“The Monkey’s Paw” – Understanding Plot Assignment

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1. a ) Character V. Fictional character: Mr. White vs. Mrs. White. Mrs. White forces Mr. White to wish for their boy. Herbert. to come alive once more. but Mr. White knows there will be a effect ( Herbert will come back a living dead. or such thing ) and does non desire to do the want. 2. Character V. Unknown: Mr. White vs. the knocking on the door. Mr. White doesn’t want to assist Mrs. White open the door because he is afraid of what is on the other side. Mr. White fears his boy will come back a living dead. 3. Character V. Himself: Mr. White vs. Himself.

Numerous times throughout the narrative Mr. White faces an internal struggle about doing a wish with the paw. At first. Mr. White doesn’t want to wish because he says

B ) Supporter: Mr. WhiteAntagonist: Sergeant Major Morris

The supporter in The Monkey’s Paw is Mr. White because he is the character doing all of the wants throughout the narrative. The adversary is the Sergeant Major because he gives Mr. White the monkey’s paw. which creates all of the jobs in the narrative.

2. The narrative begins on a cold. wet dark at Mr. and Mrs. White’s place. Mrs. White is knitting by the bright fire while Mr. White and his boy Herbert drama cheat. They are waiting for Sergeant Major to get.

3. The motivating incident occurs when Sergeant Major leaves the monkey’s paw with Mr. White because the lifting action begins after Mr. White makes his first want.

4. I ) Herbert asks Mr. White to wish for 200 lbs

two ) Herbert gets killed at work – & gt ; Mr. White gets 200 lbs three ) Mrs. White forces Mr. White to wish for Herbert to come alive

5. The flood tide of the narrative happens when Mrs. White is fighting to open the door for Herbert while Mr. White is hotfooting to happen the monkeys paw to do
his 3rd and concluding want for Herbert to vanish. The door flies open every bit shortly as he makes the last wish and the street is empty. We know this is the flood tide of the narrative because all of Mr. White’s three wants are gone and nil more can go on with the monkey’s paw.

6. The struggle between Mr. and Mrs. White ends when Mrs. White opens the door and sees an empty street after Mr. White made his last want. Mrs. White is defeated that her boy is non at that place but Mr. White rushes to her side to soothe her. The struggle between Mr. White and the unknown animal that Herbert might be. terminals every bit shortly as Mr. White makes his last wish for Herbert to travel back to his grave. Mr. White’s internal struggle besides ends when he makes his last wish because now there are no more wants to be made.

7. See question # 11

8. The Monkey’s Paw is told in first individual narrative. The storyteller is non a character in the narrative. he merely tells the narrative.

9. a ) After Mr. White makes his first wish for two hundred lbs and it doesn’t demo up instantly. Herbert says “Well. I don’t see the money. and I bet I ne’er shall” . This is a signifier of sarcasm because as it turns out. the effect of that want is Herbert’s decease so Herbert ne’er sees the money – merely like he said. B ) The following twenty-four hours before Herbert goes to work. he makes a remark stating “Well. don’t interruption into the money before I come back” . This remark is besides dry because Herbert ne’er comes back. degree Celsius ) Another signifier of sarcasm. which is broader than the last two illustrations. is that The White’s think of the monkey’s paw as a solution to all of there jobs. The sarcasm of this is that nil could be farther from the truth. The monkey’s paw stop up doing them nil but wretchedness.

10. Throughout the narrative. the characters of Mr. and Mrs. White go through many alterations. The first illustration is at the beginning of the narrative ; they are a happy twosome that “seems to hold all they want” . At the terminal of the narrative. they are contending with each other and they are both overwhelmed with heartache from the loss of their boy. Individually. Mr. White seems to be more backward than Mrs. White at the beginning. The first illustration of this is when Mr. White does ill at cheat and loses the game to Herbert. Another illustration is when the adult male from Herbert’s work comes bearing the bad intelligence about Herbert’s decease. Mr. White is slow to understand the significance of his visit. but Mrs. White gimmicks on right off.

These personality traits are subsequently reversed when Mrs. White fails to recognize that the Monkey’s paw brings problem with every want. After Mrs. White forces Mr. White to wish for Herbert to come alive once more. Mr. White becomes the quick-witted 1 when he concludes evil is on the other side of the door. recognizing the paw has punished him once more for being greedy.

11. Suspense has been created in The Monkey’s Paw in the scene where Mrs. White realizes the paw will allow Mr. White two more wants. Suspense is foremost created when Mrs. White asks Mr. White to wish for Herbert to come alive once more. As readers. we know something bad is traveling to go on if the want is made and are non certain if Mr. White is traveling to follow with Mrs. White’s orders. The degree of suspense physiques after Mr. White wishes for Herbert to come alive once more and the knocking on the door starts. The suspense reaches the flood tide as Mrs. White is groping about seeking to open the door to allow Herbert in. while Mr. White tries to happen the Monkey’s paw to do his 3rd and concluding want for Herbert to return to his grave. Mr. White finds the paw and makes his wish at the same clip the door flies unfastened. uncovering an empty street.

12. The sergeant major describes the paw as charming – that it grants three work forces three wants. but with effects. He tells the White persons about the first adult male to wish and how he used his 3rd wish for decease. This foreshadows that the paw causes a great sum of heartache. He so throws the paw into the fire and tells Mr. White to “let it burn” . warning him non to touch it. Mr. White disregards the sergeant and does precisely what he told him non to make. The sergeant besides tells Mr. White that an old fakeer put a enchantment on it to demo that people who interfere with destiny do so to their sorrow. This is another illustration of how prefiguration is used to demo the reader that the paw will do mischievousness subsequently in the narrative. Even though the sergeant tells Mr. White all of this. Mr. White chooses to disregard the warnings and continues to do his first want.


14. Yes. the sergeant major does merit some of the incrimination. Although he threw the monkey’s paw into the fire and warned Mr. White many times non to wish. when Mr. White asked him how to utilize it to do a want. the sergeant told him. Besides. the sergeant wasn’t really specific when he was speaking about the ‘danger’ of the paw. He should hold explained his ain experiences and what consequences he faced when he made his three wants.

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