The Princess Bride- Chapter 3- The Courtship- Study Questions

1. Describe the Queen.
2. How can she be loved by everyoe in addition to being evil?
1. She is shaped like a gumdrop, and is colored like a rasberry.
2. She wasnt acually evil. Queen Bella came into the picture when Prince Huperdinck was a small child and he had only ever heard of an evil stepmother so he called her E.S. for short.

1. Who is Miracle Max?
2. and how is he related to the story?
1. Miracle Max was King Lothrans miracle man but Prince Humperdinck fired him.
2. He later brings Westley back to life.

1. Wo is the first person the Prince decides to marry?
2. Why?
1. Princess Noreena of Guilder
2. because it would be politically the right thing to do because it would be best for the two countries to connect and become one.

Describe Princes Noreena
She has marbllish skin, roseish lips and cheeks, largeish eyes )one blue, one green) hourgassish shaped. She was always clothes divinely. She also had the largest hat collection in the world. She is also bald.

1. Describe the events that hapened during the dinner.
2. What is there significance?
1. a. the dinner was being served
b. a huge gust of wind came through knocking canndles over and sending scarves, fans, and hats flying. including Princess Noreenas hat, showing that she’s bald.
c. Prince Humperdinck was furious and told the Princess to leave
2. the Prince didnt marry the Princess because all he cared about was beauty.

Under what condition do the Prince and Buttercup decide to marry?
Prince Humperdinck orders Buttercup to marry him but she says no. So he tells her to either marry him or he would kill her. So she agrees to marry him as long as there is no love. and he agrees.

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