The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas Essay

I do non believe the storyteller lives in Omelas. because of the manner he compares their society to ours. and “them” to “us. ” He besides ne’er includes himself in his descriptions of them. although that begs the inquiry: how does he cognize them so closely if non for holding been there? The Omelas society is Utopian. intelligent. compassionate. respectful. holding no demand for jurisprudence. or clergy. attractively built ; the list goes on. Everything is perfect. all except the concealed kid. It seems that the storyteller sympathizes with the people of Omelas and understands the quandary they are in.

He points out the countless good the citizens do in order to antagonize the one awful concealed blight on their society. He practically states that the ground they ARE so good jointly and what makes it such an astonishing topographic point to be is the fact that they do portion this cognition of the child’s torture. It does non look as though the writer portions this sentiment of understanding. and she wants the reader to loathe what is taking topographic point in Omelas and proclaim we would walk off.

The storyteller views the 1 who walk off with disbelief. He can non even get down to depict where it is they go towards. believing it would be even harder to conceive of than Omelas. I do non believe he could hold been one who walked off from Omelas. He seems really resigned to the belief that idealism should be set aside for pragmatism. The willingness of the writer to let us to add any inside informations we like to her narrative is added to assist us visualise its possibility.

These minute inside informations don’t change the castanetss of the narrative or the significance behind the words. they merely assist us add to the ocular image in our caputs. The desolate room the forsaken kid resides in is the footing that the full Utopian and beautiful Omelas society rests itself on. The fact that the coming of age of each member of their society is hinged upon their realisation of the kid and even more tragic screening of said kid is really symbolic. In today’s universe we are easy made aware that non all are provided the luxuries that many of us are lucky to see.

We besides by and large learn to populate with this cognition. jostle it aside and go on on with our lives. We have come to accept that the demands of the many outweigh the few. Some of us. like those who walk out of Omelas choose to stand up against unfairnesss and walk off from it all. Many more of us use justifications as they did. believing that even if the kid was let out it would ne’er truly populate a meaningful life but alternatively be bound by fright and the mental torment of its yesteryear in the basement.

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