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The drama ‘The Glass Menagerie” of Tennessee Williams focuses on the life of Amanda along with her boy Tom. and “weakling” girl Laura during the twelvemonth 1937 at St. Louis. Having left by their male parent. Tom. as the eldest boy. was forced to work for the household. This word picture. the lines used. and the assorted symbolisms often used in the drama makes up for a one whole interesting and heartwarming drama.

Furthermore. the feelings of isolation. letdown. entrapment. and/or outlooks coupled with failed dreams are all highlighted in this narrative. written in a really dramatic and effectual manner enabling the readers to easy associate to the feeling of each of the characters. First. there are personality differences. This occurs in the three most of import characters in the drama – Amanda. Laura and Tom. Tom. as the exclusive breadwinner of the household attains a strong personality along with a great finding to maintain on life. non merely for himself. but besides to the people who merely live because of him.

During the twenty-four hours. he is seen working at the Continental Shoemakers warehouse. but at nighttime. he seems to be ever out. watching films. Tom is a batch different from Amanda. the loving yet pecking female parent. who is often in word battle with Tom because of her wont to tamper over her boy and daughter’s lives. Her past narrative with her “bad” ex-husband kept on teasing her as if reminding her how she chose severely when it comes to adult male. And Tom is besides a batch different from Laura. the scared and diffident girl of Amanda. and his younger sibling. Her feeble pes and hapless assurance makes her as the “burden” for the household.

This is the ground why upon knowing that she has no backbones to complete her category in Rubicam’s Business College. she is pushed by her Mom to look for a possible hubby. However. Laura seldom goes out and is ever seen keeping and taking attention of her glass menagerie. that is why it is Tom whom Amanda tasked to happen the cat for Laura. These well-entangled characters in the narrative plus the figure of lyrical symbolisms used made the witnesss became more connected with the drama. Further. the symbolisms used in the narrative completed the temper in the narrative – that of letdown. isolation and failure.

Among of the most “obvious’ and good set up symbols are: The glass menagerie – this is a really delicate and finely and attractively made glass. This symbolizes the life of Laura. Like the glass that should ever be taken attention of and should be carefully handled. Laura is besides being taken attention of by Amanda and Tom. Her sensitiveness is her sterling disadvantage. Likewise. Laura. like the glass. seems to be particularly beautiful yet can be easy destroyed. And like her glass menagerie. Laura seems to hold a universe of her ain. non minding anybody but herself entirely.

The fire flight – this is what Tom used in his effort to travel out of his mother’s and sister’s lives. First. he uses this to acquire out of their flat and ticker films outside. Then on the last portion of the drama. Tom is seen traveling down the fire flight and standing on the landing country. This fire flight. as the name implies. is what Tom truly wants in his life. To get away from his mother’s uninterrupted nagging and interfering on how he take his life. to get away from the “hard” duty of supplying for his household and to get away from the really life that they have. And that is what he did on the last portion.

Though his mere standing on the landing country – him in between their house and the “outside world” – shows that he is torn between his desire to get away and his love for his household. The scarf Tom had after watching a thaumaturgy show and he gives it to Laura – This scene depicts that Tom wanted to portion his “dream” of get awaying from Amanda and from their hapless province with his sister Laura. His love for Laura is really apparent. even up to the terminal the drama. particularly with his words at Scene 7 ( old ages after he has eventually left his household ) “Oh. Laura. Laura. I tried to go forth you behind me. but I am more faithful than I intended to be” ( Williams 46 ) .

4. Gentleman company – Amanda. holding been a victim of a barbarous hubby because he left them even in such a province of poorness. started to believe of adult male as cruel. non responsible and other average things any adult male could be hurt hearing. But this “gentleman caller” symbolizes what adult male is in the “real” universe – and that is non all of work forces are like that of Amanda’s ex-husband. Amana used to conceive of all of work forces as the same as her ex-husband. and that gentleman company became the reminder that her imaginativenesss are non utterly correct.

Tom’s duologue about the significance of this gentleman company is: “ [ H ] vitamin E is the long delayed but ever expected something that we live for. ” ( Williams 36 ) . The chief job in the drama started when the male parent and the hubby left his household. That made Amanda’s life suffering ensuing to an every bit suffering life of their boies and girl. All the jobs encountered by the household such as Laura’s indifference and deficiency of assurance for herself are merely portion or the consequences of what happened to Amanda. And with this. the solution for their job should besides get down with Amanda.

If merely she keep herself from believing and burying herself with the memories of the past… if merely she merely promote her boy and girl to populate a happy life. advice them of what is good and learn them how to avoid those that are non good alternatively of full intervention with their lives even to the point of forcing her girl to get married the cat Laura doesn’t know personally… if merely she knows hoe to demo love and concern for her household and to set a happy environment with their place. possibly their lives could be a batch different and possibly Tom will non go forth them and Laura will non be that ashamed of herself.

With the subject. characters and the symbolisms I have stated above. it became really clear that the major subject of the drama is all about traveling on… go oning your life … and doing it more productive despite every negative ideas and/or bad experiences you may hold had. The feeling of failure is clearly depicted to Amanda’s personality. Her manner of pecking her childs is the best mark that she truly felt bad of what had happened to her love life. That could be a sterling failure for a adult female.

Failing to keep a complete household – one which has a responsible male parent. a loving female parent and respectful kids – seems to be the heaviest load on her shoulder. The load that she seems to go through on to her lone boy. Tom. Tom. on the other manus. feel isolated. He feels that he became the sole responsible for his household ; with no aid whatsoever from his sister nor from his female parent. That made him believe and experience that no organic structure is truly there for him… that no organic structure has been endorsing him up.

Furthermore. because of his mother’s job. he so experience that he was trapped inside the web of his ain household. This is because he feels trapped and obliged that he should supply for his household. because it is merely him who has the agencies to make that. The feeling of letdown is what in Laura’s head and bosom. She is defeated towards her physical appearance… her being square. She is highly defeated with her family’s manner of life. in general. with which she thinks is responsible why she can’t happen a good cat to get married her.

Indeed. this is one good and carefully written story… a narrative that is about a household and truly for the household. Every household member could reflect his or her life on this narrative. Every household member could acquire some lessons on this story… lessons which she/he could utilize in pull offing his/her ain household life in the terminal.

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