The Process of doing the laundry

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Washing a load of clothes isn’t rocket science -all you need is laundry detergent, fabric softener (this Is optional but recommended to make your clothes softer), a hampered filled with dirty clothes, and of course, a washing and a drying machine. Completing the chore of doing the laundry may sound complicated because all the extra details you have to be cautious about, but as long as you follow the simple steps below, you will find joy in washing the clothes.

Whenever you are washing the clothes, it is always, ALWAYS smart to start off with sorting your clothes to sort your clothes between the light colored clothing, and the darker colored clothing. This is a very important step to remember, because washing a single red sock with the lighter colored clothes could turn all your clothing to pink Instead of white. Another way to make sure your clothes come out In the same quality you put it in the washer as, you should put clothes made with delicate material (such Wong 2 chiffon, satin, silk, etc) in a laundry mesh bag.

This protects the clothes from being torn up when it is being spun around thousands of times in the washer. After you finish sorting and loading the clothes Into the washer, you can start the actual process of washing the clothes. Before you pour the soap into the machine, there are a few controls you have to check. First, the load size should match the amount of clothes you put In. If you feel that you are washing a small load, then turn the dial to small instead of large. Second comes the temperature of the water.

You also have to be really careful with this when you’re washing delicates, because using hot water might sometimes shrink your clothes. So It might be a good Idea to double check the washing instructions on the tags. This next step is also very important cause if you don’t turn the knob to the correct choice, then your clothes might turn out not to be In the same quality as before. This is why you should take a really good look at what you’re washing and then turn the knob to either quick rinse, heavy, normal, or whatever options they give you on the machine.

Finally, it is ready to put the soap In. Read the Instructions on the back of the laundry detergent/ fabric softener to ensure that you are putting in the correct amount of detergent. Putting too much soap leaves you with wet soapy clothes, and putting too little will not be ay 2 After an hour or so, the clothes in the washing machine should be ready to be put into the drying machine. This should be the easiest step in the whole process, because all you have to do is transfer the wet clothes in the washing machine to the drying machine.

Make sure that you loosen up the clothes and make sure it’s not all clumped up together in the dryer, or else it will take longer to dry. Another important task that you have to Wong 3 remember to do is to hang up the delicate clothing that you put into the mesh bag because some clothes shouldn’t be dried. Another thing to do is to check that you didn’t drop any socks or underwear on your way to the drying. Just like what you did for the washing machine, you also need to turn the knob to the correct load size of your laundry.

Usually, you don’t have to put in a dryer sheet to go along with the clothes if you already used fabric softener. If you didn’t use fabric softener previously in the washing machine, then go ahead and add about two to three sheets of drying papers to the drying machine. To save time, you can simultaneously wash the second load at the same time you put the clothes in the dryer. Finally, it is time to complete the drying process. Turn the knob to around an hour, but if the clothes do not dry by then, then add a few more minutes to the drying time.

For the final step, take the clothes out of the drying machine as soon as you hear the drying machine stop spinning. You should take the clothes out of the drying machine and fold them as soon as possible because if you leave it in the dryer for too long, then you will probably end up with a lot of wrinkles on your clothes. To me, the folding clothes part of doing the laundry is the hardest because I get really distracted ND I end up taking two hours Just to fold one load of clothes.

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