The Introduction To The Rozabal Line Theology Religion Essay Example
The Introduction To The Rozabal Line Theology Religion Essay Example

The Introduction To The Rozabal Line Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: August 26, 2017
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Ashwin Sanghis

The Rozabel Line, is said to be Indias answer to Dan Browns Da Vinci Code. His book foremost published in 2007 under the anonym, Shawn Haigins and so in 2008 under Ashwin Sanghi and went on to travel to the national best sellers ' list and remain on it invariably.

The Rozabal Line is a thriller enigma novel that trades with the topic of Jesus holding survived the crucifixion and holding settled down in India. The fictional component reads in the same vena as Dan Brown 's Da Vinci Code whereas the historical footing is derived from several other books on the topic including Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten and The Unknown Life of Jesus by Nicolas Notovich ( Flipkart n.d. )

`` The book trades in greater deepness with the issue of Christ 's brotherhood wit


h Mary Magdalene touched upon by The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown every bit good as integrating posits of several other books including Jesus Lived in India: Life Before and After the Crucifixion by Holger Kersten and Jesus Died In Kashmir: Jesus, Moses and The Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel by Andreas Kaiser. '' ( The Hindu 2006 )

The Rozabal Line is the introduction novel of Ashwin Sanghi. The writer has taken up the originative autonomy of utilizing assorted spiritual facts in order to flog up an heroic fictional thriller. Sanghi speculates that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion and spent his losing old ages in India, and that the work forces seeking for Jesus were Buddhist Monks who were seeking for the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. He mentions that the lost folks of Israel may hold

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settled in Kashmir.

The writer besides introduces St. Thomas as one of Jesus 's closest friends and Mary Magdalene as a adult female from the ancient Mauryan Empire headed by Ashoka. The book farther characteristics terrorist onslaughts that portion some analogues with the 2008 Mumbai onslaughts.

Sanghi 's hypothesis goes on to set up that Jesus 's posterities are today 's Kashmiri Islamists. The writer draws some similar lines between the destiny of a group of terrorists and that of Jesus and his 12 apostles. The book traces the roots of assorted faiths and provinces that all their beginnings are closely knit.

The Rozabal Line was foremost published in 2007 under Sanghi 's anonym Shawn Haigins in the United States. The revised edition was subsequently published in India under Sanghi 's ain name in 2008 before Westland published it in 2010.

India Today ranked The Rozabal Line as one the top five bestselling fictional plants in India. The Rozabal Line has received favorable reappraisals from national dailies such as The Hindu and Tehelka every bit good. '' ( Flipkart n.d. )


When his parents die in an accident, and he gets upseting flashes of visions in their funeral, Vincent and Martha Sinclair travel through England to India to happen the age old truth about Jesus that could be the ground Terry Acton, their friend was killed for, by the Church. However, their ain lives are threatened by Swakilki, a Nipponese soldierly humanistic disciplines trained bravo who specializes in killing for the Opus Dei, the force behind the violent deaths in the name of the Church. On the other manus, is the first female President of USA, Alissa Elliot, who is

besides the Grand Master of the Illuminati, who are set out to destruct the one papers that might threathen their full being. Besides set out is Ghalib, the leader of Lashkar-e-Talatshar to convey about the terminal of the universe in the twelvemonth 2012. A series of events occur.

Finally, it is revealed that Martha, Swakilki and Alissa are the three manifestations of Shakti, the ubiquitous power and the posterities of the high priestess of Maghada, Mary Magdalene.

Fictional characters and Settings

Fictional characters

  • Vincent Sinclair
  • Martha Sinclair
  • Terry Acton
  • Stephen Elliot
  • Alissa Elliot
  • Swakilki
  • Takuya
  • His Eminence Alberto Valerio
  • Father Thomas Manning
  • Pandit Ramgopal Prakash Sharma
  • General Prithviraj Singh
  • Sheik
  • Master ( Osama Bin Laden )
  • Ghalib
  • Yehuda
  • Father Thomas
  • Issa ( Jesus )
  • Ted Callanghan


  • United statess: New York, Maryland, Virginia
  • United kingdom: London
  • India: Kerala, Goa, Gujarat and Katra and Srinagar
  • Israel: Jerusalem, Bethany, Maggido.
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • Korea
  • Australia

Chapter Analysis

Chapter 1

Srinagar Kashmir 2012: Father Vincent Sinclair stands in forepart of the Rozabal grave whose resident, Yuz Asaf, who died in 112 AD, has crucifixion Markss on his custodies and pess. The writer provinces here, that since, crucifixion was ne'er practised in Asia, Asaf might hold got these from some distant land.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 2012: Galib, who is a portion of the Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Army of the Pure, comes to see the Holy Kaaba. It is revealed that unknown to many intelligence bureaus, Lashkar-e-Toiba has given rise to another group called Laskar-e-Talatshar, the Army of 13, of which the thirteenth adult male, Ghalib is their leader.

London, UK, 2012: In the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, the module librarian finds the cut off caput

of Professor Terry Acton, who was seeking to turn up a transcript of The Bhagavad Gita, in the box where the sacred book should hold been. A Post-It note that merely read 'Mark 16:16 ' was taped to the caput. The note refers to passage Mark 16:16 of the New Testament that states, `` He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved ; but he that believeth non shall be damned '' .

Waziristan, Pakistan-Afghanistan boundary line, 2012: The Sheikh addresses his followings and tells them about their following onslaught scheme on the people 's religion. He indicates on holding a secret arm.

Vatican City, 2012: Swakilki goes to run into His Eminence Alberto Cardinal Valerio and confesses to the slaying of Professor Terry Acton. His Eminence accepts her confession and cleanses her of all wickednesss.

Zurich, Switzerland, 2012: Brother Thomas Manning petitions Mr Egloff o reassign ten million dollars from the Oedipus Trust, of whom Opus Dei is the exclusive donee to the Isabel Madonna Trust of whom Osama Bin Laden is the exclusive donee.

Chapter 2

Ladakh, India, 1887: The main Lama of the Hemis monastery, tells Dmitriy Novikov about the how the psyche of Lord Buddha reincarnated in the great Issa, as noted in certain paperss. He besides said how the Christians were considered honorary Buddhists, but now have drifted off from their roots. He tells Dmitriy to be patient.

The Lama brings Dmitriy a figure of ancient Tibetan coils written by Buddhist historiographers that tell the narrative of a male child called Issa, who when he was 14, came to India to analyze Buddhist instructions and travelled through Sindh, Punjab and till Maghada, where he studied

Vedas, but was forced to go forth when he started learning the Harijans. After a long convulsion, he reached back to Judea at the age of 29, where no one recognized his face. However, he made his grade and preached forgiveness and tried to re-establish Moses 's Laws in the heads of the people. Dmitriy is really aroused with the find as Issa is no other than Jesus.

Chapter 3

Srinagar, Kashmir, India, 1975: Ghalib is born to Nasira and Rashid- bin-Isar.

Gulmarg, Kashmir, India, 1985: Ghalib 's male parent is killed by the functionaries of the Indian ground forces, who suspects him for holding financed the activities for those responsible for the bomb blast in the market the old twenty-four hours. As 10 twelvemonth old Ghalib calls, the Imam tells him that he will be able to take retaliation. The following twenty-four hours, the Imam takes the male child to the Jamaat-ud-Dawa Madrasah, an Islamic school of instruction, across the boundary line, in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, 1986: Ghalib is given developing in different classs including Quran, Islamic History.

Waziristan, Pakistan, 2010: Ghalib and his accountant, Sheikh are sitting together and are stating that it is clip to re-establish the domination of the Islamic Caliphate.

Chapter 4

Osaka, Japan, 1972: Swakilki is born. Later, Swakilki loses her female parent in a gas leak accident on her 6th birthday. She is transferred to the Holy Family Home tally by nuns. Alberto Valerio would see her.

Tokyo, Japan, 1987: at the age of 12, she is adopted by a reasonably comfortable twosome in Tokyo. She is raped and abused by her adoptive male parent at the age of 14. She runs off and takes

a occupation in an oppaipabu where she meets Takuya who trains her in the techniques of killing, seduction, Tantric sex, Kama Sutra, self-grooming, conversations, dressing, culinary art and wine choice. Swakilki starts to kill for Aum Shinrikyo, including Terry Acton on the orders of His Eminence.

Vatican City, 2012: Alberto Valerio reads the documents written by Terry Acton, who states that Jesus might non hold died on the cross and picks up the phone and calls up Takuya.

Swakilki while detecting the unusual tattoo on her arm, thinks of how she will no longer kill for Aum Shinrikyo, but for Christ.

London, UK, 2012: Swakilki and Takuya, under the individualities of Mr and Mrs Yamamoto range and cheque in at their hotel and await for their orders.

Chapter 5

New York metropolis, USA, 1969: Mathew Sinclair watches Neil Armstrong land on the Moon, along with his married woman Julia and his boy, Vincent. A twelvemonth before Armstrong 's reaching on the Moon, Terence Cardinal Cooke becomes the archbishop of New York, on the twenty-four hours of which, Martin Luther King is assassinated. During Cooke 's term of office, infant baptisms autumn by 40 % , church marrying diminution by 50 % and diocesan priests fall by 30 % . During this clip, the Sinclairs hope to see their boy admitted in Saint Joseph 's Seminary to go a diocesan priest.

New York City, USA, 1979: Vincent at the age of 10 is playing with Kate, his neighbor 's girl on the swing in his backyard. However, in his boylike merriment, he pushes the swing excessively difficult, and Kate falls on the land and grazes her articulatio genus. While Julia and Kate

's female parent runs with the anti-bacterial unction for the lesion, Vincent stands following to her, offering her his manus to stand up, and while he does so, supports stating, `` Talitha Koum, Talitha Koum, Talitha Koum. ''

Mark 5:41: `` While Jesus was still talking, some people came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. `` Your girl is dead, '' they said. `` Why bother the instructor any longer? ''

Catching what they said, Jesus told him, `` Do n't be afraid ; merely believe. ''

He did non allow anyone follow him except Peter, James and John the brother of James. When they came to the place of the synagogue leader, Jesus saw a disturbance, with people shouting and howling aloud. He went in and said to them, `` Why all this disturbance and bawling? The kid is non dead but asleep. '' But they laughed at him.

After he put them all out, he took the kid 's male parent and female parent and the adherents who were with him, and went in where the kid was. He took her by the manus and said to her, `` Talitha koum! '' ( which means `` Small miss, I say to you, acquire up! '' ) . Immediately the miss stood up and began to walk around ( she was 12 old ages old ) . At this they were wholly astonished. He gave rigorous orders non to allow anyone cognize about this, and told them to give her something to eat. `` 22

New York City, USA, 1989: After four old ages of high school, four old ages of college and four old ages of

divinity, Vincent Mathew Sinclair 's ordination by the archbishop at Saint Patrick 's Cathedral buttocks witnessed by his proud parents and his aunt, Martha Sinclair. Father Vincent 's responsibilities included observing Mass on Sundays and other yearss, hearing confessions, anointing the sick, baptizing new-borns, get marrieding the nubile and burying the dead. Apart from this, Vincent besides began learning history to a category of Catholic male childs at the nearby Archbishop Stepinac High School.

White Plains, New York, USA, 1990: Ted Callaghan confronts Vincent on his first twenty-four hours of school inquiring a few inquiries like, how he is supposed to cognize when a adult female is in her period of catamenial uncleanliness as he is non supposed to hold contact with the adult female during those yearss, as per Leviticus 15: 19-24? What Vincent thought would be the just monetary value for a girl to be sold into bondage, as per Exodus 21:7? As per Leviticus 25:44, one is allowed to possess slaves, both male and female, provided that they are from the neighbouring states. So does that govern apply to the Mexicans and Canadian? Is he ( Ted ) morally obliged to kill his neighbor who insists to work on the Sabbath as per Exodus 35:2?

On listening to these inquiries, Vincent started express joying. From that twenty-four hours onwards, Vincent and Ted become steadfast friends.

White Plains, New York, USA, 2006: Vincent becomes one of the most admired instructors of the school and his friendly relationship with Ted is besides traveling strong. He gets a call from Dr Joan Silver from Lennox Hill Hospital, stating him about how his parents met with a auto accident

and while his male parent died on the topographic point, his female parent died of caput hurts before she was brought to the infirmary. Vincent drops the phone and starts to seek to pray, but all he can make is cry.

Queens, New York, USA, 2006: Vincent and Martha, who is a Yoga teacher and besides works in the Spiritual Association of Great Britain as a practician of past-life healing base aside as Father Thomas Manning reads the rites. Suddenly Vincent goes into enchantment and says `` Daughters of Jerusalem, halt crying for me! On the contrary, weep for yourselves and for your kids! '' He besides see flashes of images of Jerusalem, of him keeping a cross, howling adult females, blood, he hears `` Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani? '' he bends down every bit to resemble person transporting a heavy wooden object on his right shoulder. `` Simon! Black lovage! Rufus! '' He falls to the land. Friends help him up and seek to soothe him.

Mark 15:34: `` At midday, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. And at three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, `` Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani? '' ( which means `` My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? '' ) . `` 22

Vincent keeps muttering the words while he is in the infirmary. But one time he additions consciousness, he demands to see Father Thomas to state him about the visions that he saw during the funeral. On hearing this, Martha tells him that sometimes floor can convey up older suppressed memories onto the surface. And on Vincent 's justification

that he had ne'er been to Jerusalem, she suggests that it might be hallucinations to which he agrees to. However, Martha remembers how he had uttered those words when he was little and Kate was injured.

New York City, USA, 2012: Vincent, 6 old ages after his parents ' decease, has been rehearsing yoga under the counsel of his aunt. However, he gets the same visions that he got 6 old ages ago, when he practises Vipashana in Central Park including blood, wounded soldiers, patchs, Bassano portrayal, elegant lady, stately house, 18, London streets, 'S ' on the Iron fence, Indian old-timers, old LaSelle ambulance, Buckingham Palace, Bell, Grave, So Soon. He gets up and starts running wildly.

Martha tells him that he is retrieving past life experiences and to assist him, she suggests him to take a trip to London with her.

Chapter 6

Harare, Zimbabwe, 1965: Terry Acton is born in Rhodesia. In 1991, they are forced to travel back to England due to Mugabe 's absolutism government that started in 1980.

London, UK, 1991: Terry 's parents lose all their life 's nest eggs when they flee Rhodesia. They become occupants of the working category borough of Hackney. Terry 's male parent, who gets a blue-collar mill occupation, becomes a rummy who beats his married woman and childs. Terry is a delicate and scared male child who suffers from asthma that weakens him farther. He loves returning place to his female parent who gives him good nutrient and love, but hates his pa, and is relieved when the latter shootings himself in his mill. Two old ages subsequently, he gets Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford along with Alissa

Kaetzel. Two old ages subsequently, he gets a opportunity to obtain an advanced grade in clinical psychological science in Yale and readily accepts it. He besides gets accepted into Yale 's secret society- The Order of Skull and Bones. He falls in love with Susan, whom he marries during his concluding twelvemonth at Yale while Stephen Eliot, the individual who introduces him to The Order of Skull and Bones, starts dating Alissa and finally gets married to her. The four get involved in a auto accident, in which Susan loses her life. After this, Terry goes back to London with the memories of his asleep married woman.

London, UK, 1996: Terry is sitting in the saloon that he had started to patronize on a regular basis, when Martha comes and approaches him with a message from his dead married woman that he comes to believe merely after Martha give him grounds of what Susan had to state. Terry goes to run into Martha in the Spiritual Association and she heals his lesions with the aid of past-life therapy.

With the aid of the therapy, Terry discovers that in one of his past lives, he had been an Indian husbandman whose boies resent him and who gives off his girl off in child matrimony. He finds that his female parent was his married woman in that life, and Susan was the girl, while his male parent was the eldest boy whom he used to hit a batch. Terry decides that he is traveling to utilize his Psychological background and unite it with past life therapy and a comparative survey of faith in the Spiritual Association. Soon, he becomes

an expert in faith and past-life therapy.

Chapter 7

North Eastern Tibet, 1935: the new Dalai Lama, His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso is discovered at the age of 2 in the Tibetan small town of Amdo by hunt parties, non dissimilar to the manner another hunt was made by 3 wise work forces in 7 BC in Bethlehem. They approach King Herod for aid. However, the King decides to hold all 2 old ages old male childs in the land to be put to decease. The kid and parents flee to Egypt from where they flee to the Al- Moharraq monastery where he learns of Buddhism, the instruction of which was passed from King Asoka to King Ptolemy II Philadelphus of Egypt who did non cognize that Egypt would acquire its ain Buddha 500 old ages subsequently in the signifier of Ammonius Saccus, whose follower Origen was one of the earliest male parents of the Christian Church. Ammonius Saccus was a follower of Pythogoras, who but followed the findings of an Indian sage, Baudhayana of the 800 BC.

The male child would be educated by the lines of the Buddhist basicss. And this fact would stay inhumed boulder clay 1947.

`` One narrative is that a immature Bedu called Mohammed, nicknamed edh-Dhib, found the first coils in a cave in 1947 while seeking for a caprine animal. Dr John Trever, an early research worker, found several Mohammed edh-Dhibs all claiming to be that really adult male.

The extent of the find rapidly became evident. Over the following 10 old ages the site was exhaustively investigated. In all, 11 caves were found to incorporate coils, wrapped in linen and stored in jars.

Caves 1 and 11 produced the most integral paperss.

The coils are referred to by the cave they were found in, the missive Q, and a farther identifying figure. An illustration is the controversial scintilla of papyrus found in cave 7 called 7Q5: some believe it is portion of the New Testament, specifically the Gospel of Mark. If this were true, it would be the earliest known Gospel text by a century. However, the lone complete legible word is 'kai ' - Hellenic for 'and ' .

This coil contains portion of the Psalms, the most normally found book of the Bible among the coils. Of the 150 'standard ' Psalms in the Bible, 126 are found in the Dead Sea aggregation, plus 15 'apocryphal ' 1s ( that is, non found in the criterion Bible ) . Some bookmans believe that the Psalm aggregation was copied out at Qumran, but was non compiled at that place.

Of the 40 coils that contain Psalms, over half came from Cave 4 ; six came from Cave 11. This fragment is likely to deduce from Cave 4, and shows poetries from Psalm 33 and Psalm 35. It is on loan from the Musee Bible et Terre Sainte, Paris, which has had it in its aggregation since 1960.

The fragment was acquired in 1952 by Professor Jean Starcky, a Gallic bookman who in the early 1950s worked as an editor of the Cave 4 Scroll fragments at the Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise in East Jerusalem. It has ne'er been exhibited or displayed in the UK until now. `` 23

Dmitriy Novikov was criticised by the church for his findings that Buddhism influenced

Christianity to a great extent. However, he was accepted to the Societe` d'Histoire Diplomatique who knew about the instruction of Hippolytus who wrote about the Thomas Christians in India. Thomas Christians were named after Thomas Didymus, one of the 12 apostles of Christ who was speared to decease in 72 AD near Mylapore in southern India. Before traveling at that place, he had visited the land of Gondophares, approximately which he writes about in his book Acta Thomae. The being of the male monarch would be denied by historiographers and church governments until 1854, when Alexander Cunningham brings forth grounds of the being of King Gondophares. Till so, the book had been considered a work of fiction. But after 1854, the impression was changed. Thomas dictates how he was present for the nuptials of the male monarch 's girl and was besides reunited with his maestro, Jesus who looked surprisingly good and loosen up for person who was crucified.

Chapter 8

Balakote, Line of Control, Indo- Pakistan boundary line, 2012: Ghalib celebrates Eid with his followings. He foremost washes each of his companions ' pess and so, interrupting the hot nan into pieces, he serves it to them. He tells Yehuda about Swakilki looking for him in Srinagar and tells him to happen her and state her that he ( Yehuda ) would present him ( Ghalib ) to her. He so passes the Kahwa tea to his work forces.

Jerusalem, Judea, 27AD: The nazarene 's last supper is described. How he gives vino and staff of life to each of his followings, after rinsing each one 's pess.

Balakote, Line of Control, Indo- Pakistan boundary line, 2012: Ghalib

gives an inspiring address to his work forces on the word of Allah.

Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, 27 Ad: Jesus serves a discourse to his adherents.

Balakote, Line of Control, Indo- Pakistan boundary line, 2012: unlike other Muslim work forces, Ghalib has stayed devoted merely to one married woman, Mariyam. Today, she is pass overing his pess with her hair and other herbs.

Bethany, Israel, 27AD: Mary Magdalene is said to hold taken a pint of pure nard, an expensive aroma, poured it on Jesus 's pess and wiped it with her hair.

Chapter 9

New York City, USA, 2012: Vincent and Martha take off in their British Air passages flight BA 0178 from John F Kennedy airdrome that is scheduled to make Heathrow 12 hours subsequently. Vincent has written all of his visions and descriptions of his memory flashes in a notebook and when Martha suggests the same, he shows it to her during the flight. The flight attender brings the nutrient. While Vincent eats the roasted beef, Martha eats vegetarian repast.

London, UK, 2012: Vincent and Martha cheque in at the Airway Hotel. While Martha stays back to rest from jetlag, Vincent goes to Buckingham Palace. On the manner, he is believing how eccentric the impression of past-life experiences is. It is merely when he reaches Buckingham Palace, that he realizes that he had non asked anyone for waies to the topographic point and had merely merely cognize how to make the royal castle, as if he had lived at that place his whole life.

However, he has no memory of Buckingham Palace rubber-necking. After an hr of seeing the topographic point, he decides to travel back to the hotel.

He walks out of the Buckingham castle and right to the Eccleston Street, boulder clay he reaches an old Victorian abode quarters. He finds himself in Belgrave Square. Bell, Grave, Buckingham Palace environments. He checks his notebook, and so looks for the abode figure 18 which turns out to be The Royal College for Psychiatrists. He besides notices the 'S ' design on the ironwork of the railings of the house, the 1 that he saw in his visions. He goes indoors and checks out the history of the topographic point. The topographic point had belonged to Lady Clementine Sossonaˆ¦ So Soonaˆ¦ who had helped in the World War II by maintaining unfastened house for the soldiers and a Red Cross supply terminal.

He goes out of the house, and called his aunt from the phone booth as his Mobile phone dies out of power, and tells her to come to the Star tap house every bit shortly as possible. There, Martha sees Terry when she reaches, and she introduces Vincent and Terry to each other. Vincen biddy realises the sort of work his aunt does, as he listens to the two old friends talk to each other. When Martha explains the Terry that Vincent is a priest, Terry jokes that he has to be careful of what he speaks in forepart of the clergy. However, Vincent asks him to assist him ( Vincent ) understand what is go oning to him. Subsequently as the three sit in St James Park, Terry and Martha remind Vincent how impressions like homosexualism, reincarnation, solar system were ridiculed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Terry performs past life therapy on Vincent

in his hotel room. Vincent finds out that in one of his past lives, he was a WWII physician in London who drove a 1940 Chevy, LaSelle, whose lone household is Lady Clementine, Martha in the present life. in another life, he was a Protestant tax-collector who cheats the Catholic husbandmans to famishment. One of the husbandmans is his friend, Thomas Manning in the present life. in another of his lives, he was the younger boy of a landlord in rural India, Terry in the present life. in another life, he is a traveler to Jerusalem from Cyrene, North Africa where he witnesses the crucifixion of Jesus. In fact he helps Jesus to transport the cross on his shoulder. He is Simon, the cross carrier.

However, he sees Jesus being given something on sponge, non vinegar, but some kind of opium, and that Jesus was non dead when his legs were broken. Joseph of Arimathea has obtained permission to take the organic structure down and bury it. Joseph and Nicodemeus take the organic structure down and utilize long linen weaving fabric and about a 100 lbs of aloe vera and crushed sweet cicely, which harmonizing to the scientists in the University of Pittsburgh can assist in the opportunities of endurance.

After the session, Terry gives an envelope to Vincent, named 'Bom Jesus ' for safe maintaining. He tells Vincent to be careful who he portions his past life information with as they might believe he is a moonstruck. The two tell Martha of what they found out and Vincent decides to swear Thomas Manning with the secret. He, nevertheless, does non detect Swakilki sit in the nearby

tabular array, like his aunt does. Just as he did non detect the tattoo on his aunt 's carpus.

Chapter 10

Thomas Manning was born to Irish Catholic parents in 1968. He was an first-class pupil who loved the book of 999 axioms which still sat on the tabular array by his bed. He goes away to go a portion of one of the American administrations that follow Einsiedeln, and comes into contact with Cardinal Alberto Valerio in Italy, and besides becomes a portion of the Oedipus trust.

Apart from the Einseideln administration, he besides manages the Numberss for His Eminence.

London, UK, 2012: Vincent reads about the decease of Terry Acton in The Sun. he contacts Thomas and tells him about whatever happened with him and Terry and about the documents while Thomas, without Vincent 's cognition, records the whole conversation.

New York, USA, 2012: Thomas calls His Eminence and tells him about what Vincent told him but besides informs him that Vincent does non cognize about Terry 's research on the Illuminati. They both decide to run into in Zurich to discourse about what stairss to follow.

As both range Zurich, Swakilki and Takuya have reached Tokyo. On the direction fron His Eminence, Swakilki kills Takuya. In Zurich, the two members of the Oedipus trust decide to allow Swakilki cover with Vincent, while Oedipus trust is to negociate a trade with the Isabel Madonna trust every bit shortly as possible.

Chapter 11

London, UK, 2012: Vincent and Martha attend the funeral for Terry. Vincent asks Martha to assist her asleep friend in conveying the truth in forepart of the universe.

Martha gives therapy to Vincent. He finds out that in another of

his lives, he was Jean-Paul Pellier, a great leader of the Gallic revolution and was witnessing the persecution of a immature adult female who had tried to knife and injure him. In another life, he is the escort for the Inca queen, Mama Anawarkhi, whom he has to kill for seeking to intrigue against the power. In another life, he is tried to be killed by Wu Zhao, a Chinese empress. However, he manages to get away with the aid of Xiao, another courtesans.

In another life, he is in Jerusalem where Mary Magdalene and Jesus 's female parent have gone into the grave where Jesus is supposed to be buried. A small piece subsequently, he sees Jesus and 3 blurred images of Mary Magdalene and Mary leave the grave. He follows them to Emmaus where he ( Jesus ) convinces the apostles that he is alive. Jesus tells them to travel to different parts of the universe to enroll adherents in every state. He so walks to Bethany, the land of Martha, Lazarus and Mary Magdalene.

Chapter 12

Swakilki is in demand for soothing as she has killed the one individual who had loved her. She goes to Yoshihama, a Shinto priest who combines the rules of Shinto with Reiki. Yoshihama, with his mending sees that the miss had suffered terrible sexual anguish, emphasis in her life. He besides sees her caput being chopped off in Paris in forepart of Terry Acton. He besides sees her electrocuted in Singing Sing prison in New York in 1890. He besides sees Swakilki being killed by Vincent, her organic structure guard. He besides sees how she takes retaliation on him

as the Chinese empress Wu Zhao.

Chapter 13

Medina, Saudi Arabia, 632 Ad: Prophet Mohammed dies at the age of 63. Before he does, he dictates a few disclosures, one of them, `` We killed Jesus, boy of Mary, The Apostle of Allah. ''

Lyons, France, 185 Ad: Iranaeus in his book, Against Heresies, says that Jesus was alive and eaching at the age of 50.

North India, 1950: harmonizing to Bhavishya Mahapurana, Jesus as a holy adult male is seen with King Shalivahana.

Qadian, India, 1835: Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in his book Masih Hindustan Mein, says that Jesus did non decease on the cross. He went to his folks in Kashmir, Tibet, etc. the 10 folks that were taken captives from Samaria by Shalmaneser, King of Assur and had been taken by him. These folks eventually settled in India.

Isreal, 2005: `` One of Israel 's main rabbis has recognised an Indian folk as lost posterities of ancient Hebrewss.

The Chief Rabbi of the Sephardic Jews, Shlomo Amar, has informed members of the 6,000-strong Bnei Menashe community in India 's north-east of his decision.The opinion will ease the folks ' out-migration to Israel from the provinces of Manipur and Mizoram. Bnei Menashe members welcomed the proclamation, stating they could now `` travel to the Promised Land '' .The head rabbi is now be aftering to officially change over the Bnei Menashe members to Orthodox Judaism.

Lalrin Sailo, convenor of the Singlung-Israel association, an administration stand foring the `` Jews of Mizoram '' said: `` We have ever said we are posterities of Menashe ( boy of Joseph ) so it is great to hear our claims have been authenticated. ''

Harmonizing to

the community, the Bnei Menashe are one of the lost 10 folks of Israel who were exiled when Assyrians invaded the northern land of Israel in the eighth Century BC.

The community 's unwritten tradition is that the folk travelled through Persia, Afghanistan, Tibet, China and on to eastern India.The Bnei Menashe represent merely a bantam fraction of India 's north-eastern Christian community. Lalrin Sailo told the BBC 's Subir Bhaumik in Calcutta that the main rabbi had made his opinion after `` elaborate probes '' enduring several old ages.

A squad of rabbinical Judgess will now be sent to north-east India to officially change over the folk to Orthodox Judaism. Once converted, the Bnei Menashe can use for in-migration to Israel under the Law of Return, without necessitating mandate from the state 's Interior Ministry.

Elizabeth Zodingliani, who edits Israel Tlangau ( Israel News ) in Aizawal, capital of India 's north-eastern province of Mizoram, said: `` We will now all go to the Promised Land, to Israel. I hope we can settle down in Jerusalem. ''

A cardinal day of the month in the recent history of the Bnei Menashe was 1951, when a Pentecostal curate named Tchalah, moving he said on a prognostication from God, called for a return to the Holy Land. However, the links were non so approved. In the seventiess, when the Bible was translated into the local linguistic communication, similarities with the imposts and patterns of Israeli people were noticed, Bnei Menashe members say.

A research worker of the Mizo folk, Zaithanchuungi, developed the lost-tribe claims in 1981 and presented documents to assorted seminars in Israel. Some Israeli groups like the Amishav, now

known as Shavei, which helps Jews move to Israel, supported the claim and says it has brought 800 people from the Bnei Menashe to Israel. Other Israeli groups have dismissed the claim as `` historically indefensible. '' Deoxyribonucleic acid surveies at the Central Forensic Institute in Calcutta suggest that while the masculine side of the tribes bears no links to Israel, the feminine side suggests a familial profile with Middle Eastern people that may hold arisen through inter-marriage.

Israeli societal scientist Lev Grinberg told the BBC last twelvemonth that rightist Judaic groups wanted such transitions of distant people to hike the population in countries disputed by the Palestinians. ``

India 52 Ad: harmonizing to Acta Thomae, Jesus met Habban, a merchandiser and sold his slave, Thomas as the carpenter needed by the Indian King, Gondophares. Thomas went farther to Kerala, where he converted many households to Christian religion. St Thomas Christians continued even after Thomas 's decease boulder clay 1498, when the Portugal influence on the Indian life style started and these Christian households were forcibly converted to Roman Catholicism.

`` The Goan Inquisition is regarded by all modern-day portraitures as the most violent Inquisition of all time executed by the Portuguese Catholic Church. It lasted from 1560 to 1812. The Inquisition was set as a tribunal, headed by a justice, sent to Goa from Portugal and was assisted by two judicial confederates. The justice was answerable to no 1 except to Lisbon and handed down penalties as he saw tantrum. The Inquisition Laws filled 230 pages and the castle where the Inquisition was conducted was known as the Big House and the Inquisition proceedings were ever conducted

behind closed shutters and closed doors. The shriek of torment of the perpetrators ( work forces, adult females, and kids ) could be heard in the streets, in the hush of the dark, as they were viciously interrogated, flogged, and easy dismembered in forepart of their relations. Eyelids were sliced away and appendages were amputated carefully, a individual could stay witting even though the lone thing that remained was his trunk and a caput. ``

It was during this clip that Alphonso de Castro reached Goa. It is Alphonso who finds the paperss Tarikh-Issa-Massih that he catalogues. He leaves the paperss in India for fright of his life, for them to be discovered in the hereafter. Before go forthing, he prays in forepart of the organic structure of St. Francis Xavier in Bom Jesus Church stating `` God give me strength to salvage this book '' in Portuguese.

Chapter 14

Vincent is reading the paperss given to him by Terry, named Tarikh-i-kashmir translated in English, written by Mulla Nadri in 1421. The papers talked about how Jesus came to Kashmir, won the Black Marias of the people, and how his organic structure was put to rest at that place in Mohalla Anzmarah.

Apart from this, Vincent found another papers, Tarikh-Issa-Massih, that had originally been written in Urdu and gave the royal line of descent of Jesus, like in Bible, get downing from Abraham- Issac- Jacob- Judas. Judas had two children- Phares and Zara. Phares- Esrom- Aram- Aminadab- Naasson- Salmon- Boaz- Obed- Jesse- David- Solomon- Roboam- Abia- Asa- Josaphat- Ozias- Joatham- Achaz- Ezekias- Manasses- Amon- Josias- Jechonias- Salatheil- Zorobel- Abiud- Eliakim- Azor- Sadoc- Achim- Eliud- Eleazar- Matthan- Jacob- Joseph- Jesus.

While the Bible Michigan at that place, the papers goes farther. Jesus marries Mary Magdalene and Sara is born in India and sent to Gaul with her female parent. Jesus marries a adult female from the Sakya kin on the continuity of King Gopadatta and male parents Benissa- Akkub- Jashub- Abihud- Elnaam- Harsha- Jabal- Shalman- Zabbud ( who converts to Islam ) - Abdul- Haroon- Hamza- Omar- Rashid- Khaleel.

Vincent is panicking after reading the information, below of which, Alphonso has written about the metropolis where the secret is hidden.

Chapter 15

Moscow, Russia, 2012: Brother Thomas Manning is at the Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti ( FSB ) and his intent is to speak to the really intoxicated Lavrenty Edmundvich Bakatin about the trade that is traveling to go on. The two had met when the latter had been Manning 's parishioner when he was a mere priest. Apparently, the Sheikh wants everything to make with the program, and the hard currency beforehand.

While the two had united, His Eminence and Dr. Dawood Omar, both of whom had studied in the University of Leuven in Belgium, the former for Ideology and the latter for Metallurgy, met in Korea to discourse the trade, the two grounds for the Oedipus trust and the Isabel Madonna trust.

After his supplication, the Sheikh 's Master asks him if the trade is done. An confederation between Islam and Christianity, much like in 1192, when Saladin agreed for the Christian pilgrims come to Jerusalem, the holy metropolis to pray.

Vatican City, 2012: Alberto Valerio is believing how good it is to work aside the enemy.

Chapter 16

2011: Nostradamus 's anticipations are traveling to come true. Explosions are about to

go on in Paris ( France ) , La Triple Frontera ( South America ) , Xinjiang ( China ) , London ( UK ) , Kaula Lumpur ( Malaysia ) , Jammu and Kashmir ( India ) , Baghdad ( Iraq ) , New York ( USA ) , Jakarta ( Indonesia ) , Sydney ( Australia ) , Chechnya ( Russia ) , Bakhtaran ( Iran ) , under the orders of Ghalib, in the several order of the 21st of each month get downing from January 2012.

Guatemala, 500 BC: the exact terminal of the Mayan civilisation is predicted to be the 21st December 2012.

Langley, Virginia, USA, 2011: The Particular Activities Staff of the Central Intelligence Agency and its caput, Stephen Elliot, has merely received information from his beginning, 'Trois ' . The information gives out co-ordinates of 12 topographic points around the universe, and Q 17:16, which talks about the devastation of a metropolis.

Megiddo, Israel, 2012: Ghalib is heading towards the metropolis which is predicted to be the topographic point where the concluding military war will go on. He is naming a certain figure in Pakistan.

Chapter 17

Swakilki has followed Vincent to Mumbai from London. Vincent books an assignment with the 'house astrologist ' , Pandit Ramgopal Prasad Sharma, who foremost tells him information about his personal life that he already knew. Then the bookman tells Vincent that this is the last phase of his life rhythm, that is, he will non transmigrate after this life. And in order, to derive moksha, he has to recognize 3 supreme forces in his life. They are, Raja Yog ( wealth and power ) , Vish-Kanya

Yog ( danger ) and Gajakeshari Yog ( wisdom and cognition ) .

Martha and Vincent go for rubber-necking and Vincent finds connexions between the Jews and the lost folks. They both see Swakilki at a cafe but merely Vincent shrugs off the feeling that she looks familiar.

Vincent goes to Kerala. When he comes back, he is convinced that St. Thomas had so visited India.

Meanwhile, Martha 's research has bought her to a book titled Jesus died in Kashmir by Andreas Faber Kaiser. She besides finds the book Nathanamavali, a book on the Berra of India, one of them, Issa. However, she besides finds a book called Jesus Lived in India by Holger Kersten which talks about exactly what the book 's title suggests. Martha besides checks the royal line of descent, translated in English. But since, the line stops at Khaleel, she checks out the original Urdu version.

The original gives out more names. Khaleel had two other siblings Muhammed and Sultana. While Muhammed died before matrimony, Sultana produces a boy, Salim. Salim- Ikram- Bano- Ali- Ghulam- Mustafa- Humayun- Abbas- Faiz- Javed- Gulzar- Nazreen- Akbar- Yusuf- Mansoor- Zain- Faisal- Sharmeen- Ibrahim- Alam- Mehdi- Bismillah- Hassan- Shabbir.

Martha decides that it is clip to travel to Goa. On their manner, Vincent and Martha discuss on how it would hold been simpler if Islam and Christianity, alternatively of contending with each other, would merely collaborate with each other.

Once they reach at that place, Vincent realizes that if in fact there is a blood line of Jesus who follows Islam, so this is a job for both Muslims and Christians. Meanwhile, Swakilki has followed the couple to Goa. Swakilki is

reminded in Goa of the small town that her female parent used to take her to. Unknown to her, the Nipponese authorities had had cogent evidence that Jesus lied buried in that small town. However, Jesus had ne'er visited the topographic point. His girl had.

Chapter 18

His Eminence is reading about the seven angels, in the Book of Revelations. Meanwhile, there is convulsion in the other parts of the universe. Nuclear blasts in each portion of the universe on the 21st of each month in 2012.

  • January: Gallic Alps, France
  • February: Riberalta, Bolivia
  • March: Hubei Province, China
  • April: English Channel, Dover
  • May: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • June: Katra, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  • July: Baghdad, Iraq
  • August: Equality state, USA
  • September: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • October: New South Wales, Australia
  • November: Grozny, Chechnya, Russia
  • Waziristan, Pakistan- Afghanistan boundary line, 2012: The Sheikh is ready for the terminal of the trade.

Chapter 19

Vincent and Martha autumn in love with Goa, its churches, beaches, etc. when they decipher the papers, they find that the parchment is in the Ag coffin in Bom Jesus Church. They go at that place instantly to happen the papers but Swakilki reaches before them and so nobble Vincent. Martha realizes that Thomas Manning has a manus in the whole cozenage and decides to reach Stephen Elliot, although Alissa will non be happy about it.

Research and Analysis Wing ( RAW ) secretary Prithviraj Singh is briefed by Elliot on the occurrences. He contacts the Prime curate for orders on farther actions.

Chapter 20

  • Mari, Indo-Pak boundary line: Mother Mary lies buried.
  • Cashmeres: Rehman Khan wants to maintain the shrine as the land belongs to him.
  • In the throne of Solomon,

two of the pillars mention about Jesus. The same individual has been mentioned by Shaikh Sadiq in his Hagiographas.

  • Barabbas, the houseboat, is owned by Ghalib, but used by Yesuda normally.
  • Ghalib is besides called Barabbas, merely like Jesus was called by the people of Jerusalem.
  • Virginia, USA, 2012: Elliot is looking at the names of the individuals behind the blasts of 2012. Each name is some or the other interlingual rendition of Jesus 's adherents. The individual who gave the information was Yehuda, which translates to 'Judas ' .

    Chapter 21

    • Mathura, 3127 BC: Krishna is born.
    • Kapilvastu, 566 BC: Siddhartha, who will subsequently go Buddha, is born.
    • Persia, 1000 BC: Zarthustra, Born of a virgin.
    • Syria, 2000 BC: Tammus born to virgir Myrrha on 25 December.
    • Egypt, 3000 BC: Virgin Isis gives birth to Horus on 25 December, in a trough.
    • Persia, 6000 BC: Mithras, the Sun God, born on 25th December, a rolling instructor and had 12 adherents, called the 'good shepherd ' had a supper of staff of life and vino.

    Mary Magdalene had married Jesus, harmonizing to Margret Starbird. Jesus had served vino in his ain nuptials by change overing H2O into vino. Both Mary and Jesus were from royalty, therefore 'Royal Blood ' .

    The bible combines all this information and more, like the Shroud of Turin, which was later found to be a fraud, which could intend that the adult male under the shroud could hold been alive.

    Chapter 22

    Pandit Sharma is tensed after holding a close brush with Ghalib on his manner to Vaishno Devi. He contacts Prithviraj Singh and tells him about the brother he ne'er knew he had. The brother

    is Vincent. He besides warns him about Swakilki.

    Vincent realizes the manus of Thomas Manning when Swakilki tells him whatever she knows. He besides realizes that she is the empress, the warrior queen, the Gallic miss that he had seen. She was besides one of the Mary Magdalene that he saw.

    Swakilki tells Vincent that he should hold looked in the right topographic points to happen the line of descent of Jesus. But nevertheless, he was traveling to decease reasonably shortly and that he was lucky that she knew his aunt.

    With the aid of Pandit Sharma, Vincent is found in the Shaitana dark nine with a warning note from Swakilki.

    • In Rawalpindi, Dr. Dawood Omar is arrested.
    • In USA, Elliot is in session with the President herself. It is believed that the 12th onslaught will be in Israel.

    Chapter 23

    The Sheikh reads Ghalib 's note that the latter sent on making his finish.

    In Goa, Vincent and Martha look at the papers found on the floor of Bom Jesus Basilica. They find that Alphonso had found the original Tarikh-Issa-Massih and conceal off in the Bom Jesus Basilica. Suddenly General Singh and Pandit arrive to speak with the couple.

    Chapter 24

    General Singh discusses with Vincent, Martha and the other functionaries about the current state of affairs, and Swakilki. They besides find the nexus between her and His Eminence, the manus of Thomas Manning. General asks Vincent the significance of 21st December, on hearing which, Martha 's brass knuckss go white but is non noticed by anyone.

    Vincent is reminded of September 2001, when the 9/11 onslaught had happened. He had asked Maning if he was a portion of Opus Dei and Manning

    had truthfully denied that as Manning was a portion of Crux Decussata Permuta.

    The general asks Martha if it is possible to travel into the hereafter, much like the yesteryear. Martha says that it is and asks Vincent to lie down on the bed for the therapy. Vincent travels to past life memories once more. He sees Jesus and 3 Mary Magdalenes- two of whom is Martha and Swakilki go towards Damascus. Vincent goes farther through the memories life after life into the hereafter to see the terminal of the universe by Ghalib.

    In another topographic point, Sheikh rereads Ghalib 's message.

    Chapter 25

    • Zurich: Herr Egloff is carry oning a batch of minutess for Iscariot.
    • Srinagar: Swakilki meets Yehuda who promises to take her to Ghalib.

    Vatican metropolis, 2012: His Eminence is angry that Ghalib is traveling to be the trigger for the onslaughts. Maning Tell him that the whole purpose of the 'exercise ' was non to forestall the disclosure of Jesus 's truth but to protect the church 's prevarications.

    Maryland, USA: Elliot, Singh and others are assembled in the secret hall as the Grand Master, the President of USA speaks for the Illuminati.

    Chapter 26

    • Tel Magiddo, Israel, 2012: Ghalib is waiting for El-Azhar to come from the little entryway in the hills and is relieved to see the latter do so.
    • Bethany, Judea, 27 Ad: Jesus waits for Lazarus to come from the dead and is relieved to see the same.
    • Tel Magiddo, Israel, 2012: Ghalib is tied bare and interrogated.
    • Jerusalem, 27 Ad: Jesus is tied by the soldiers and ciliums are given to him.
    • Tel Magiddo, Israel, 2012: there is no manner to halt

    the onslaught. The topographic point will hold to be evacuated instantly.

  • Waziristan, Pakistan boundary line, 2012: the Sheikh is proud of Ghalib for what he has done.
  • Vatican City, 2012: Alberto and Manning receive information that Ghalib is in the detention of the Illuminati.
  • Balakote: Swakilki and Yehuda reach Ghalib 's collapsible shelter. As she goes away to run into him and kill him, Elliot and Singh spring from the collapsible shelter and collar her.
  • Subsequently it is revealed that the Illuminati have had the truck of explosives airlifted to Priobskoye for their ain grounds.

    Chapter 27

    Vincent and Martha find the parchament in the Bom Jesus Basilica that gives the co-ordinates of a topographic point. While Martha stays back in Goa, Vincent reaches Srinagar near the Rozabal grave. There he sees the caretaker who gives him a papers, original and translated, that had been kept for him by Dmitriy Novikov in 1887. The papers is written by Jesus himself.

    Vincent is really happy. He takes a photocopy of the papers. But before he could travel back to Delhi, General Singh kidnaps him.

    Chapter 28

    It is revealed that the Illuminati want to destruct the papers one time and for all.

    Waziristan: the Sheikh is able to decode the cryptographies on Ghalib 's note. He takes the orbiter phone and types the Numberss anticipating the bomb to travel off. The bomb does acquire activated, nevertheless, non in Priobskoye, but merely 100 paces off from the Sheikh.

    It is besides revealed that Yehuda had betrayed Ghalib under Ghalib 's instructions himself. Whle he is traveling to talk the last words of his Lord to the Illuminati, he is killed in his hotel room.

    In Tihar

    Jail, Swakilki asks for a priest to whom she confesses her future wickedness of killing her male parent, Alberto Valerio. It is besides revealed that Swakilki is one of the posterities of Mary Magdalene.

    While Swakilki is supposed to be one of the descedants, another line of the same is revealed to be the Sinclairs.

    Chapter 29

    • President Alissa Elliot and Stephen Elliot are be aftering to kill Ghalib as he is their major menace.
    • It is besides revealed that a 3rd lineage had been passed through the household name Kaetzel. Alissa Kaetzal.
    • New Delhi, India, 2012: Swakilki is able to get away with the aid of her prison guard, Bittu.

    Meanwhile, in the Vatican City, it is revealed that Maning and His Eminence are the lone two lasting members of their order, the last one dead was the Sheikh. Suddenly, Swakilki kills Alberto Valerio and takes retaliation for her female parent.

    Chapter 30

    • Alissa is ready to drive the knife to Vincent 's bosom in forepart of other Illuminati members when Prithviraj realizes that Vincent was his brother and saves his life but hiting at Alissa but neglecting to kill her. Prithviraj tells him to run. Vincent runs through empty dark transitions where he sees monstrous cadavers of Ghalib 's work forces, the 1s behind the onslaughts, similar to the manner their namesakes died and Ghalib crucified on a Roman cross. Vincent passes out.
    • The decease of the President is reported in the intelligence.
    • Meanwhile, Vincent discovers himself in a white room where he discovers the power of the Illuminati.

    Chapter 31

    • Vatican City, 2012: Swakilki, in camouflage of Sister Maria Esperanza, kills Thomas Manning by poisoning his java.
  • Elliot is killed with the aid of a bomb near his vehicle in Pakistan.
  • Maryland, USA: Vincent is able to get away from the topographic point.
  • Srinagar, Kashmir, India: It is revealed that the three adult females, Alissa, Martha and Swakilki are the three posterities of Mary Magdalene, the high priestess of Maghada, from her girl, La Sara Kali- Lakshmi Saraswati, Kali.

    The three are on their manner to Vaishno Devi Temple when they see Vincent following them. They make him understand that whatever they did was a portion of Karma and nil else. Vincent eventually sees visible radiation in the cognition and moksha in the signifier of the one goddess.

    Subjects and Mood

    Buddhism and Christianity and Islam

    How these three are linked to each other and the resemblances between the three is shown with the aid of facts and theory documents written by historiographers and travelers. How he bible is filled with facts associating to Jesus, when it applies to other human Gods as good is shown through this subject.

    The connexion of India and Christianity

    Harmonizing to the book, Christianity came in India because of St. Thomas, unlike the general impression that the foreign influence is the ground for this. The Indianness in the life style of the Christians and Muslims in India is shown.

    Similarities and Differences in the coevals and kin

    This is shown with clip springs back and Forth to demo how different or instead, same in idiosyncrasy or events are. This is largely done to convey more focal point to the plot line that is partially based on the history of faith itself.

    The Church and Illuminati

    This is a subject that is used in most of the books

    that are based on Christianity. It showcases the power of both the forces and a general side is normally taken in either one 's favor. This book nevertheless, was different in the stoping position. Neither of the parties won.

    Plot Structure Analysis

    The Rozabal LineA is a thriller enigma, which redefines the whole impression of faith. The secret plan 's fictional narratives are supported by the non-fictional facts that really happened or were written approximately.


    While some chapters are wholly dedicated to some characters, most of the book 's content comprises of descriptions non merely about the characters, but besides about their lives, except Alberto Valerio who is presented as the scoundrel bluffly. Even the comparings between the clip periods are done maintaining in head of the characters.

    Rising Action

    The action is present throughout the book. One can state that, in the book, the action comes to a destructive terminal as the terminal of the book comes here. The action goes back and Forth in clip.


    The flood tide that normally brings the feeling of `` all 's well that 's terminals good '' is different in this book. The reader does non cognize whether to be unagitated or disturbed by the impression of day of reckoning.


    The result in this novel is in Srinagar where the 3 ladies meet and do Vincent recognize the nature of their being.

    Point Of View

    The ubiquitous 3rd individual who even narrates facts and points for the reader is the same individual who gives the narrative.

    Signs, Motifs and Symbols

    The symbols used in the book: Crux Decussata Permuta, the posterities of Mary Magdalene, all to symbolize that they are intriguing together, or are of the same sort.


    usage of Numberss: like the binary cryptography, Numberss 18, 13 to demo the power of the Illuminati, Barrabbas, etc. to demo the importance of the event.

    Visions: used to give genuineness in the narrative stating with the intimation of extrasensory beliefs.

    Post-it notes: used to convey some message or the other non merely to the characters but besides to the readers.

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