The Impact of TV on Audience

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The Impact of TV on Audience

            Most of the people in the society today spend most of their time in watching television. Even though the people in the society have different motives of watching TV, those who have the same level of exposure to media has also experienced the same level of impact that media brings to the audience. Undeniably, television brings advantages to people by giving information and entertainment at the same time.  However, together with the advantages are the inevitable negative effects of television to the viewers and the society as a whole. The constant changes in the society are the effects of the culture and perceptions that slowly mold the society and shaped the values of the people. In this aspect, television has a big contribution in molding and shaping the society into a newer one. Television is one of the most powerful tools in transferring messages to the public. This is the reason why most of all the information today is being transferred to the society through the use of television. From current events to advertisements, television unquestionably functions well and work more that what the society expected. On the other hand, the

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impacts of television in the society have been visible.

            Television is a source of knowledge of people from different ages and from different walks of life; however the society also develops attitudes and perceptions from the programs that people can see on the screen. Aggression is one of the negative effects of television. Because of the aggressive behavior that people can see on TV programs, the society unconsciously adopts the attitudes and applies them in real life. Most viewers, especially children become used to violence that are being portrayed in TV programs. As a result, the aggressive behavior will be developed and violence will be passed on from generation to generation. This is the reason why domestic violence and other types of abuses are common in the society. Unfortunately, because of the presence of media in the society and having television as the most accessible media source, these types of violence have become normal and an accepted part of reality.

            Aside from aggression, television changed the way people view the real world. According to agenda setting theory, people believe on what they can see on media source and easily accept them as part of the reality. In this manner, television proves that media can shape the perception of the society toward a certain issue in real life. Because media holds the power to tell the viewers on the salient issue on specific time, the society conforms by paying attention to what media shows important and neglecting other societal issues that are not shown on television. In fact, cultivation theory even suggests that media can make the audience picture the world through the information that media shows to the society. In other words, television can make the people have perceptions regarding a certain thing with the use of messages that are being told by media and ignore the essence of real concept of life outside their homes (Livingstone, 1998).

            Commercialism is also one of the purposes of existence of television in the world. Television is used for selling and endorsing products and services to the society. Surprisingly, television has a very powerful appeal that can make audience think that a certain image on screen is needed and important and purchase it regardless of its level of necessity to the consumers. Apparently, the existence of millions of products in the market today is one proof of how powerful consumerism in media is.

            There are many more effects of television that can be discussed; however these effects have been present in the society even in the earlier century and continuously changed the social construction. Even though the negative impacts of media in the society is visible, the society always recognize the advantages that media gives to the people. In other words, the effects of television that ruins the society will remain unquestionable because of the information and entertainment that society gains from it.


Livingstone, S. M. (1998). Making Sense of Television: The Psychology of Audience Interpretation. New York: Routledge


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