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At Microsoft, the Human Resource section is made accountable for maximizing the value of their people plus to drive concern success. Employees at Microsoft are recognised as the rational fuel and are provided with an mixture of benefit programs and resources that are designed to retain them. Recent alterations that have happened at Microsoft, sometimes attributed to recession, indicate a move that could alter the manner Microsoft is looked at.

The loss of public face and repute is a package of any layoff exercising, but an organisation which could stand and last through such times must hold making something right which others did non.


( The Telegraph, 2009 ) Microsoft blamed the “ impairment of planetary economic conditions ” for cuts, which left portions in Microsoft down by 6.4 % in early trading in Ney York. “ Economic activity and IT spend slowed beyond our outlooks in the one-fourth, and we acted rapidly to cut down our cost construction and extenuate its impact, ” said main fiscal officer Chris Liddell, adding that the company expects the hard trading environment to prevail until at least the terminal of June.

In add-on to the staff costs, Microsoft is besides be aftering to cut down its disbursement elsewhere in the concern. Chief executive Steve Ballmer had besides informed its 91,000 employees in twelvemonth 2009 through letters that the company will cut its travel cost by 20 % , and will cut down disbursals on sellers and what he called “ contingent staff. ”

Microsoft adopted the retrenchment scheme during the twelvemonth 2009 and had besides scaled backed the enlargement of its Puget Sound site in Washington province, and had besides reduced its selling disbursement.

Invest in leading development

Microsoft ‘s success is based on the effectivity of their employees. ( Forbes, 2012 ) “ Whether you believe leaders are born or made, companies still need to put in their best employees to develop and prolong leading qualities. Real leading preparation involves exposing your best employees to an immersive leading environment. ” It all involves a immense investing and a long-run planning by the Human Resource section to construct a best squad and to put in them to do them better.

Fiscal Loss

( Kulbir Bora, 2012 ) “ Microsoft posted a net loss of $ 492 million announced during its fiscal consequences one-fourth stoping June 30, 2012, despite posting record gross of $ 18.06 billion. The Redmond Company confronted the loss due to the write-down it took because of its failed aQuantive acquisition, an advertisement concern Microsoft acquired in an attempt to catch up with Google ‘s ad concern. ” For the first clip of all time in its history as a public company, Microsoft is describing a loss per portion.

Challenges in Red Cross

The HR challenges for ICRC included,

1. Clarifying functions and duties

2. Puting in topographic point a result-based direction system

3. Increasing the figure of staff available for rapid deployment

4. Reinforcing the geographical and hierarchal mobility for staff membersA

5. To supply direction development and calling planning to aline single involvements and competences ( with organisational demands and precedences )

6. The HR challenge was besides to take into history the turning diverseness, peculiarly with respect to advancing adult females to exceed direction places

Retaining Employees

The ICRC operations success depends upon the appropriate usage of human resources. The accomplishments required by the ICRC employees are rather different from that of Microsoft employees. Employee security is besides an issue related with people working in the ICRC. The environment in which these employees have to work is unsafe and unpredictable. There is hence ever a deficit of qualified workers both in local and planetary market who are ready to work for ICRC. The human resource scarceness therefore consequences holds in enrolling suited campaigners. The inclination is to make full some places on the footing of who is available, instead than who is appropriate for the undertaking.

Delegates in Red Cross are required for long-terms. High turnover of the employees in the Fieldss leads to continuous jobs and holds in programme execution.


“ The ICRC is appealing for pressing fiscal support, ” said Mr Kellenberger. Support has been now a major issue for ICRC as several chief givers States have been hit by the universe economic crisis. ICRC is forced to cut down their initial field budget for 2011 by 80 million Swiss francs, a decrease of 7.6 per cent from the originally budgeted sum of 1.046 billion francs. These budgetary challenges lead to staff decreases and left human resource section under enormous force per unit area, seting its bing manner of working under terrible strain.

( Annual Report, 2011 ) Human Resource section at ICRC has to turn to two chief challenges:

to go on to react to human resource demands in the field, taking into history the tendency towards an progressively specialised and diverse work force, while guaranting the rapid deployment of staff in four crises ( Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Libya, Syrian Arab Republic ) ; this prompted the section to enlarge the pool of Arabic-speaking delegates by 30 % , leting it to near the mark of 120 new recruits in 2011 and to make full all places opened in Egypt and Libya.

to work on human resource procedures and construction to better support operations, in line with People Management scheme.


Human Resources Department is a cardinal and indispensable portion of the operational scheme at any organisation. It can do or interrupt the organisation and besides straight affect the consequences of the organisation, both in the long and every bit good as in short-run. In the current times of economic recession, Human Resource section must move as a strategic spouse of the organisation in order to guarantee that the long-run and short-run visions and ends of the organisation from the fiscal and human capital positions are absolutely allied.

In Conclusion, it is indispensable that organisations develop their people-based schemes in order to accomplish long-run economic public presentation. Downsizing has non been able to rectify jobs with merchandises or services. Cost film editing must be avoided and should non to be repeated over and over once more. It creates low employee morale and motive and such things are after all a one shooting trade. Microsoft and Red Cross will confront several challenges of Human Resource in the coming millenary. How good they manage in an progressively planetary and local market will impact how good their organisation does in the market place.

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