The principles underpinning the role of the practitioner working with children

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P5.1; Within my setting I have worked as part of a team in many different ways. One of these ways was when I set up a display of the children’s work. My room supervisor asked me to collect children’s work and collect the materials and equipment I would need to complete this task.

P5.2; My supervisor then instructed me in to using my own imitative in that I could choose the layout and the design of the display. I then collected what I needed without disturbing the group as they were having circle time on the carpet with the rest of the practitioners. I trimmed the children’s work to make sure that it all fitted on to the display. I then collected the laminator from the office and then laminated the children’s work. After sticking the background on to the board I was then able to start displaying the work. When I saw that my supervisor had finished circle time I asked her if it was okay and if anything else needed to be done. She then asked me to use the computer to print of the names of the children whose art work was displayed.

P5.3; When I had finished the other members of staff said I had done a good job by myself and to remember that I can ask for help when I needed it. Another member of staff was also making a display of the children’s maths work and she asked me if I liked the layout and the colours she had used. I said it was good, and that it was nice and bright for the children to look at. My supervisor then commented and said it was good that I was able to give feedback to other members of staff well as well as being able to receive feedback from others.

P5.4; From carrying out this task I was able to grow personally and professionally as I was able to take constructive criticism about the task I had carried out and that I could also give other staff feedback when asked without being nervous about doing so. I have also grown in confidence as I was able to use my won imitative without needed reassurance from others. In the future my supervisor and other team members have said do not worry about asking for help, just make sure there not busy with the children. She also said for the future i did not need to display all the work if I didn’t need to so not overcrowding the display.

P5.1; Another way in which I worked as a team within my setting was when my supervisor asked if I wanted to participate in a staff room meeting. I said I wanted to and she then asked for me to bring some ideas of activities I could do with a group of children.

P5.2; When it came to the meeting I had briefly made notes on the ideas I had on activities I could do with the children. When the meeting started I did feel slightly nervous I sharing my ideas but all the staff made me feel welcome and encouraged me to share my ideas. My supervisor then asked if I had any ideas to which they could include into the following weeks planning. I then suggested a few activities in which we could do. My supervisor then said did I want to lead the activity with a group of children. Other staff members then talked about what they wanted to do through the week and what they wanted to focus on with each of their key children.

P5.3; My supervisor then asked for my opinion with what the theme of the week could be throughout the setting and if I agreed with the planned activities and experiences for the following week which I agreed that they were all good and suitable. I said that I thought the children would all enjoy making rice crispy cakes and Easter cards for their parents. I gave feedback in this way as the other team members wanted to know my opinions and thoughts. During the meeting I did take notes as my supervisor and other team members told me what materials and resources I would need for when I did my activity.

P5.4; In the future I know I can be more confident in my ideas and also being confident in sharing my ideas with the rest of the team. My team members said it was good that I came prepared to the meeting as well as giving feedback on what I thought of the planned activities for the children. I know in the future it is good practice to be prepared for meetings and that my views and opinions are valued within the team.

P5.1; I also work within a team by setting up activities during the day, my supervisor said that I could organise what the morning activity would be. This helped to work as part of a team as while I set up the activity it allowed other members of staff to focus on the children when they arrived and welcomed them while being able to chat to parents with any concerns or questions that they may of had that morning.

P2.5; When I arrived in the morning my supervisor asked if I wanted to set up the activity that i had planned and could I set it up for the morning. She then asked me to fill out a planning sheet and then show it to her when I had completed it. Once I had filled it out she said to make sure that the activity was suitable for all the children within the setting and to make adjustments if I need to. My activity was making Easter cards for the children’s parents. I then collected what I needed for this activity and set up the table while the children were coming in and getting settled. When the children had arrived and had their group time, mu supervisor put the children into groups and sent them off to the various activities that the other team members were also doing. I then took my group of children to my activity.

P3.5; My activity went well as all the children all seemed to be engaged throughout and seemed to enjoy it. Once the morning session had finished my supervisor came over and said that I did well in keeping all the children engaged and keeping the work organised so the children did not get there work mixed with each others. I then said to one of my other team members that i like their activity that she did with the children and that it was good idea. I gave this team member feedback as she was also a student and nervous about doing an activity by herself, so I gave her feedback as it may of made her feel confident for the future in carrying out activities by herself. I also received feedback from a parent of one of the children that participated in my activity and she said that the cards were a good idea and a ‘nice touch’.

P5.4; In the future I could personally grow professionally as I am now confident in that i am able to keep a group of children engaged for a whole activity by myself. I have also been given feedback from other members of staff in that I could use different resources such as paint and other materials that the children could stick to the card, also for the older children to help them write their names in the cards. My other team members made me feel confident in that I did a good job as they commented in that I was well prepared and organised.

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