The Gift of the Magi Essay

In the short narrative “The Gift of the Magi” by O. Henry I feel that there is more than one subject that can be seen through the narrative. that of love. giving and forfeit. The subject in a narrative is a representation of the thought behind the narrative. ( Clugston. 2010 ) The chief thought is that the best gift is that which is most sincere and comes from the underside of the bosom alternatively of an extravagant. munificent ownership that would convey nil to the heat of the human relationship. The author’s thought is particularly emphasized when both of the chief characters discover that what they had received would non be of any usage to them.

In this manner. the gifts that the two loving partners give each other become symbols of the passionate love that they feel for each other and that will ne’er be extinguished by their poorness. The thought of what is material and so missing in their universe stairss even farther back to allow the reader understand that those two psyches have given and received the wisest and most cherished gift. that of emotion and fondness. The story’s subject is helped by the narrator’s 3rd individual point of position with limited omniscient. he’s the narrator. stating the narrative as an foreigner looking in.

It’s as if he sees everything. but limits himself to Della’s point of position by pick to assist the storytelling intent. If the storyteller described everything that was traveling on. it may destroy the stoping. The narrative is chiefly told as we follow Della. Though Jim is a large portion of the narrative we do non see much of his character and when we do it does non demo us much as with the reaction to Della’s new haircut. We know the storyteller is truly more like an omniscient being. because he speaks as an foreigner in order to do more of a general position.

This is seen when the storyteller speaks about the Wise Men which is non something Jim or Della has realized within the narrative itself. But there are other topographic points excessively. like when he zooms out from the crying Della to depict the flat inside informations. Another component that helps demo the narrative is the description of the scene with the profusion of Della and Jim’s love for each other. the writer writes about a batch of small inside informations to do their unwanted environing fortunes every bit unsympathetic as can be.

Then there is the flat they live in. with its malfunctioning letter box. dead buzzer. worn ruddy rug. and inexpensive mirror equivalent. Detail is giving to depict Della’s “old brown jacket” and “old brown hat” and Jim’s worn jacket and gloveless custodies. Besides the scene of the outside the place is a dull scene out the window with a “gray cat walking a grey fencing in a grey backyard. ” ( Henry. O. 1906 ) All of this imagination creates a contrast between the rich. warm. interior universe of love and fondness which Della and Jim create. and the grey. ugly. outer universe of money and work and boringness.

Their love transforms their flat from being portion of drab outside universe into the beautiful colourful topographic point. Throughout reading this narrative I could non conceive of another manner for the narrative to be done. I think the 3rd individual narrative provides an in-depth manner for the reading to see the narrative. The narrator’s descriptions of the scene and characters bring out the visual image of the narrative. with such great descriptions it lets the reader become portion of the narrative and you can about experience how the characters are experiencing in state of affairss.

I believe with the bulk of this narrative being told as the storyteller looking in and concentrating much of the narrative on Della. it provides the reader with an uncertainness about the decision of the narrative. which I feel is really of import because it makes the reading more interesting. The storyteller besides has a manner of demoing the reader how much love Della and Jim have for each other without straight stating it. he makes you experience it with the characters actions.

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