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Many states in sub-Saharan part in Africa have been plagued with cultural and spiritual struggles. Nigeria has non been immune to such struggles. The state has and continues to witness high degrees of cultural and anti-sate force. Ever since independency from Britain in 1960 the African state of Nigeria has been torn apart by wars, force and cultural struggles. This paper centers on the consequence of such struggles on Nigerian adult females with a focal point on the struggle in Jos, the capital metropolis of Plateau State. The metropolis has continually been rocked by brutal and grim public violences in 1994, 2001, 2008 and most late in January 2010. These struggles have brought about extended devastation of lives and belongingss. Most significantly, the struggles have brought about gross human rights misdemeanors perpetrated against civilian populations, peculiarly adult females and kids who seemingly make up the most vulnerable group.

Considerable work has been done sing adult females and armed struggles. Much of this work has been done by establishments concerned with human rights misdemeanors, peculiarly misdemeanors against adult females. Unfortunately, much of this work has focused on sexual force against adult females and has mostly ignored other of import facets of misdemeanors against adult females.

The intent of this paper is to see and foreground a scope of ways in which adult females are affected by armed struggles ( in add-on to sexual force ) . Using responses from interviews conducted with adult females who have experienced the most recent struggle in the capital metropolis of Jos in Nigeria, we argue that there is a broad scope of ways in which adult females are affected by armed struggle. For illustration, armed struggle exacerbates inequalities. These inequalities continue even after the struggles cease. Our findings show that adult females see economic adversities during and after struggle. Furthermore, adult females are excluded from peace constructing enterprises that take topographic point during and after armed struggle.

Keywords-Armed struggles, cultural struggles, human rights misdemeanors, spiritual struggles, and adult females ‘s rights.


The frequence of struggles taking to force and extended devastation of lives and belongings particularly since the early 80s in many states of the universe can, without hyperbole, be traced to many factors. Some of these factors are political, economic, ethno-religious struggles and land boundary issues. Most of these struggles are frequently presented as either cultural or spiritual in nature, and oftentimes both. However these research findings indicate that the implicit in cardinal factor that facilitates such ethno-religious struggles revolves around predominating economic and political crisis. This is the basic dais for most of the repeating quandaries.

Unfortunately, ethno-religious struggles remain the political, economic and societal bequests of three decennaries which involves perceived marginalisation, mal-governance and discourtesy for the fundamental law. The greedy and selfish ways in which the Nigerian political leaders embarked on, in geting power at all cost, has overturned the true federal fundamental law negotiated by the founding leaders. This reveals some of the primary footing for the violent crisis in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.


In 2001, a major crisis occurred in Jos, the capital metropolis of Plateau State in the northern portion of Nigeria, taking to the devastation of belongingss and loss of lives. There was besides another crisis in 2004, 2008 and the most recent in 2010. The causes of these struggles are seen as political, ethno-religious and indigenes colonists ‘ difference. In most instances, it is tough to depict the Jos crisis from merely the cultural position without detecting the political, economic or spiritual facet. They are non reciprocally sole.

The recurrent crisis in Jos particularly the 1 that occurred in 2010 left a fatal impact on the society. Many people including adult females and kids were killed. The 2010 Jos crisis recorded the highest casualty of adult females and kids in comparing to the old 1s. About 500 adult females lost their lives in unpleasant fortunes while other adult females lost their hubbies and kids every bit good as their agencies of support.

It is instead unfortunate and improbable that the leading of the present authorities will be able to take the bold measure to do needed fundamental law alterations to put out the maturating ethno-religious tenseness and force in many parts of the state.

Nigeria is a complex society with a broad assortment of spiritual and cultural commitment and susceptibleness. The least 1 could make is to come to footings with the world of the multi-religious position and therefore acknowledge and guarantee that the rights of all Nigerians are every bit protected. The metropolis of Jos had deathly public violences in 2001, 2008 and 2010, and the communal/religious crisis that erupted in Jos ( Plateau ) in 2001 still causes a batch of clangs in the State boulder clay day of the month. It was flooring to many Nigerians that had nursed the impression that Jos was a safe oasis for most Christians from other cultural nationalities who fled from the States dominated by the Islamic Sharia Torahs. We besides observed that most of the struggles are located in urban countries, and that largely adult females and their kids suffered the most. Those non killed during the struggle are left to feed and fend for themselves and their kids.


Many of these controversies between natives and colonists result in force. As celebrated, Jos and most of the towns in Plateau State in 1994, 2001, 2004 in which the Beroms, Afizere and others who claim to be natives oppose the Hausa/Fulani folks who are regarded as colonists from the epoch of the colonial Masterss who largely came in to Jos town as mineworkers and merchandisers.

Jos Crisis: A crisis triggered by inequality. It can easy be traced to the deep inequalities in the society.

In 2004, a province of exigency was declared in Plateau State ( of which Jos is the capital ) after which over 200 Moslems were killed in the onslaughts by Christian reserves.

In the November 2008 crisis, over 340 people were killed and belongingss deserving one million millions were burned when Muslim resistance protagonists went on the violent disorder over alleged election abnormalities after they had heard their campaigner to head a council had lost to a Christian.

In January 2010, being the most recent crisis, more than 500 people were killed largely adult females after the Christians protested the building of a mosque in a Christian country, and after Muslim dissenters attacked a Catholic church.

It is dry that such ruinous and bloody brushs have occurred in Jos, a metropolis which derives its name from an acronym for “ Jesus Our Jesus ” . Possibly, the beginning of Jos – a former enclave for colonial missionaries and its geographic location – competently described by some as a “ de facto mistake line ” dividing Nigeria ‘s chiefly Muslim northern portion from its chiefly Christian southern part.

Nigeria is a state of strong bias between natives and non-indigene indigens and colonists, the Nigerian fundamental law even empowers this cultural association by giving acceptance to the “ State of beginning ” and likewise some political assignments are based on cultural and province of beginning. The crisis in Jos is non immune to the “ State of Origin ” appliance – the Christians are the indigens, while the Muslims are the colonists. Hence the belief remains that the indigens are threatened by the increasing population and prominence of the colonists. The indigens are neither excessively acute to portion their lands with the colonists nor offer their custodies in partnership on the political outfit. The colonists on the other manus, feel cheated and threatened excessively by the indigens whom they feel have failed to acknowledge them politically and socially despite holding co-existed for decennaries. The fact that the two are on the opposing sides of the spiritual divide surely does non assist. The cumulative consequence of these factors – the wake of cultural and social inequality is what has been go oning in Jos over the old ages.


This research work is based on qualitative analysis methods. The rule method used is structured in-depth interviews conducted within and outside the struggle zones. Reports were drawn from rural inhabitants and individuals affected by the struggle including adult females and young persons were interviewed at different times. Reports from authorities committees ‘ enquiry and other probe by apparatus groups were besides utilized. The study of the Plateau Peace Conference 2004 was really utile for this paper. Reports from assigned commission at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution after visits to the struggle town were besides really utile for this diary work.

Some other research workers from the field who were besides staff of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies likewise gave their study from the field work. Newspaper studies, text editions and the web were besides consulted for the completion of this paper.



In general, the political instability engendered by frequent communal differences – public violences, armed confrontation and dislocation of jurisprudence and order – can non be attractive for local or foreign investors. Jos, as it is right now from what we physically observed remains a shade metropolis with houses, market topographic points, mills and company burnt down to ashes.

We had met with and question a concern baron, Alhaji Busari who was a auto trader and narrated his ordeal amidst cryings. He said “ how can this Jos public violence be a disregarded incident to me when I practically lost all what I have worked and lived for in life in merely one twenty-four hours. Billions of Naira was burnt down, the salesroom where autos are parked for show was burnt down to ashes and all the autos on show were destroyed and burnt by the rioters ” .


Gender is therefore a socially constructed individuality through which functions are assigned at different degrees and which can differ harmonizing to civilization and can be changed by fortunes such as struggle. While the full community suffers the desperate effects of armed struggle and terrorist act, adult females and misss are peculiarly affected because of their position in society and their gender. Parties in struggle frequently rape adult females with impunity sometimes utilizing systematic colza as a tactic of war and terrorist act.

A young person militant remarked as follows: The struggle inflicted psychological and emotional hurting on both genders. However, the predicament of adult females was peculiarly pronounced. There was the instance of about 20 adult females and misss captured by the Boghom people and taken to a small town called Kangyal in Kanam Local Government Area. The adult females and their girls suffered the worst signifier of sexual maltreatment as their capturers took bends on them every eventide for three months. When they were finally rescued, five of them were pregnant and tested positive to HIV/AIDS trial.


This besides has to make with misdemeanor of human rights of adult females, in such state of affairs as experienced by adult females of all ages, who suffer supplanting, loss of places and belongings, nonvoluntary disappearing of close relations, poorness, household separation, decomposition and those victims of Acts of the Apostless of slaying, terrorist act, anguish, sexual bondage. These spell out the predominating human right misdemeanors and policies of cultural cleaning in the war-worn and occupied countries. These patterns have created inter alia a mass flow of refugees. Such adult females and kids become refugees that no longer hold places or houses over their caputs i.e. they become internally displaced individuals. Harmonizing to the research findings, adult females make up the highest group of casualties.

The image above shows adult females in Abuja transporting images of dead adult females and kids. Mostly adult females and kids constitute about 80 per centum of the 1000000s of refugees around the universe. Other refugees including internally displaced individuals are deprived of their belongingss, goods and besides want of their right to freedom of motion to return to their places for fright and insecurity. The grade of insecurity and freak out was identified when the Institute for Peace and Conflict research workers went to the refugee cantonments in Bukuru, Jos ( a south Local Government Area of Plateau State ) and were told that thirty-one pregnant adult females at the internally displaced individuals ( IDP ) cantonments were delivered of their babes at different cantonments.

Reports from their interpreter in charge of adult females in the IDP cantonments said in an interview “ that the adult females who gave birth were earlier taking safety at the constabulary Stationss and premises of Bukuru cardinal mosque before they were subsequently taken to another house which was converted to function as a impermanent pregnancy ” . Out of the 31 adult females that put to bed merely two babes did non last. However, the two female parents were in really good conditions. In a newspaper study, one of the nurses in charge of the pregnancy centres created mentioned that “ some slugs were removed from some of the pregnant female parents ‘ organic structures who were shot during the crisis and they had to undergo some operations to sew them ” .

THE WOMEN WELFARE: Eating and Clothing

Lack of alimentary nutrient in the cantonments is due to their population, although some Non-governmental Organizations ( NGOs ) and United Nations ( UN ) have visited some cantonment evidences to heighten the supply and distribution of nutrient materials and vesture. Different groups have surfaced to donate liberally for the refugees. Other abhorrent experiences include:

Snake bites in the shrub while trying to get away

High rate of widowhood

Loss of kids

Premature births due to fear and coerce

Mothers abandoning freshly born babes due to miss of financess and inability to last

Forced matrimonies

This image shows some illustrations of the impact of the struggle on adult females in Wase, Yelwa-shendam and Langtang south local authorities in Jos.

In an interview, Vonnan Dashe, president of the Gani community development association, on 5th November 2004 mentioned that, “ Womans were subjected to force and adversity because they had to worry about the destiny of their kids. Some of their kids really got killed and others were wounded while others were raped by the aggressors. They were non merely physically harassed but besides sexually abused and debauched ” . It was besides gathered from our research squad that apart from the fact that adult females were raped, they were besides divorced by their hubbies, which facilitated a worse emotional stressful and painful status. The resort to disassociate by work forces whose married womans had been sexually abused was a agency of covering with the humiliation acquired from the struggle.


Even though adult females were affected greatly by the struggle in evidently negative manner, they have been unable to put up webs and support groups to heighten their authorization in the wake of the struggle. This includes the ability to take part in political relations and determination devising forum. Most of their voices are heard through the voices of work forces or placeholder groups. Women make an of import but frequently unrecognised part as peace pedagogues both in households and in their societies.

In turn toing armed or sectarian struggles, an active and seeable policy of mainstreaming a gender position into all policies and plans should be promoted so that before determinations are taken an analysis is made of the effects on adult females and work forces severally. Action should be taken to advance equal engagement and chances for adult females in authorities both at the Federal, State and Local Government degrees.

There were 100s of adult females largely dressed in black that took to the streets of Nigeria ‘s capital metropolis of Abuja and besides the cardinal metropolis of Jos in mass meetings against the Jos slaughter. They later demanded that the authorities put the necessary substructure in topographic point to better on the protection of adult females and kids.

This research diary reveals to a big extent how adult females are streamlined in the policy doing groups, political relations and in general, all activities. Yet it has non told the whole narrative, the impact of struggle on adult females is excessively profound to be narrated. Most times, they live with the hurting, torment, uncomfortableness and under subjugation for the remainder of their lives.

A batch needs to be done, the span that cuts across spiritual, cultural and cultural is to hold adult females group work together. However they will necessitate to be empowered through capacity edifice and enhanced controlled communicating before such functions can be played. Womans need to be every bit represented in organisations so as to be able to lend adequately in affairs and issues that have to make with protection of adult females and their kids during and after such struggles.


It is clear from all the above that adult females must be involved in affairs that has to make with the protection of adult females and their kids. They must turn out to the community that they are besides relevant and that equality should be practiced when affairs that has to make with them comes up particularly in political relations and determination devising.

Womans should be brave and exhibit unafraid independency in malice of all odds particularly where human right issues are involved. Womans are meant to bear the image of the community. In political affairs, adult females should non shy off from their right and their voices must besides be heard. In all, this must be the new moving ridge. The civilization must germinate.

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