The man who it up the world

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“The Man Who Lit Up the World”, it’s biography about Thomas Edison by author name of Martin Woodside. The main idea of this story is about to tell the readers all about the life of Thomas Edison. This book tells the biography of Thomas Edison through his entire life. The book starts from the childhood of Edison as a young boy and tells the readers all about his attitude during a school life and all of his struggles when he was young.

Martin Woodside show on his biography how Edison married and his family life. This book gives so much information about Edison which is all of us we didn’t knew about it. Something interesting about this biography is tell the readers ,he was working for five straight days and night ,hardly sleeping to change the generation way of living. And after more than a thousand tries ,he never gave up and he was sure to try once more. This book has thirteen chapters and each chapters describe Edison more. T the first he author describe Edison childhood then he starts talk about the way of he grew up, his challenges ,new ideas and how Edison make him self as a rich business man . Len February 11 , 1847 , Thomas Edison born in Milan ,Ohio ,to Samuel and Nancy Edison. And one of the interesting thing is he is the youngest of seven children. This story has taken in to many places in Edition’s entire life. For example in 1859,Edison starts working as news butch on the Grand Trunk Railway.

On that time ,he prints his wan newspaper ,the weekly Herald ,to sell on the train and then he begins works as a telegraph operator Boston ,Massachusetts in March 1868. Then the author show the readers how Edison died in Gleaming ,New Jerry in 18 October. The unique and unbelievable thing about this book is while I’m doing my book report resulted from Edition’s pioneering work. On December 25, 1871, Edison married 16 year old girl, Marry. He met her two months earlier, she was an employee at one of his shops. They had three children,

Marion Edison, Thomas Edison and William Edison. Mary Edison died at age 29 on August 9, 1884 because of unknown reason. On February 24, 1886, at the age of 39 , Edison married the twenty years old woman . Her names was Mina Mille. They married in Akron, Ohio. Mina Edison also died in on August 24, 1947 and she left her three children ,Madeleine Edison ,Charles and Theodore Edison.

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