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Even from the manner the porc barrel system originated in the Philippines. it is easy to see that its way will non be a smooth sailing one. The porc barrel system originated in 1916. when Americans used the financess to split and govern the Philippine Assembly. The Americans used it to pacify the Filipinos who wanted the country’s independency. Even from the start. it has been a manner of purchasing off people’s support. During Soldierly Law. former President Ferdinand Marcos abolished the porc barrel system in the state. but he did non maintain the money as portion of the national budget.

Alternatively. he distributed the porc barrel financess to his protagonists. Now. the state is confronting yet once more another job in the abuse of the porc financess. with the P 10 billion porc barrel cozenage noted as the female parent of all cozenages and the people’s protests asking the demand for immediate reforms to be made. Due to the bing anomalousnesss and deficiency of transparence found in the porc barrel system. it would be best if the PDAF ( Priority Development Assistance Fund ) were to be abolished. There are excessively many incompatibilities and loopholes in the system that are presently supplying corrupt politicians multiple avenues for misapplying the financess.

One of the biggest defect with the current system is that the lawgivers. including the senators and the representatives. are responsible for make up one’s minding which bureaus and beneficiaries the appropriated allowance will travel to. Even if the DBM ( Department of Budget and Management ) will straight let go of the financess to the several NGOs and implementing bureaus. these bureaus were personally handpicked by the legislators. This means that they could hold picked their “favorite” NGOs. set-up their ain NGOs and have their ain relations run it. or even strike up trades with local authorities functionaries and give them a per centum of committee. It would besides do them more susceptible to civilians who would desire to take advantage of the financess because they feel that they are free to pass the PDAF since it does non come out of their pockets. All in all. the loopholes in the porc barrel fund system translate to a general deficiency of transparence. Now with more and more jobs originating from the porc barrel issue. the current demand of the populace is for the entire transparence and answerability of the authorities.

Every financial twelvemonth. each senator gets 200 million. and each territory or partylist representative gets 70 million. but cipher can follow how and what the money is spent on. The of import inquiry that is on everyone’s heads amidst the crisis these yearss is: where did all the money travel? While the PDAF is by and large non a good planned out undertaking. holding its portion of changeless incompatibilities and supplying infinite ways for politicians to misapply the national budget. it can non be contested that it has been good to the advancement of single territories. Pork barrel financess have been used by legislators to provide scholarships to financially deficient pupils. for substructure such as new edifices. schools and roads. for medical support to destitute patients. and for new pumping Stationss to battle inundations.

If it were to be instantly abolished in visible radiation of recent events and non compensated for. many people will be cut off from authorities aid and lose the fiscal support they urgently need. The PDAF is really vulnerable to use and corruptness because of the system of allowing money. but to take the financess that have helped so many destitute Filipinos is merely another manner of adding another set of jobs to the state. An alternate to this issue would be to present a more crystalline manner of administering financess expeditiously to precedence undertakings like lodging. instruction. and health care. In this new system of fund distribution. legislators merely have the duty of taking the most relevant undertaking from the many proposals sent to them by NGOs and LGUs. Then. they will compose a proposal to the DBM implying the specific demands of the undertaking they want to finish.

They will besides be required to subject the dislocations of their outgos to the DBM. In the DBM. a specific commission will be made to treat the proposals of these legislators. The commission will be in charge of formalizing the project’s urgency. and picking the bureaus to implement the undertaking from a list of commissioned implementing bureaus. Another citizen-controlled commission with an nonsubjective similar to the NAMFREL’s function in keeping the transparence of the COMELEC. will besides be created to supervise the motions of the new DBM commission and to give quarterly studies on where the financess are spent on. In add-on to the new system. each senator will besides merely receive 100 million and each partylist or territory representative will merely have 35 million in every financial twelvemonth alternatively of the 200 million and 70 million that they used to have. This manner. a more air-tight and crystalline system will be implemented to serve the people. Transparency and a religion in the authorities can now be assured because the
people can eventually reply the most of import inquiry that has been blighting them since the beginning: where does all the money spell? Through the quarterly studies of the citizen-controlled commission. the people will be able to reply that inquiry. and they will be able to cognize who is truly assisting them.

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