The Management Problem versus the Marketing Research Problem

1: Identify and define the Management Problem
2: Define the Marketing Research Problem
3: Establish Research Objectives
4: Specify the Research Design
5: Develop the Data Collection Procedure
6: Design the Sampling Procedure
7: Collect the Data
8: Process and Analyze the Data
9: Present the Results
10: Follow-up
The Marketing Research Process
Management problem:
– Focuses on symptoms
– Action oriented

Marketing Research Problem
-Focus on causes
-Data Oriented

Differentiate Management Problem to Marketing Research Problem
-distinguish between the symptom and the problem

-History of the problem

Ask: What caused this to occur.

-What will the information be used for

-Environment in which it is being made

-What alternative courses of action are there?

-What criteria should we use to decide between alternatives


-Who are the decision makers and what are their purposes?

-Why is the information is being sought

What do we need to know to identify or define the problem? – The problem audit
Problem Definition Process
Provides guidelines on how to correctly define the marketing research problem
– Because problem definition sets the course of the entire project

– Because the client is paying for the research so both need to know what to expect

– Because mistakes made at this level grow into larger, more expensive mistakes later on.

– All the effort, time and money spent from this point on will be wasted if the problem is not properly defined.

Why is it important to clearly define the management decision problem?
Define the Marketing Research Problem
A statement of the information needed by a decision maker to help solve a management decision problem.
Narrowly Defined
Marketing research problem has to be __________
-Find out why the information is being sought.

-Determine whether the information already exists.

-Determine whether the question really can/should be answered.

-Use exploratory research to define background of the problem
**Situation analysis
**The iceberg principle

-Determine relevant variables

Tips for Accurately Defining Research Problems
Marketing Research Objectives
the specific bits of knowledge that need to be gathered to close the information gaps highlighted in the research problem.
Marketing Research Objectives
Serve as a standard to evaluate the quality and value of the research
Specific and Unambiguous
Objectives should be ___________
-Understand and define the managerial decision problem/opportunity

-Translate into research objective(s) (what information is needed)

-Pose the right research questions

-State questions in terms of hypotheses

Problem Formulation and Approach
Management Decision Problem
It asks what the Decision Maker needs to do
Marketing Research Problem
It asks what information is needed and how it can be obtained effectively and efficiently.
Marketing Research Objective
It is a restatement, in general terms, of what management needs to know to make a decision

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