The Odyssey– the study guide questions

Who is Hermes and what is his mission?
The Messenger God, the Gods have told Hermes to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go home

Who is holding Odysseus captive?

What is Calypso’s reaction to having to let Odysseus go?
she promises him eternal life

What is the main problem Odysseus faces while traveling by sea?
Poseidon hates him

How heavy is the door of the Cyclops’ cave?
24 hourses

Why doesn’t Odysseus kill the Cyclops when he has the chance?
bc he needed the Cyclops to move the bloder

What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops that his name is?

How do Odysseus and his men sneak out of the Cyclops’ cave?
they get under sheep skin

What foolish thing goes Odysseus do?
he brags

What does Circe do to some of Odysseus’ men?
turns them into pigs

What instructions does Circe give Odysseus’?
tell him to go to the underworld

Who is Teiresias and what does Odysseus want from him?
he is a prophet; he wants the future/ what will happen to him

What does Teiresias predict for Odysseus’?
great destruction

Why should Odysseus be careful around the Sirens?
so he doesn’t stray away from going home

What should he and his men do to keep safe from the Sirens?
the men need to plug their ears, and Odysseus needs to be tied up

What will Charybdis do if Odysseus’ ship gets too close?
his men will get sucked up in the whirlpool

What does Odysseus keep secret from his men?
that they would lose a lot of men

Describe the circumstances of Odysseus’ shipmates’ deaths. It is Odysseus’ fault?
the men eat the cattle; no it is not Odysseus fault bc they decided not to listen to him

Describe Odysseus’ disguise.
an old beggar

What do Odysseus andTelemachus plan to do?
they plan to kill all the Suiters and take their house back

Describe Penelope’s challenge for the suitor.
they have to string Odysseus’ bow; shoot the arrow through 12 ax heads; and also hit the bullseye

How does Odysseus prove his identity?
if they can’t do it , why should he try?

What did Odysseus prove about his abilities when he shot the arrow through the 12axes? Why is that important now?
Even an old beggar can do heroic deeds. He needed to get his wife and kingdom back

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