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Second, throughout the brothers ‘ childhood old ages, they were able to province they are a pupil along with the ability to province what twelvemonth they were in at school. This is clearly the brother ‘s societal function used to depict their self-image. During childhood old ages the brother ‘s organic structure fixing for pubescence and this can act upon their self-concept. For case, traveling through pubescence the brother ‘s may see hormonal alterations and their tempers might fluctuate as they try to understand and cover with these alterations.

As the brother ‘s approaching striplings, they would see important alterations within the organic structure such as ; physical alterations, facial hairs, and deepen voice. In add-on, while these alterations happening ; the brother ‘s might compare themselves at this important phase of their life. As a consequence, this may take to rivalry between the brothers likewise comparing, which can go a cause of the competition plus this, may take to a harm of their self-pride.

As Zac gets older he became more autonomous, in add-on, he was able to depict his beliefs, plus acknowledging what is right from incorrect and this allows him to do more of his ain picks which are incorrect. For illustration, he decided what he ate and did non eat a healthy balanced diet. This, along with a deficiency of exercising led to him being thin. Therefore, when he compared himself to his older brother this may hold had a negative consequence on his self-pride.

It is indispensable to go self-conscious because if you make good picks it will take to good results, but if you make bad picks it can hold a negative result. One brother made good picks, which led him to go a junior physician, one brother made bad picks and as a consequence he found it difficult to acquire work and had a drug and intoxicant jobs.

Education: During the brother ‘s yearling phase their parent ‘s supports and promote both brothers ‘ development of self-concept positively of helping the brothers with safe environments to assist them larn accomplishments such as physical, rational, emotional and societal development. These developments will include walking, learn to talk the basic linguistic communication, praising for get the hanging developed accomplishments. Besides, these encouragements will act upon the brother ‘s self-image and hike their self-pride.

Throughout the brothers childhood phase they have had an chance to go to private school. Their parents, instructors and equals have a direct influence on the brother ‘s development of feelings, positions and a sense of individuality. However, both brothers were influenced by parents and instructors to analyze because they did non hold a pick and it was their rights to analyze. Furthermore, Isaac ever has been a high accomplisher at school ; once more, he might acquire regards on his academic public presentation and acquire encouragement to go on with the good work.

In comparing, Zac is the younger brother who is known to be clever at school, unluckily, he did non have the classs compared to his brother, and besides, he might experience covetous of his brother ‘s accomplishments and may experience pressured by his parents that he has to follow his brother academic form. Furthermore, when Zac felt that he was pressured and compared to his brother this can impact his positions on himself.

Their parents ‘ and instructors were reenforcing these encouragements to underscore the brothers ‘ development so that their self-concepts could be increased. For illustration, after a semester their instructor would supply a parents flushing so that their parents could hold an academic study on each kid ‘s public presentation, which would give the parent an overview on how their kid is executing and come oning at school. After having the studies, the brothers ‘ parents may be comparing their rational degree plus this may take to labelling of the brothers ‘ . Isaac might be labelled as a bright kid while Zac might be labelled as a dunderhead kid. Comparing both siblings with each other is really harmful to their self-pride.

Isaac was influenced by his parents and equals, but in peculiar his pa. My ground being, he chose a similar profession to his pa and may see his pa as a theoretical account figure in his life. Isaac could hold been driven to take high at school or he might be pressurised to make good in school which led him to carry through his ends. Besides, he may work good under force per unit area or may be a kid who works best with advice and comparings. This may hike his self-esteem and increase his assurance.

While Zac ‘ self-concept was influenced by his parents every bit good as equals, he might be treated similar to his older brother. His parent ‘s demands or outlooks were of a high criterion and he likely felt that he was non treated as an person and began to arise, which could take to his hapless academic public presentation, deficiency of physical activities and the psychological impact so led him to go withdrawn along with devouring an imbalance diet. Additionally, Zac may see that his brother may acquire all the congratulationss for his accomplishments, and may experience ignored and Rebel to acquire his parents ‘ attending by non eating.

Zac was besides taunted by his equals at school and may experience unwanted and be ashamed of whom he is as a individual and as a portion of that he would hold a low self-pride which may perchance go on through to adulthood. This may besides impact his relationships and employment chances. Changeless tease can impact Zac overall temper and it ‘s a possibility why he was unsociable. Furthermore, he may lose involvement in athleticss instruction activities and was able to construct a relationship with older male childs. He will besides develop mental wellness issues such as depression and anxiousness. He may experience loath to seek to construct relationships with his equals of similar age.

Bing teased could hold important effects on his academic public presentation, ground being, he has been teased and this will do him deviate from paying attending to his surveies. For case, Zac did non come on in his academic survey by non doing it into 6th signifier or college. Besides, because he has been teased, he did non desire to take portion in a peculiar lesson. There is no mark of how long the tease took topographic point, but there were guesss of Zac being bullied by his equals. Furthermore, if he have been bullied this will demo marks that his tease was traveling on for a piece so potentially lead to strong-arming.

Furthermore, this will let Zac to populate in fright and have a negative self-concept about him or have a negative self-image, self-esteem, self-value and ideal-self. These mental cicatrixs can impact Zac in both past and present behavior besides decreased his opportunity of academic success plus psychological adversity throughout school and into maturity. In comparing with both siblings Zac may self-reflect and compare himself with his older brother academically, physically, spiritually and socially. For illustration, sing why he could non be like his brother?

After the brothers completed secondary instruction Isaac progressed to university while Zac find it hard to happen employment. Zac was besides caught stealing on several occasions w

Zac may experience worthless in his ideal-self and this may be contributed from remarks he might hold heard about himself. For case, the brothers would acquire information about their self-concept from peoples ‘ reactions right through their academic growing. In add-on, these reactions can hold a positive and negative impact the brother ‘s instruction. Another illustration, Isaac ever has been a high accomplisher at school and he might acquire regards on his classs and acquire encouragement to go on with the good work, as Zac is the younger brother he might experience covetous of his brother ‘s accomplishments and may experience pressured that he has to follow his brother academic form. Again, because of the changeless force per unit area from parents and instructors Zac academic development may diminish and his degree of public presentation which can take to his self-concept been low because he might be compared to his older brother.

Overall Zac compared his development throughout his life phases with his older brother academically, to exemplify Isaac advancement to university and now go a junior physician, and he is now engaged to a junior physician and bought a penthouse in an flush country. Another comparing, Zac would compare himself with his brother ‘s societal life, because Isaac was said to be really admired and well-liked which will hold a positive consequence on Isaac assurance. On the other manus, Zac may develop negative feelings such as unappreciated, loathed, which can impact his self-pride.

Appearance: Throughout the brother ‘s childhood they appear to be healthy as they were non self-reliance to fix their ain repasts. However, their visual aspect was controlled by their parents, for illustration, when they went on vacation they did non hold a right to take their apparels plus holiday finish. Further to indicate, their school played an of import portion in developing their visual aspect by leting the brothers to take portion in physical instruction.

Second, as the brother ‘s approached teenage old ages they became self-independent besides they had the right to show their emotions and perchance will be given the rights to make up one’s mind what lifestyle they would wish to populate. An illustration, during Zac adolescent phase he became loath to devour a healthy balanced diet ; besides this will impact his development on his organic structure image. As a consequence he had a really slight organic structure. At this phase he undergoes hormonal alterations in this phase. Nevertheless, Isaac was opposite to his younger brother, Isaac consumed a healthy diet, played rugger and went to the gym which made him develop a muscular organic structure plus improved his self-concept. Zac may hold felt that he was worthless compared to his brother as he did a self-image contemplation about the chances he had at school to partake in physical instruction which could assist him to construct his organic structure image.

Third, at adolescent phase the brother ‘s visual aspect could be influenced by the media in a positive and negative manner. For case, Isaac self-concept on his visual aspect might be influenced in a positive manner, because of his involvement in athleticss and the media can advance athletics channels plus famous persons who partake in similar athleticss of his involvement may press viewing audiences to take a healthy life style and maintain up their physical visual aspect.

Although, Zac is wholly opposite to his brother, Zac self-concept on his visual aspect could be influenced by his brother every bit good as the media in a negative manner, for the ground that Zac could be covetous of his brother Isaac who invariably received regards from equals about his visual aspect and Zac ever receives derogative remarks from his equals. Furthermore, at adolescent phase Zac self-concept on his visual aspect could be influenced by the media in a negative manner, because of the images displayed on scraggy theoretical accounts which can impact his eating wont and develop a low self-image. Nelson & A ; Hughes ( 1999 ) research suggests that people who have eating upsets have low physical and self-esteem, consisting a negative position on their visual aspect.[ 1 ]

Zac visual aspect seems to act upon his self-concept negatively, because he was non interested in athleticss. This may impact him because within the norms work forces expected to make physical activities.

Zac visual aspect seems to act upon his self-concept negatively, because he was non interested in athleticss. This may impact him because within the norms work forces expected to make physical activities. Besides, this will hold an consequence on his self-pride, although his self-image might be perceived negatively on what others think about him. He may non experience attracted to organize any relationship with the opposite sex at school because of his visual aspect. Furthermore, his self-concept may diminish due to how others perceive him. He had a really thin build which might be influenced by the media. He may be affected by his visual aspect. His visual aspect may impact by how he attires or transport him and being called homosexual. He may experience within his ideal- ego that he is really cheery. Besides, hearing negative words continuously can do him believe whatever they mimic him and will take to negative societal interaction with his equals.

In contrast to Isaac, who is really tall plus he has a muscular built due to featuring activities, he partakes in and exercisings weekly at the fittingness Centre. In add-on, Isaac was more confident and surpassing likewise Zac is really thin, moreover, he did non take portion in athleticss and non good liked. In add-on, the people around the brother ‘s will lend to the comparing of their self-reflection, for illustration, persons with whom the brothers socialized will give comments on their visual aspect. This may make a negative mentality on Zac self-image and the manner he self-reflects on himself will be negative and he can develop a negative self-concept.

ZacA visual aspect could be affected by the media because the media portray images of scraggy theoretical accounts and ZacA may believe that is how an ideal image should look like. Besides, during the brother ‘s teenage old ages they experienced physical alterations and they may possibly compare their visual aspect among each other and the remarks which Isaac received will better his self-pride while Zac negative remarks on his organic structure built will take down his self-pride.

He did non develop decently and as a consequence he became really thin. He besides undergoes hormonal alterations in this phase. He was able to state who his friends were and show his emotions. During their adolescent life phase he was able to depict his beliefs and admit what is right from incorrect. During his maturity phase he should go more confident within his personal relationship and set up himself within a peculiar calling. In comparing to his brother Isaac, he was a typical jock and take portion in athleticss such as rugger and tennis. He goes to the gym 2 or 3 times per hebdomad. He his tall and considered to be really good looking and physically fit.

In comparing to the brothers Zac is really slender and his brother is really masculine. This visual aspect may do Zac felt unequal to his older brother, and as a consequence has a really hapless self-pride.

Media: The media may hold an impact on how Zac felt about himself. So Isaac may experience good about himself. Media May impact on his visual aspect. May has impacted the manner he feels about himself or may hold an impact on his image which may promote him to maintain his organic structure built. Contributed to his self-concept development, socially, academically, emotionally, physically may impact on his visual aspect which is his ideal-self. Media can besides supply positive educational chances which can assist with Isaac/Zac development on their personal academic growing.

Culture: Zac believes he was populating a norms life. In the western civilization boys meant to be masculine and misss meant to be feminine. His civilization can be influenced by his household besides by his equals. Zac did non hold a girlfriend at school plus how he was brought up might impact on his self-pride.

Gender: They were non capable to separate gender they were. He was male ; he meant to hold a masculine build. He experienced gender stereotype because he was non taking portion in athletics activities whilst at school. Because of his gender stereotype it decreases his academic public presentation at school. At a certain age people can place or take which group to follow so he hangs out with older male childs.

Isaac was typically masculine played rugger, had a girlfriend. But Zac was thin, did non like athleticss and had no girlfriend. So how do you believe Isaac and Zac self-concept was affected by their gender? Zac may hold felt low self-pride if he compared himself to Isaac and Isaac may hold had good self-concept as the people around him all liked him compared to his brother.

Income: The brother ‘s was raised in a in-between category household. So his parents had adequate money to populate an above normal life style. Having brought up in a in-between category household would intend that the brother ‘s demands were met financially. Besides, being accustomed to a batch of money during their development, the brother ‘s may go accustomed to mercenary things. For illustration, Zac started to utilize illicit drugs plus both brothers consume intoxicant. Zac may be influenced because he was accustomed to holding a batch of money and now he can non afford his unhealthy wonts. This will do Zac experience a negative ego image about him. Isaac has now become a junior physician and purchased a belongings in an flush country. With his income he can pull off to travel the gym on a hebdomadal footing. was able to depict their beliefs along with acknowledging right from incorrect.

Relationships: There are different types of relationships which are household, common, societal and sexual. Zac did non hold a good relationship with his equals because they taunted him. Besides, he did non hold a good relationship with school staff as he ever gets into problem at school. He may invaginate his societal behavior. He did non hold a good relationship with his parents every bit he as be neglected and he would non talk to them. He did non hold good societal interaction with any of his household, learning staff and equals at school. He develops relationship with older male childs as they portion similar values and this will beef up his self-concept and extrovert his societal behavior. Isaac was more outgoing and confident. He was able to state who his friends were and show his emotions.

Maltreatment: Zac was verbally abused by his equals who will hold an emotional impact on his self-concept. He was neglected by his parents, for illustration, his emotional demands were neglected. He may be abused by the older male childs who influenced him to smoke because of his exposure. He may be stereotyped against because of his function of his gender, for case, males meant to be muscular and females meant to be gorgeous.

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