The Pearl – Chapter 3 Questions

Describe what the news of the pearl made the priest, shopkeeps, the doctor, the beggars, and the pearl buyers think about?
priest-repairs, whether he had married Kino and Juana or baptized Coyotito
shopkeepers-mens clothing that hadnt sold well, wanted to sell them to Kino and Juana
doctor-paris and the life he used to live there
beggars-knew there was no almsgiver in the world like a poor man who becomes lucky
pearl buyers-pearl could mean new start, patron cant live forever-someone has to take over

Kino and Juana thought everyone shared their joy, but what was really happening?
Everyone was thinking about how they would use the pearl and how it would affect their lives. They became jealous of Kino.

To what evils does Steinbeck compare the evil growing in the town?
a scorpion, hunger, loneliness

What metaphor compares a snake to the town?
“the poison sacs of the town…”

what things did kino see in the future when he looked into the pearl?
proper wedding, baptize baby, harpoon, rifle, new clothes, education for Coyotito

what makes man superior to animals? do you agree
humans are never satisfied; they always want more
yes- if you tied your soccer game and your team is so happy, but you arent satisfied because you know you can win the game
no- we should be grateful for what we have and not always wish for more

what is so important about coyotito going to school?
kino and juana are being exploited by spaniards because they are ignorant. if coyotito learns to read he will be able to tell the, what isnt true.They wont be so victimized.

how is the pearl changing kinos personality?
paranoid, unkind, lacks compassion, disatisfied, greedy, using more words, angry, suspicious, protective, trusts no one

how does the doctor trick kino and juana? what does he really give the baby?
doctor pretends that coyotito is still sick, bu really he is already cured. kino and juana dont know enough to take any chances. he gives the baby a “medicine” which causes coyotito to get sick. then he comes back and gives a different medicine to cure the baby so he can get more money

what happened in the middle of the night? how did juana react?
someone comes into their house and digs through the soil, looking for the pearl. kino chases them, but ends up getting hit in the head. juana believes the pearl is evil and wants to throw it back in the sea or break it between two rocks.

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