The Motivations of Terrorism at a Glance

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Comprehensibility decides how much logical sense a decision makes and the structure and order of carrying out the act. Manageability asks how much one can cope with decisions made. Meaningfulness asks if the challenges are worth the commitment. Motivation and Objectives of AY Qaeda In this article, the writer identifies the main objectives of AY Qaeda, both strategic and fundamental (Kenney and Wintered, 2010). The motivation behind all of these objectives Is to spread the Islamic religion throughout the world and to destroy any enemies of Islam. I believe AY Qaeda motivation is primarily religion based because

Bin Laden believed they were sent by god to destroy non-believers. AY Qaeda believes their missions/attacks have comprehensibility because they feel they have an obligation to god to carry out these attacks. These missions have a structured order to them; they are not haphazard attacks. The members of terrorist organizations have a loyalty to their organization and are willing to give up their lives for the cause. The “manageability’ for these members is death. Due to the extreme commitment the members have, I would say they have a strong sense of coherence to deal with the trauma and violence on a dally basis.

Motivation of Suicide Terrorists The next article is in reference to the motivations behind suicide bombers and terrorists. Post determines that the motivation behind this type of act is a quest for against the Koran and encourage suicide missions, he replied “A martyrdom operation bombing is the highest level of Jihad, and highlights the depth of our faith. The bombers are holy fighters who carry out one of the more important articles of faith. ” This quote shows that these terrorists understand what they are doing and are willing to die for the cause of martyrdom.

They see the end result (death) as a manageable or acceptable outcome. They feel this is the highest honor they can receive for an act of their god. Psychology of a Terrorist The final article I chose explores the psychology of terrorists (Frost, 2005). Frost says that, for the most part, members of terrorist organizations are sane and normal individuals. With this being said, I think they fit the mold off stable sense of coherence. These members know what the mission and goal is and they do whatever is needed to accomplish them.

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