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Harmonizing to the book by Drucilla ( 1998 ) , Feminism is a term that has been widely described in different ways and by different people. Basically, it refers to the facet of different beliefs put across by people every bit far as gender equality is concerned and its importance. This goes farther to disregard the fact that the hierarchy of gender is merely but a societal perceptual experience. The construct of feminism has brought a great alteration in the country of human being lifestyle. This is because the women’s rightist have continuously staged their consents every bit far as the rights of adult females are concerned in footings of societal, political, wellness, economic and legal rights. Socially, issues such as the right to inherit belongings have been discussed. Legally, the rights to project a ballot, ain belongings and acquire a contract. Health wise the issues of generative wellness every bit far as abortion is concerned have been tackled. Economically, issues of favoritism in the work, pregnancy leave and response in the work topographic point have been accounted for.

In the survey by Humm ( 1992 ) , the procedure of Feminism has been through three chief phases viz. the first moving ridge, the 2nd moving ridge and the 3rd moving ridge. During the first moving ridge, which took topographic point in the U.K and the US at around the early twentieth century, issues of right for the adult females to contracts, belongings ownership and possessiveness of adult females and kids by their hubbies was dealt with. Further, issues of sexual force, economic rights, right to political power and right to vote were dealt with. The 2nd moving ridge which was in 1960 on the other manus, focused on the issue of societal inequality and more of their political rights since that was of import every bit far as single adult female ‘s life is concerned. The societal believe that adult females can merely and merely happen their personal fulfilment in homemaking and bearing kids was discussed in deepness. Finally, the 3rd moving ridge which took topographic point 1990 was fundamentally a reaction against much of what was done in the 2nd moving ridge

Post feminism is a term that fundamentally describes a broad scope of statements against the issue of feminist. Equally far as station feminism is concerned the ends of the first moving ridge were achieved but a batch has been criticized as far the 2nd and the 3rd 1s are concerned. A batch of critical thoughts have been suggested which were focused on exposing the challenges of the thoughts brought Forth in the 2nd moving ridge. Arguments have gone to an extent of claiming that feminism in the current society is wholly invalid. Much of the work done by the station women’s rightists argues that the docket of feminism is dividing the people of opposite sexes alternatively of re-uniting them. Most of the claims alleged by the women’s rightist were dismissed in the sense that they lacked grounds. It was claimed that most of the issues dealt with in feminism were merely of ego involvements. However, McRobbie ( 2009 ) , argues that station feminism merely undermines the attempts done by the women’s rightist in every bit far as the issue of achieving equality is concerned. McRobbie ( 2009 ) further gives an illustration of post-feminism like media merchandises by women’s rightist like the celebrated Television plan called sex & A ; the metropolis.

Post-feminism in relation to gender, power and individuality

Harmonizing to Whelehan ( 2000 ) , seemingly the women’s rightist in the twelvemonth 1970 ‘s, were focused on accomplishing adult females freedom from battles like on the generative wellness, sexual rights and inequality every bit far as work topographic point is concerned. However, as the epoch of post-feminism came into being, the issue of empowerment came into topographic point. There came a demand for the females to acquire empowered so as to be able to do their ain determinations like the pick of apparels to have on or purchase and besides the sort of nutrient to cook. These were found to be instead much of import even more than the right of a adult female to vote. Emphasizes on the issue of adult females being more proud of themselves, Bold plenty to aerate their ideas or grudges, independent and free from any signifier of subjugation were dealt with.

Joanne ( 2000 ) argues that, adult females issues of independency determination doing like taking who to socialise with, the ability to care for the kids on their ain, doing picks on the merchandises one opts to purchase were portion of what the post-feminists fought for. Empowerment was expressed in signifier of mead adverts. For illustration, merchandises for the adult females to utilize are widely being advertised. This enables them to freely and in their ain free will do a pick of what to buy and utilize without the intervention by any adult male. However, in most instances this sort of authorization has been criticized in the sense that it has been otherwise understood. Most post-feminist argues that such affairs like the 1s discussed supra are non all ways in which a adult female can be said to be empowered. In other words it is such a inexpensive manner of demoing independency in adult female. For illustration ; a adult female who has so many types of places does non intend she is more sceptered. However, farther critics have been given on the issues of for illustration a adult female have oning some really high heeled places to demo how confident she is. Some people have gone farther and misinterpreted the whole thought in that it is a mark of sexual promiscuousness. To add strength to such statement, many have criticized the thought of a adult female being so uncomfortable in such places so as to accomplish sexual attractive forces at the disbursal of her freedom to travel freely and comfortably.

Harmonizing to Gill ( 2006 ) , advertizement has been considered a good signifier of accomplishing gender equality in every bit far as sexual issues are concerned. For illustration, some of the web sites today and magazines have a column where adult females are invited to aerate their positions every bit far as the issue of sexual satisfaction is concerned. Though adult females feel that through such chances their equality in connubial rights is really good catered for, some other people feel that, that is merely a signifier of acquiring the magazine to be sold. Besides, since non many are able to aerate their positions through such agencies, some people argue that, an article bearing such an issue which has besides attracted so many work forces to take part gives an deduction that adult females are merely sexual objects for work forces.

It has been noted by Gill ( 2006 ) that the outgrowth of some media merchandises like erotica has been extremely criticized in the sense that such can non be a signifier or a manner of a adult female to show her freedom to do determinations on what to make and non to make. The footing of this statement is in the facet of moral values. Many people feel that the art and secrets of the act of sex is no longer a secret to anyone any longer because these adult stuffs are even unfastened to the kids for sing. Fiscal freedom in adult females has besides been a negative mark by many. This is because a batch of merchandises are being produced to catch the attending of adult females. The issue of trade good feminism whereby merchandises are being packaged in a manner that they attract adult females is another scheme of misapplying their fiscal and pick freedom. This is a signifier of taking advantage of a adult female ‘s naivete.

In the book Gill ( 2006 ) the issue of female organic structures being represented structurally has been questioned every bit far as feminism is concerned. Many adverts demoing a broad scope of adult females merchandises have been a victim of this. This is because some adult females are utilizing this signifier of adverts to organize their individuality in them. For case, the usage of a smooth faces adult female construction in contrast to a unsmooth skinned adult female construction has caused some individuality crises in adult females. Besides, the usage of a fat adult female ‘s organic structure construction against a slender adult female ‘s organic structure construction has caused some individuality crises. All this has led to some societal categories in adult females and deficiency of assurance in some adult females.

The usage of adult females naked and tattooed organic structures in advertizement has wholly misinterpreted the significance of feminism. This is because a adult female ‘s organic structure is now being referred to as a belongings instead than a psychological or even a societal construction. The adult female ‘s organic structure is now being referred to as a sexy organic structure which is a signifier of designation. In such instances the adult female organic structure is non merely assumed as a adult male ‘s regard since they are no longer represented as inactive objects. Such figure like middle, where adult females are being represented in their active signifier hence looking as sexual desiring topics, are giving adult females incorrect individuality. They are believed in making that one is demoing a sense of assurance. Besides, others are being used to stand for beauty in adult females. Some other representations are pulling a image of a universe where for one to be called beautiful a great monetary value has to be paid in footings of clip, fundss and hurting. Furthermore, these middles adverts give the feeling of adult females ‘s potency being coined in their beauty.

Harmonizing to Gill ( 2002 ) , representations in the signifier of a middle have led to a province called power displacement. The fact that a adult female ‘s image is no longer being represented as inactive construction but an active being like in the instance of erotica, has painted a image of subjugation on the side of adult females. This is because adult females are no longer being sex objected but now they are sex subjected. The issues of objecting a adult female in sexual representation was abate apprehensible to be misdemeanor of rights since it was done without consent. However, the issues of subjecting adult females to sexual activities like erotica with their consent have been greatly criticized. It is no longer referred to as subjugation but it is now a disciplinary ordinance.

Driscoll ( 2002 ) found that, some other signifiers of middle adverts excessively have been criticized. For case, a adult female represented in a auto looking every bit vindictive as an advert for a new theoretical account of a auto. This brings a really incorrect feeling of a adult female. In that it means the adult female did non travel for the auto because of her fiscal authorization but instead for the intents of retaliation to her sexual spouse. Therefore, some other imagery representations of adult females empowerment are really damaging to the work forces. Besides this paints a adult female as by and large a really awful and barbarous being to the remainder of the universe. Besides, such signifiers of feminism representation are pulling a image of how different work forces are from the adult females. The facet of competition between the two genders is brought out through such.


Berger ( 2001 ) concluded that, Gender, individuality and power have been extremely criticized every bit far as feminism is concerned. It should be noted that non ever that the province of contending for feminism will ensue to the accomplishment of gender individuality, power equality and female individuality as post- feminism has shown. In existent sense some agencies of geting or demoing the acquisition of that, have caused more harm to adult females than earlier. Media for case has truly contributed to such as shown above. Therefore, post-feminism is a really important agencies of seeking to accomplish positive feminism whereby every bit much as adult females seek equality it is of import to look at the effects of the whole issue every bit far as their individuality is concerned. Besides, a signifier of feminism that is really much aware of the media agendas every bit far as the battle for political rights, individuality and authorization are concerned must be applied. So post-feminism is a signifier of awakening-call in every bit far as media, merchandises production and packaging are concerned with mention to gender mainstreaming procedure.

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