The job market

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The prospects for non-college trained applicants in the job market appear to be slim, as employers indicate that the skills they most require are more likely to be highly developed in college graduates. Yet, employability in the future appears to hinge on more than just the level of education attained by a job candidate. It also appears to rest on the attainment of certain professional skills considered relevant for employment in any job sector.

According to a recent survey performed by Casner-Lotto and Barrington (2006), 27.8 percent of employers found graduates from even four-year colleges to display deficient written communication skills. This statistic is disturbing, since this skill (along with oral communication, work ethic, and critical thinking) is rated as one of the most important ones any person can possess within the job market. It also means a higher level of responsibility now rests upon the professors and instructors within institutions of higher learning. This is so as close to 70 percent of employers consider it the duty of the colleges to train graduates in these very important areas.

Candidates for future jobs may therefore expect rigorous training in oral and written communication (as well as collaborative

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and professional training at the college and university levels) to improve their employment prospects.


Casner-Lotto, Jill and Linda Barrington, “Are They Really Ready to Work? Employers’ Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century Workforce. ” The Conference Board, Inc. http://www. conference- board. org/pdf_free/BED-06-Workforce. pdf (accessed Jan. 25, 2008).

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