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Whenever we talk about mendicant, this ever link us the job of poorness. It has been an of import issue in Vietnam for old ages. Presently, there is still a big figure of people lives “ societal underside ” life. This is peculiarly noticeable in the background of strong stratification when the income spread between rich and hapless start acquiring bigger and bigger. The procedure has a dynamic character ; the hapless are acquiring poorer and the rich even richer. Furthermore, it can make some illegal Acts of the Apostless in humanity.

In this essay I have considered the undermentioned issues: cause of begging, kids as mendicants, and its consequence to the society. The subject of the essay, which I focused on, was the job of begging in Vietnam. The survey of which I have highlighted the chief groups of hapless people particularly kids being abused for “ imploring act ” .


I. Cause of beggary

It ‘s really difficult to give specific ground or set up any ground for the organisation of beggary, as is the instance with a offense. There can be a set of causes, including inability to physical, mental mental unsoundness, or society, poorness, the usage of giving, unemployment, the prostration of the household concern, whether entirely or in combination could make a state of affairs that can do beggary.

Although the implicit in cause in each instance is the household ‘s poorness or underemployment when the household is non in a place to back up and handicapped people, but at the same clip, there are no security measures from the societal forces them to implore.

a ) Economic grounds: The three chief causes of economic poorness, occupation loss or deficiency of employment and concern income.

Poverty: One of the major factors that force people to do a suffering begging. It does non intend that plenty to back up themselves or their households, many people resort to beggary.

Unemployment: But poverty entirely can non be held responsible because all those populating in poorness are non used to beggary.

The moneymaking concern: Because of easy net incomes and income from imploring, some people can gain adequate to do it as a calling alternatively of making honest labour. Not merely that, many people make it as concern and feat others by puting some money in this concern. There are group activities in big metropoliss, which force many kids to this occupation. And in the following portion I will discourse more about it.

B ) Social causes: Among the societal causes of household disorganisation, deficiency of parental control, disorganised communities, interrupting joint household system and societal usage.

Disorganized household: Family is portion of the relationship of our society, which affect our forms of behaviour and activities. Any break in our place province, particularly in the instance of a hapless one leads to a dislocation of the household, which do originate in beggary.

Lack of Parental Control: The parents do non hold the industrial centre of control necessary for their kids, but female parents besides frequently go to mills to work. As a consequence kids can exchange to energy in any way. If they fall into bad company, they can develop love of travel, can take to beggary.

degree Celsius ) Biological Cause: Among the biological causes may be addressed to illness, physical disablement or mental disablement and old age.

Disability or unwellness: The physical disablements such as sightlessness, hearing loss or acquired in the beginning had this consequence batch of people to implore as economic conditions of their households so as non to afford the care of the handicapped.

Lack of spirit: There are people who lack mental or insane and unable to gain any life and they are forced to implore.

Other ground: Among other grounds may be mentioned those forced to implore. When person is executed beggary. There are orphans and street childs and touch those who intentionally maimed or deformed to hold a guardian or other individual can gain their life. Many parents besides trade on the normal failings of their kids by utilizing this extra beginning of income.

II. Children as mendicants

1. What cause kids to travel on the street?

In this portion I want to discourse the chief characteristics of societal work with street kids. In Vietnam, there are more than 1700 kids under 18 are stateless and populating on the street in 2010 ( tien phong newspaper, 2010 hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . This is chiefly orphans ; kids left without parental attention, kids – blowouts. The state of affairs of stateless kids is particularly painful. Among them there are children-fugitives – kids run off from place or from an educational establishment due to interrupt ties with parents emerged of heavy struggle with instructors, coachs, equals, the distortion value orientation and other grounds that led to a crisis of dealingss. Rarely, the cause of juvenile blowouts – presence of mental unwellness can take the kid to go mendicant. Delivered in nursing places, other establishments of societal rehabilitation of such kids frequently commit recidivist blowouts. Among many grounds, the loss of household ties or conflicting with household relationships, violent, aggressive, ill-treatment by parents. The ground for the daze of kids by the divorce of their parent or a individual parent remarries, chiefly shacking with a kid.

Additional hazard factor was the place and the school, which distanced itself from the teens with a hard life. Coagulation outside the schoolroom work in educational establishments, the disappearing of kids ‘s organisations impoverishes recreational activities of kids, their upbringing and development.

In some instances, kids escape from the house – a effect of the pedagogical weakness of parents, their deformed position of the bounds of liberty of kids, deficiency of control over their interest. Concerns adults merely run into the challenge of natural and material demands, misdemeanor of common apprehension and trust between kids and parents. Strengthening parents ‘ employment, forced to unite several occupations to guarantee the being of household members besides leads to an addition in child disregard, increase the hazard of their flight from the house. Dramatically on the rise of societal maladjustment of kids: The early alcohol addiction and drug dependence, vagrancy, immorality adolescents, harlotry, illegal actions. Child runaways become easy quarry for condemnable organisations, juvenile offense is known for his inhuman treatment and cynicism. Almost all kids – blowouts have lag in mental, physical and rational development, weakened wellness. Sometimes, they are enduring from chronic diseases, experiencing its inutility, these teens frequently prone to suicidal Acts of the Apostless. Making an incorporate system of bar and rehabilitation of socially maladjusted kids and striplings, which include and kids – a fleeting, is now a job of national importance.

2. When kids become victims of the “ mendicants group ” .

Have you of all time wonder why there are many childs mendicants on the street? If yes, possibly my narrative here happens to many others excessively. When you go to Pham Ngu Lao Street in Dict.1, you will easy being followed by some child mendicant carry a kid on the shoulder. To me that image is really painful and of class for the first few times, I merely did as most of people seeing that will make, I gave them money. But one twenty-four hours after giving money, I try to happen what that small miss traveling to make with the money and I saw her run to one adult female sit near that and give her money, the money that I merely gave her. And for awhile, I read on newspaper, there are like “ mafia mendicants ” in Vietnam. They hire childs, nobble some of them and turn them to mendicants. In order to travel the street and beg for money, all of the childs have to travel through the “ preparation ” . The first is a prepared address when people concern, such as “ Live in the center of Vietnam ” , “ male parent merely died, they have illness, or small brother or sister demands to be taken attention of. ” The followers is to the motions. Kneeling bow is one manner, emaciated stinking organic structure rust on others to acquire in a “ terrorist ” .Another manner is keep following one individual until he has to give them some money. Among the kids twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours are likely populating in the corner of the street and beg for money now, non because they have suffering life but because they merely fell in the trap of “ mendicant concern ” and go a professional mendicant. They have been deprived to self love, self-esteem and love when people step into the street mendicants. In return, they are taught to be tough bottles, cruel and torment each other manus to lend.

III. Effect of mendicants to the society

Beggars tend to show a negative image of a peculiar location. The presence of mendicants were seen as manifestations of larger societal ailments or issues and may do others to avoid the beggar-area population

The effects of street mendicants can non be overemphasized. Beggars into wellness hazard because many of them can convey infective diseases in society. Some traders and armed robbers abducted hence constitute security hazards in society. Looking at the effects of street mendicants, I think the authoritiess of the states in the universe have to keep large duty about it, no affair where it is, normally cut downing poorness in their state which is one of the factors doing it. The authorities should increase attempts to command traffic accidents which are doing many people disabled. The medical constitution should be improved so that kids will non be attacked by patients before and after birth. Above all, the Government should construct a particular small town to implore than to allow them roll the streets.

IV. Decision

As can be seen from all the above facts, people with no fixed income or even see beggary is a business- this is a job whose solution is the mass of the niceties that require particular attending. In Vietnam, begging still legal, even though the authorities tries to state everyone that they can non do kids to travel on the street and beg for money. The abstract has been investigated non merely the kernel of societal work, but the implicit in grounds for the formation of the job. For all these grounds, we can reason: the most of import in work outing this job – is to get the better of the systemic crisis in the state, to transport out societal policies that would be aimed at guaranting normal life conditions for the bulk of the population, particularly the alleged most unprotected.

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