The part in which art plays in worship and spiritual life of a Christians

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I chose the unit, religion and spirituality because I’m interested in all types of arts. I have visited very many art galleries in spare time, and seen a wide range of various styles and genres of paintings. One famous gallery I have visited is the Ufizzi gallery in Florence, Italy. This gallery has many original religious painting by many, famous artists. I have seen a wide range of artists work, that is then reason I am doing this unit so I can research more about the ways religions understand paintings, and the ways they decorate the churches. While visiting Italy I have seen many cathedrals and churches with the painted ceilings and great statues of saints. So this will help me understand more about religion and spirituality.

Describe and explain the part in which art plays in worship and spiritual life of a Christians.

Spirituality can be anything specifically religious to do with god or a human religious experience at depth where spirituality is found in human spirit. Art and spirituality are concerned with inner life; an artist would draw based on their inner life and experiences and show this creativity. Arts are used for expressing feelings and emotions in drawing, paintings and

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sculptures. A reason and planning are needed to do this even though the viewer may look at the piece and only see a feeling or emotional response, which could be one of awe wonder or empathy at the pain and suffering in the world.

“Art gives people a way to show their spirituality”

Art contributes to spiritual life because, it expresses human longing and develops the imagination, and it shows reflection on deep human experiences, it searches for a meaning and truth. Art often transforms something ordinary into something with more meaning. Art gives people a way to show their own spirituality. In a painting a person may see what in painted as a whole where as the artist has captured much more meaning and is waiting for us to be formed.

“…It’s hard to know where one ends and the other begins.”

Art has always been used in religion, religious art used in the past medieval times were stain glass windows with religious authorities and saints, and people then were not into literacy so bible stories were pictorial. In the modern day art is used as an aid to devotion to the bible. Art visualises experience and hopes. Religion inspires creativity in the arts. Art is a way of communicating and can challenge beliefs and values; it is a means of religious advertisement. Sometimes art and religion are separate and detached from each other but other times art and religion are so attached it is hard to know where one ends and the other begins.

Art can be religious because it may represent a religious symbol or teach part of a belief through images and symbols. Both art and religion use analogy, this means they use a metaphor and symbol rather than science and logic. The painting or sculpture may become religious because of where it has been placed, or may be religious because it has been blessed by a religious authority, like a lot of caravaggios paintings had been blessed by the pope.

“…see them as symbols to deepen faith”

There are a lot of differences of tradition in art and Christianity. There had been many great paintings and decorations until they were neglected by a protestant movement. Muslims will not have any form of visual representation of Allah, instead they have arabesques for decoration. Roman Catholics use art and statues a lot, they do not idolise them but instead see them as symbols to deepen faith.

Explain how Christians may feel that the building they worship in and the type of worship itself may assist them in life and belief.

Most Christians worship in churches, these buildings are said to be the houses of god and there fore Christians will want them to be as magnificent as possible, with many icons. Churches are built in special ways all icons and the font and the alter is place pacifically. This would give the building a religious atmosphere. There are often crosses and crucifixes hanging in churches. Often this is a large cross above the alter. There is often a an important painting or stained glass window above the alter depicting a scene from the life of Jesus.

People go to churches to praise God in song and in word, to learn church teachings, to ask for forgiveness, to pray to God, for help(sanctuary, physical needs or spiritual guidance). Some people go to churches to socialise, some people go for the wrong reasons, to be seen!

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