The First Time I Fell In Love

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She walked towards me and blushed, just enough to see the dimples imprinted on both of her cheeks. She curtsied to pick up the hat that had landed near my feet about the same time as I went to get It. I put the baskets down and sat down on the damp grass. The air was still cool from the rain that had fallen. She plopped down right next to me, her legs crossed Indian-style. It was then that I thought about all the chit we’ve been through. All the pain we’ve felt… And there she goes, smiling at me with such Irresistible charm. Her hair twists made one quick motion as she threw her head onto my shoulder.

Then, she buried her head into my chest… And then silence. She was listening to my heartbeat, “is this real? ” she asked. “Can any of this be real? Why me? Why us? How are we surviving? ” A few years of questions and thoughts piled up Into one moment. A few years worth of feelings spilled in a few seconds of conversation. The truth was I didn’t know why. I didn’t get how it was possible either. But I knew

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one thing was certain, I’m lucky. I didn’t want her feeling as If she didn’t deserve me. I knew It was the other way around. In fact, I was the one who felt she deserved more

Everyday I wondered if she’d leave me for someone better looking or has more to offer. But, she stayed. Why would someone so amazing stay? What does staying even mean? Why Is staying so hard, yet, for us it’s so easy? Why is it that whenever I look her In the eyes, my questions melt away? She turned her head up and faced me fully. Her face, facing mine. She felt warm, like someone had placed something special in my lap. The park was silent other than the chirping birds and the finicky. She pursed her lips and crinkled her eyebrows as If to say “You didn’t answer my question”.

I looked at the sky. I said out loud, “But, we still haven’t eaten yet. Let’s eat and then I’ll give you your She sat up as I began to unpack the basket’s contents. A couple of neatly trimmed sandwiches and some orange juice for me and some pomegranate Juice for her (her favorite). We close forgetting completely about the blanket that I had brought for us. We talked about nature and we talked about the past. We played a game where we’d talk about the people that passed by the park on their way to different places. She made up names and I’d make up a story to match and vice versa.

We talked bout art and artists, birds and bees, music and musicians. We talked about every damn thing… And yet, there was a lot more we could say. But what she wanted to hear got even closer. “I’m so lucky to be alive at the same time as you”, was the most I could muster. She into me and grabbed my hand. It was warm and chubby, Just the way I loved it. My fingers rubbed the crevices of her palm. I heard her sob into my chest. She was crying. She was making my shirt damp. And I didn’t mind. My shirt was being filled with her tears. How lucky could I be? There was someone willing to cry on my shirt.

Someone who said that they wanted an eternity with me, and I wouldn’t mind spending it with her at all. She stopped her sobbing for Just long enough to get a hold of herself. She looked up to me, began to laugh but cut it into a wide grin. “Samuel… Why do you keep doing this to me? How do you constantly keep making me feel so special? Why do you.. “. I couldn’t let her finish her rambling, and how could l? I Grabbed her arms and leaned in and pressed my lips on hers. She pushed back with her lips in an inviting gesture. Delicately, I interlocked our fingers and let our lips get some time to breathe.

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