The new G1 phone from Google

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For years, technology has been gaining importance in the lives of people.  Transport devices are made faster and more environment-friendly.  Various communication gadgets are made smaller, all of which are vital parts of bridging gaps and distances made by nature.  Storage tools for computer files grow smaller, too, starting from the 5-inch floppy discs, CD-ROMs, and flash discs.  Even if they are smaller than their ascendants, these phones, cars, and discs prove to be better and more viable in the ever- and fast-changing world.  Also, the internet, which connects every person to any link available to the world with just one click of the computer mouse, is made more affordable; almost everyone with a computer can have access to it.  It is not surprising that booming technology-focused companies make developments deemed vital for the ordinary layman.

A new phone is set to hit the markets—and the hearts of the tech-savvy.  Who would have thought that the unlimited access brought to you by Google is now accessible via the ordinary cellular phone?  This paper focuses on the new T-Mobile G1 Phone with the latest Android Operating System and the Accelerometer, a movement and direction sensor.  With the

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release of this new breed of phone, the primary focus is the behaviors of those who will have use it.

List of main topics/outline/introduction

I.                   The G1 Phone

A.    Hardware

1.      Display

2.      CPU

3.      Keyboard

4.      Audio

5.      Camera

6.      Storage

7.      Battery

8.      Accelerometer

B.     Software

1.      Android OS

2.      Java

C.     Google Applications

1.      Chrome

2.      Map

3.      GMail

4.      Calendar

5.      GoogleTalk

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This webpage is a weblog featuring a review of the Google phone

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This weblog features a review of the Google phone, with an overview of the hardware and software specifications and its edge against other phones.


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