are several grounds for replying the sex favoritism about gestation. First, misinterpretation and prejudice are the chief causes of disregarding pregnant adult females. Employers wrongly believe that pregnant adult females have lower capablenesss than work forces ; adult females after pregnancy leave have to look after their babes and neglect the occupations. In add-on, employers do non desire to pay for the wage of pregnancy leave. So, those employers would disregard pregnant adult females. Furthermore, the small apprehension of Hong Kong Basic Law causes employers to disregard pregnant adult females. Last but non least, the economic recession leads the bad temper of Hong Kong economic environment ; pregnant adult females easy go the mark of discharge.

The study consulted by Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People ‘s Livelihood. It is conducted by telephone-around 400 citizens, 45 % responds for one station, interventions of male employees is better than female employees. The senior the female is the worse of the interventions. Traditional value creates such a societal norm.

In the instance, dismiss of the adult female is unreasonable. It ‘s non because of doing serious mistake or indolence. It ‘s merely because she is pregnant and ca n’t supply labour force. Although she got compensation, she may hold lost a occupation that she favour.

Inequality to work forces

On the other manus, towards gestation affair, there is non merely female confronting unjust intervention, but besides the work forces. Maternity leave creates inequality to male. Due to the gender stereotype, male are mould into the function of working outside. Under this gender stereotype, we ever neglect the demands of male when the twosome is holding a babe.

First, without holding a paternity leave, it preys on the opportunity of male to construct up the relationship with babe. Mother needs pregnancy leave after giving birth to pamper, so make the work forces. In lately months, paternity leave is a hot subject among the populace. In some states, for illustration, California in America and England, work forces can hold paternity leave. Work force can acquire portion paternity leave wage in California and Male employees can hold one to two-week paid-paternity leave besides. Father in Hong Kong need to maintain managing multiplex plants. They do hold heavy force per unit area. They truly do n’t hold clip to construct up relationship with the newborn babe even though they go back place after work. Maternity leave which merely offer to fuss, is n’t it a sort of development towards male parent? It is normally found that babes or small kids love to attach to their female parent more, that is the consequence of no particular leave offer to beget, they have no manner to pass clip with their newborn babes.

Second, it preys on the opportunity of male on the development of the household. It is because the significance of giving pregnancy leave to female is supplying clip to for female parent to retrieve and take good attention of babe. In contrast, male do n’t hold paternity leave to take attention of his married woman and babe. It seems to connote that male do n’t play of import function or male have a great separating grade on the household development and household relationship. Male and female should hold their duty to their household. But, gender stereotype creates the gender division of labor. It hinders the household development of adult male. Therefore, male do n’t hold paternity leave is a sort of gender inequality.

Third, pregnancy leave giving to female parent is said to be a type of public assistance offered by the company and the society. Upon equality, work forces should hold such public assistance as good. They besides have part to the company and the society. They do have the right to achieve paternity leave. Meanwhile, during paternity leave, male parent can take good attention of female parent and portion the house works, the opportunity for female parent to acquire depression jobs is lowered, the household harmoniousness can be encouraged.

Last, without paternity, male do n’t hold psychological readying. Female can hold a good readying of being a female parent when she has her pregnancy leave. Unfortunately, male can non hold paternity leave to protect them. Male besides portion a great force per unit area when the babe about born. They need to worry about how to take attention of his married woman and babe, how to educate his babe, how to give his babe a comfy topographic point to populate etc. Therefore, male do hold force per unit area which is non lower than female have.

In short, it is really obvious that there is gender inequality on the job of pregnancy leave non merely on female, but besides on male. We can see that non holding paternity leave is a sort of want to male. It deprives adult male ‘s opportunity to construct up near relationship to newborn babe. It may impact the relationship between the male parent and kid in the hereafter. It besides hinders the development of household of male and neglects the protection of psychological demands of male. The feelings of male parent should non be neglected.

Presents, the policy of pregnancy leave is non truly just to male. From the point of position of gender inequality, we agree that male besides has paternity leave. Paternity leave can give some significances to society. It reminds us that both male and female should hold their ain duty to their household. They should acquire adequate engagement in it but non female ‘s function involve in the household ‘s personal businesss merely.


On the whole, gender inequality is a general jobs in our society, it seems ca n’t be eradicated. In the bulk, instances are all about unjust and favoritism against adult females. Womans bear the duty of making housekeeping no affair she has to work or non ; Old and married adult females have less occupation and publicity chance ; Women acquire a lower wage for same occupation ; and there is business ceiling for adult females, they can barely make the high place in their on the job live. However, work forces are unevenly treated to some extent in some instances, as what we presented in our old pages, non all of them have paternity leave. Gender inequality and favoritism non merely impact the rights of both gender, they influence what they can acquire in society. More of import is the influence on their head and feeling. Inequality causes emphasis and anxiousness. Laws aid forestalling the state of affairs of inequality. And we think that instruction is more effectual to work out the job of inequality. We have to alter our head that work forces are the dominator of our universe. Family, school and society should educate the new coevals good. Although work forces are physically stronger, it does n’t intend that they are more competent is every field. Therefore, both genders should be every bit treated.

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