The hallmarks of Samsung

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One of the hallmarks of Samsung has been its ability to create products which were according to the customer demands. Its ability to jell together its R&D with its market oriented focus, in fact, clearly indicates as to how a company can achieve a sustainable advantage over a period of time. One of the sources of differentiation for Samsung is its technological superiority as the technology offered by it is considered as the industry standard.The innovation offered by Samsung through products is really unmatched because it not only employs new and cutting edge technologies, but it does so in a way which always put it ahead of its customers. Secondly, it offers low cost products to the market as by offering 1200 varieties of DRM only, one can really imagine the real cost advantage it has over its competitors. The technologies used by it in producing DRMs specially i.

e. stacking not only producing more technology superiority for the firm but also creating opportunities to offer low prices products.Its last source of differentiation is its ability to customize at mass scale as over the period of time, Samsung has been able to link its R&D with the product demand patterns to achieve a unique mix. Samsung has been able to withstand the threats through its internal capability to offer high quality products.

The environment provided at the manufacturing facilities allowed Samsung to create a very creative and innovative atmosphere to flourish on creativity.Though the control is in few hands but the team based structure clearly indicates that firm is flexible enough to adapt to different situations. The products offered by Samsung are easy to be imitated as most of the new entrants, especially from China are trying to license the technology and then producing it. Firm’s internal capabilities as well as its market leadership provide it enough resources and capabilities to exploit the opportunities.

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