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John Green is the New York Times best-selling writer of Looking for Alaska. An Abundance of Katherines. Paper Towns. and The Mistake in Our Stars. John Green has written some really alone pieces of literature. such as ; This Is Not Tom. which is written wholly in conundrums. He besides wrote a long short narrative called Let It Snow. John Green has done several wireless interviews and he has done several interviews with immature fans of his. John Green is a really popular and gifted writer ; making the Black Marias of many teenage male childs and misss because his novels relate to all of the issues that teens go through. In the novel The Mistake in Our Stars written by John Green. the chief character and storyteller of the narrative. Hazel Grace. is malignant neoplastic disease ridden and is terminally ill. Hazel is like any typical 16 twelvemonth old miss ; invariably believing and worrying about love. male childs. and lust. Hazel attends a support group that is necessary to assist her contend the malignant neoplastic disease that has taken over her organic structure. harmonizing to her parents. At support group she meets this charming. handsome. resistless male child whose name is Augustus Waters. Augustus had malignant neoplastic disease and is go toing the support group because his friend Isaac. who has malignant neoplastic disease of the oculus. made him travel.

Augustus takes Hazel to his house to watch a film and Hazel begins to fall for him instantly. Augusts begins to fall for Hazel. excessively. Coping with unwellness and decease is a hard issue for anybody but it is peculiarly harder for adolescents to get by with. John Green focuses on the complex issues of life. decease. and love in teenage male childs and misss. Coping with unwellness and decease is a hard issue for anyone but peculiarly with adolescents. In Chapter six. Hazel says. “I’m like. Like. I’m like a grenade. Mom. I’m a grenade and at some point I’m traveling to blow up and I would wish to minimise the casualties. approve? ” Hazel feels like she is a grenade because she is terminally sick so she does non desire to ache anyone. particularly Augustus and her parents. Hazel ends up in the infirmary because her lungs were filled with fluid once more and she could non take a breath. regards of the malignant neoplastic disease. and she began to inquire if Augustus would truly be all right if she died.

She wanted so severely to non be a grenade and a malevolent force in the lives of the people that she loved. Hazel wanted non to love Gus and did non desire to fall for him. but it was excessively late. So. she gives up that idea and wants to be with Gus because he wants to be with her. The fresh touches on topics that most adolescents relate to or hold dealt with. such as: love. life. unwellness. and finally decease. Adolescents deal with some serious turning points in their lives that will hold an impact on them until the twenty-four hours they die. First loves. deceases. life itself impacts every adolescent. Coping with unwellness and decease is a hard issue among Hazel and Gus. While Gus and Hazel are in Amsterdam. Gus starts to experience the malignant neoplastic disease crawling up on him ; acquiring ready to snap him from Hazel’s weaponries. Hazel begins to recognize why she ne’er wanted to love anybody or hold anybody love her. She is a grenade and Gus is a grenade. Hazel uses this to depict herself because she is traveling to decease. and it is inevitable. When she does decease. she will ache everyone that she has of all time known in many ways.

Hazel is so afraid of being hurt and taking hazards and she does non desire Augustus to be her grenade. Hazel realizes that Augustus’s decease is inevitable. As Gus’s status worsens and he starts to deteriorate. all of his friends and his loved 1s begin fighting to get by with the world that he is traveling to go through away reasonably shortly. Augustus tries really difficult to be strong for Hazel all throughout the novel. Gus supports her and shows that he truly does care about her. In Chapter four. Augustus explains to Hazel and his friend Isaac. “That’s the thing about pain… it demands to be felt. ” Gus attempts to convert Isaac. who had merely lost both his eyes due to malignant neoplastic disease and Hazel who was merely in the infirmary. that pain needs attending. Pain can ne’er be ignored. it will ever be felt. and everyone covering with hurting merely has to cognize how to do it into something positive. In Chapter two. Augustus and Hazel are speaking and he says to her. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who becomes their disease. I know so many people like that. It’s disheartening… But certainly you haven’t allow it win prematurely. ”

Guam shows that he is strong and shows that he can do the best of the clip that he has left to populate. He does non desire to go like most people. enduring. puting about. and allowing their disease prohibit the activities they could be take parting in. After Augustus asks Hazel if she has become her disease. she realizes that she has let her disease control her. After Hazel comes to this realisation. she begins to acquire out of the house more and enjoy life. Coping with decease is a really huffy and sensitive topic among adolescents. Death is really difficult to get by with for anyone. no affair how old. Everyone trades with decease in some point in their lives. With the coming of decease. comes the realisation that in everybody’s life. there will be that one grenade. Poor Augustus had already had one grenade blow up. His ex-girlfriend. Caroline. died of malignant neoplastic disease in her encephalon. and he was hurt beyond fix. Gus stayed with Caroline until the really terminal and he had wanted to be able to back up Hazel when she was in demand. Gus learned to take his agony and turn it into something positive. Gus learned how to take decease and turn it into inspiration.

For me. I would ne’er be able to hold a positive mentality on decease. Death is the hardest thing to get by with. Losing person you care about is the hardest thing I have of all time had to travel through. Hazel feels the same manner. Losing Gus turns her into a muss and I believe when Gus passed off. her status started to deteriorate. Hazel did non hold her sunlight any longer. Gus gave her hope and when they were together. infinite felicity. Gus realizes that he is traveling to decease shortly and organizes a pre-funeral so he can hear Isaac and Hazel’s eulogies’ for him. Both Isaac and Hazel are really upset while they are reading their eulogiums.

Hazel pours her bosom out and depict her love for Gus and how alone he is and how fantastic and how much of an award it was to love him. When Gus dies. at his funeral. Hazel tailors her eulogium because Gus is no longer enduring and can hear nil she says. What she said to him was for him and merely him to hear. Hazel did non desire to do Augustus’s parents suffer any more than they already were. Death. although inevitable. has a positive impact on some facets of life. Many people realize things about themselves they ne’er would hold if the 1 they loved ne’er passed off. Death is a good thing ; it keeps equilibrium in the human head and physically on Earth.

Love is finally complicated by unwellness and decease. To be in love is every adolescent misss dream. To be in love with a cat like Augustus Waters. any miss would kill for. While reading the novel I fell in love with Gus because of how sweet and capturing he was. Gus’s personality was so similar to a cat that I fell for. I could associate to Hazel. While I was reading. sometimes I felt like I was narrating my ain narrative. Hazel fell in love with him because he was sweet. capturing. good story. and he understood her. John Green creates the perfect characters for adolescents to associate to on the subject of love. Augustus will make anything to acquire Hazel’s attending and he will make anything to do her happy. Gaius octavianus shows his love for Hazel in many ways. For illustration. Hazel portions her favourite book with him called An Imperial Affliction and Gus went through the problem of reading it and happening the crazed writer of the book so Hazel could hold all of her unreciprocated inquiries answered. Gus uses his want in order to wing Hazel and him to Amsterdam to run into the writer of the novel. While they are in Amsterdam. Hazel and Augustus fall deeper in love.

Gus is concealing something important in their relationship from Hazel. Gus had merely gotten more X-rays done before the Amsterdam trip and the consequences showed that his malignant neoplastic disease had come back. His malignant neoplastic disease spread all throughout his organic structure and there was perfectly no possible manner to bring around it or protract his life. Hazel thought she was traveling to decease far before Gus would. This intelligence took her by surprise and made her realize she would be in being without the love of her life reasonably shortly. This intelligence made Hazel’s love for Gus turn even more because now the clip spent together between the two of them was cut short. Teenage love is a confusing topic. So many assorted emotions are associated with loving person. In this novel. decease is associated with love. unluckily. In the terminal. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace had a love that was “bigger than other infinities” ( 259 ) . Hazel loved Gus until the terminal of her “infinity. ” Some loves are better than others and their love was like no other.

Hazel and Gus had a bond that cipher would understand ; merely as it should be. merely the two lovers understanding each other. wholly. In Chapter 20. Hazel is reading Gus his eulogium she wrote for merely his ears. Hazel says. “But. Gus. my love. I can non state you how grateful I am for our small eternity. I wouldn’t trade it for the universe. You gave me a everlastingly within the numbered yearss. and I’m grateful. ” Hazel begins to shout after reading Gus’s eulogium. Love is a confusing topic. Illness and decease are inevitable and more hard to get by with when losing a loved 1. as Hazel discovers. The rubric of the novel comes from a quotation mark from Shakespeare in Act 1. scene two. Cassius says. “The mistake. beloved Brutus. is non in our stars. But in ourselves. that we are underlings ; “ significance that it is non fate that will destine person.

The individual has doomed themselves. John Green does non hold. In his novel. he shows that it is non the person’s mistake sometimes. All bad things can non be avoided. Some destinies are easier to avoid than others. but decease. is non one of those. Death is inevitable. Hazel and Augustus ne’er did anything incorrect to merit the destiny they got handed to them. They could non avoid it or alter it. Gus and Hazel found a manner to love still. despite their mistakes. Death and life itself could non alter the manner Gus and Hazel felt about each other. Neither decease nor unwellness could of all time take away the joy Hazel and Gus felt from being in each other’s presence.

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