The Hobbit, Ch.9

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Why did the Wood-Elves imprison Bilbo’s party?
For crossing through the forest without permission and causing a disturbance
What is Bilbo’s escape plan for the dwarves?
Put the dwarves in wine barrels, then escape through the water-gate
What was the flaw in Bilbo’s escape plan?
He was not in a barrel and he had no one to pack him in a barrel.
How does Bilbo escape?
While invisible, he jumps onto a barrel and rides it down the river
What town do the barrels float down river toward?
In what way does Bilbo become the “true hero” of the story in this chapter?
He has now gained the dwarves’ trust and he proves that their trust is well-placed.
How does this event (Bilbo’s escape from the wood-elves) parallel to Bilbo’s escape in the Misty Mountains (ch. 5)?
In ch. 5, the dwarves are captured and brought to the Goblin king. Bilbo descends under the mountains. Bilbo escapes with the help of the ring and a good dose of luck. In this chapter, the party is captured and brought to the Wood-elf king. This time Bilbo uses the ring and his own intelligence to descend and escape through the trap doors.
(Bonus: Along the Hero’s Journey, the hero usually descends into darkness and comes out stronger. Think about Odysseus in Hades. Here, Bilbo descends into darkness twice)

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