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Identity acknowledgment has been a hot subject in recent old ages. It is a complicated issue that no individual definition of the term has been set up in scientific discipline. The first clip “ individuality of perceptual experience ” goes to the populace as a scientific term is in The Interpretation of Dreams ( published in 1900 ) by a great psychologist, Sigmund Freud. He proposed that woolgathering was an unconscious procedure of information in the twenty-four hours clip, which shared the function of commanding person ‘s mental and psychical activities. Therefore he claimed that woolgathering maintained the personality ‘s continuity and individuality. Identity construct plays an of import function in human existences ‘ mind, he suggested. The society is developing rapidly, which makes human existences lost in acknowledgment of individuality in societal life and besides in psycho. Problems of individuality are studied for old ages in different countries, and the constructs of individuality differ. Most of the recent surveies are conducted in sociology, which focus on survey the societal groups, societal phenomena and societal behaviour. Here in this paper, I focus on the person ‘s behaviour, person ‘s readings of the information on the cyberspace, and how the cyberspace influences persons.

Identity is the province of an person ‘s consciousness of the relationship with oneself, people around and with the milieus. It is more about how an single sees himself, based on the collection of his personal features, personal feelings, personal values, personal judgements and his readings about the information inwards and outwards. To find one ‘s individuality, we need to “ aggregate one ‘s features of personality that are of a biological, psychological, societal, and cultural nature. “ ( Vladimir Rimskii, 2 ) Identity is a stable consciousness that will last for a long clip one time set up. It enables one to “ be oneself in different state of affairss. ” ( Vladimir Rimskii, 2 ) However, individuality alterations with the environment alterations. Persons take in different and altering information for the new state of affairss, and this procedure of collection with information will somewhat alter the person ‘s perceptual experience on his ain individuality. So exists the possibility to “ coexistence of different individualities ” ( Vladimir Rimskii, 2 ) at one and the same minute in clip. In some instances, this leads to crisis because the version of individuality slowdowns behind the alterations in world.

Childhood plays a important and indispensable function in organizing an person ‘s individuality, which continues until decease. Identity forming is about mental development, influenced non merely by biological factors, but chiefly by societal factors. The dealingss and interactions among kids, parents, civilization and societal life of the community play a really of import function in determining one ‘s individuality. As a individual enter his adolescence old ages, individuality supports organizing and yet altering, for his high clip of mental development and values organizing. An stripling goes through a clip of acquiring rid of the influence of parents and puting up self-values in the changing environment. In many instances, these striplings have the jobs of individuality because of their deficiency of experiences in life. As they grow up, they will get down to determine their ain individualities as the credence of peculiar functions and the rejection of other functions. This procedure will decelerate down as they enter maturity, and they will hold stereotype individualities, which are comparatively stable. However, the individuality crisis among striplings has been a hot subject late. The new coevals is said to be excessively cool and wilful. They are exposed to a universe full of information. They have a batch of opportunities to acquire in touch with different people, learn about different ideas, and know what ‘s go oning around the universe. Therefore, their individualities are easy influenced and changed. Besides, because of the excess of their parents, they immature coevals lose some opportunities to believe about life and future by themselves. They fail to pay adequate attending to the individuality forming. Therefore, individuality crisis is a really import yet complicated issue. In this paper, I will seek to briefly analyze the cyberspace ‘s influences on young person ‘s individuality construct.

Identities in the world

Many individualities are perceived as societal functions interacting with other persons. Human beings live within societal groups. They have more than one function when linking with others. Each function might hold its ain individuality or tend to hold somewhat different individuality. These different individualities coexist in one at the same minute of clip, therefore exists the possibility that a individual might non able to demo all his personalities and functions in one designation card. The other possibility is that people around can non clearly know who the individual is. The writer ( Vladimir Rimskii, 3 ) suggests that corporate individualities of a societal group enable its members to “ find who belongs and who does non. ” Individuals about ever interact with representatives of peculiar societal groups, which make them invariably adapt or affirm their ain individualities. Harmonizing to him, we can cognize a individual by look intoing the societal group he belongs to.

It is true that societal life and societal experiences help a individual to accomplish a definite individuality. In order to accomplish a sense of belongingness, self-preservation, acknowledgment, self-fulfillment and other demands, a individual will fall in in some certain societal groups by achieving rank. ( Vladimir Rimskii, 4 )

However, worlds have subjective enterprises. One may non desire to uncover his complete existent information in societal life with the intents such as self-defense. Besides, one may forge his information in order to acquire into a group. Peoples are bound to the conventions of the society. They live in a universe full of restrictions. They can non to the full express and demo their values, judgements, behaviours, and personalities. For illustration, the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual ( GLB ) may non desire people around them to cognize their secrets. They may cover up in instance other people blame them for moving against the cultural and societal traditions. Therefore, one will non show the “ true ” individual of oneself in world and we can non cognize a “ true ” individual by treating the intended presentation of his individuality.

In the procedure of designation, an person may project his ain individuality onto person else. He may borrow person else ‘s individuality, or blend his ain individuality with the individualities of others, so as to make a new him.

Identities on the cyberspace

Today, 100s of 1000s of people have accessed to the cyberspace, and have individualities in the practical universe. The figure is turning at a really fast velocity. Individuality and the freedom of look may be the first ground that people form a new individuality on the cyberspace. ( Julie Rak, 7 ) There is no limitations of organizing an individuality on the cyberspace, so a individual can register an ideal individuality, do whatever and state whatever he wants on the cyberspace. Another ground for people ‘s formation of individuality on the cyberspace is that people desire to make ideal individualities that can non be realized in the existent universe. Persons can make up one’s mind their attitudes, perceptual experiences, stereotypes, judgements, sentiments, appraisals, precedences, gustatory sensations, ways of life, features of activity, etc. Internet makes it possible for persons to accomplish self-fulfillment and to be ideal 1s for a piece. Quite different from the world, there is besides possibility for a individual to utilize a figure of different individualities at the same time without utilizing verifiable information.

Peoples have been reasoning about the advantages and disadvantages of cyberspace on individualities. The supportive side suggests that we can cognize a individual better through cyberspace because his individualities online are largely the 1s that he wishes to be. Those individualities reveal the existent interior of a individual. Peoples will tip safe and comfy to chew the fat on the cyberspace. They use monikers with limited information revealed. The information does n’t hold to be true, which protects people from being traced. Furthermore, the communicating is largely non-face-to-face. Therefore, people may be more willing to portion their existent feelings and ideas on the cyberspace than in existent universe.

However, the opposed side argues that people who get addicted to the cyberspace may lose their individualities in the world and neglect to bear his duties. They suggest that people turn to the cyberspace to avoid things in the existent universe. On the cyberspace, all things, including individuality information, ideas and feelings may be false, which will easy confound people. The exposure to different sorts of information and individualities will non assist people clear up their heads. It is more likely to draw people off from the existent universe along with their duties.

Combination of Identities in the world and on the cyberspace

Based on the treatments between the supportive and opposed sides, I suggest that the combination of individualities in the world and on the cyberspace may be a utile manner to assist work out the individuality crisis. People base on the world to confront the life, bear the duties and work out jobs. Therefore, the individuality in the world should be the basic and should be stable. It defines a individual ‘s place in a society. However, it ‘s apprehensible that people want to maintain personal secrets and conceal features and feelings. The cyberspace will be a good manner for them to alleviate the force per unit area from world and seek to be another portion of themselves. Therefore, the combination of the individualities in the world and on the cyberspace may finish a individual ‘s individualities and is good for human experiences. However, one of import premiss for this is that the cyberspace should be under more control to supply a safer cyberspace environment.

To to the full work out the job of individuality crisis, more in-depth surveies of individualities on the Internet, and probe of the positive and negative effects of their influences on single individuality perceptual experiences, should be conducted. We believe that these findings may cast some visible radiation on undertaking the job of individuality crisis in the close hereafter.


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