The Ku Klux Klan

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And Justice For All Dating all the way back to the 17th century, racism has been a topic of discussion all over the world. Leaders of different countries have had to face mobs and meetings where their own citizens plan to bring down their king because of how he treats people other than whites. Many lives have been lost due to uprisings angry people have put into action on their own street. Groups like the UK Klux Klan go completely against what the Bill of Rights states, that “All men are created equal. (Wineries, 2) Hiram Evans states in his article, North American Review, that ‘there are many lions who have never Joined but who think and feel and – when called on – fight with us. ” (Evans, 1). He believes that the Klan is something to be looked up on because they are taking a stand in what they believe. The Klan is the cause of hundreds of deaths and is still causing trouble today with their acts of violence, their violation of human rights, and how they claim to be a “Christian” group, following the Protestant religion, when they go against what Christians believe.

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Klux Klan was founded In 1865, following the Call War. It began with Southerners and ex-Confederate soldiers opposing the Reconstruction of the ar. There are three different Klan, each founded in different parts of the united States. The first, began in the small town of Pulaski on Tennessee southern border. The second group derives from Atlanta, Georgia where it developed a modern business system of Cattle 3 recruiting which eventually paid most of the Initiation fee and costume charges. At It’s peak In 1921, the ASK claimed to include about 15% of the nations eligible population, between 4 and 5 million men. Whelped, 3). The last Klan was founded somewhere between the sass’s and sass’s by William J. Simmons. It all began with Southern police departments forming alliances with the Klan in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1999, the city council of Charleston, South Carolina passed a resolution declaring the Klan to be a terrorist organization. (Chalmers, 3). In North and South Carolina, It was reported that there were 197 murders and 548 cases of assault. (Wisped, 6). There have been many incidents such as this one where children and innocent people have been killed.

When the Klan would kill black political leaders, they would take the heads of families and church leaders off their body. They would hoot into houses or burn them, sometimes still having people inside. On Sunday, September 15th, 1963, a white man was seen getting out of his car and placing under the steps of a Baptist Church, a box. The box contained a bomb, which exploded wealth a couple moments of Its Journeys end. This explosion resulted In the deaths of Denies McCain (1 1 Eddie Mae Collins (14), Carols Robertson (141 and Cynthia Wesley (14). (Bachelor, 4).

In 1964, the NAACP, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and the Student campaign. Their main objection was to end violence deep in the south. (Siskin, 4). Because of these attempts at peace, Freedom Schools were targeted by white mobs. On August 12, 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt called Hugo Black and after a few minutes, handed a Cattle 4 Supreme Court nomination form to Black. Black was born in a small farmhouse in Alabama and was known especially for tempering Justice with mercy. After a black man was accused of beating a white furniture dealer, the black man explained to Black that his wife was sick and was being exploited by the dealer.

Hugo responded; Mimi get back to your sick wife; and if I hear of you paying anymore on the furniture I’m going to put you in Jail-not for beating this man, but for well-contempt of court. ” (American Experience, 1) Blacks response sparked a revolution within individual people and they saw what was fit for their country. The Klan claims to be a Christian organization, and “none but Christians may join. ” (Traditionalist American Knights of The UK Klux Klan, 1) Not only is the Klan against blacks, but over the decades, have developed a hatred toward communists, immigrants, and Jews. Cross burning was introduced by William J. Simmons.

He saw this process as a “symbol of intimidation” and would proceed the burning with inning of hymns and reciting of prayers. Clansmen claim that they are spreading peace and reverence for God. Their obedience to His commandments are the “only true sources of wisdom and understanding. ” (Traditionalist American Knights of The UK Klux Klan, 1). They say their order will strive forever to maintain the God-given supremacy of the White Race, and that they need to preserve the blood purity, integrity, cultural, and traditions of the White Christian Race in America. In 1865, when the first Klan was born, it had around 550,000 members.

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