The flow of energy Flashcard

the study of energy changes that occur during chemical reactions and changes in state
energy stored in chemical bonds
chemical potential energy
energy that rransfers from one object to another because of a temperature difference between two objects
from what and to where does heat flow?
from a hotter object to a coller object
a part of the universe on which you focus your attention
everything in the universe outside of the system
in any chemical or physical process, energy is neither created nor destroyed
law of conservation of energy
a process that absorbs heat from the surroundings
endothermic process
what happens during an endothermic process?
the system gains heat and the surroundings cool down
a process that releases heat to its surroundings
exothermic process
what happens during an exothermic process?
the system loses heat and the surrounds heat up
what is heat flow measured in?
calories or joules
1 joule= ? calories
1 calories= ? joules
the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of an object exactly 1 degree celsius
heat capacity
what does the heat capacity of an object depend on?
the objects mass and chemical composition
the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of 1 g of substance one degree celsius
specific heat
what is the specific heat of water?
4.18 J/(g times degreesC) or 1.00 cal/ (g times degrees C)

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