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Once upon a clip in a far off land unobserved to adult male. there was a powerful kingdom called Fairytale state. The largest land within Fairytale state was the Magical Kingdom which was owned by the selfish King Americus and Queen Eura. Magical Kingdom was a topographic point filled with beauty. peace. and harmoniousness. It was considered as such because of the beautiful. peaceful. and harmonious people inside the Magical Castle. What most foreigners did non cognize was the fact that the ordinary occupants of Magical Kingdom have a different mentality on their state of affairs.

There was no beauty in their topographic point. no peace. and perfectly no harmoniousness. The Charming Castle took no notice of these quandaries. They simply solved the residents’ jobs by agencies of thaumaturgy fast ones and semblances that their jobs have been solved. When the husbandmans would kick about the deficiency of compensation from the palace. the King and Queen would order their visionaries to do the husbandmans believe that they have increased their payment. This manner. believing that they were being given more than plenty of what they truly merit. all the occupants loved the King and Queen

The darling King and Queen of Magical Kingdom subsequently bore an extraordinary princess by the name of Selene. The King and Queen were so proud of their lone girl that they invited the most celebrated and powerful faeries of Fairyland on Selene’s baptism to allow her ageless gifts. There were 13 faeries present on the baptismal jubilation. Merely twelve were recognized and invited by the King and Queen. They blessed her with ageless gifts of beauty. wisdom. kindness. compassion. obeisance. creativeness. wealth. diligence. honestness. trueness. artlessness. and felicity.

All these gifts were believed to remain with her for the remainder of her life to curtail her in a life that was to be dictated by her parents. The King and the Queen were so delighted that their girl would be expected to populate a perfect and happy life merely like the other princesses in the Fairytale state like Snow White. Belle. Aurora. and Rapunzel. They hastily instructed all their retainers to fix a glamourous banquet for the newly-baptized babe. Amidst the celebration. no 1 of all time noticed the 13th faery who attended the baptism.

The 13th faery. a lone wolf who largely enjoyed the company of the monsters and midgets in the wood. thought that the gifts for babe Selene were excessively common and deadening. She knew of the King’s immorality and deceptive workss so she ab initio planned to stop the life of the kid on her 18th birthday. Staying hidden among the crowd. the faery flew mutely and easy to the elegant cradle of the royal babe. “How so beautiful you are. immature Selene. ” the 13th faery whispered quietly. The guiltless expression on the baby’s face made her alteration her head about the decease want she was approximately to project to her.

She realized that she cared excessively much for the town to destroy a possible savior. She decided to give her something that the other stupid and nescient princesses of Fairytale state do non possess. “Today. I will allow you the most powerful gift—a gift that no other princess deserves to hold. This gift will shortly alter the wicked and barbarous ways of this land. However. the gift will merely attest upon your 18th twelvemonth on Fairytale state. ” In a soundless chant. she whispered the gift to the guiltless Selene and disappeared into the crowd. Old ages passed by and Selene grew up into a all right immature adult female.

She was highly beautiful extrinsically and per se. The people of Charming Kingdom adored her. and even the other princesses within the Fairytale state wished to be a friend of hers. At a really immature age of 15. she had plentifulness of royal suers who desired to get married her once she turned 18 and go ready for the throne. Quite expectedly. her parents had already pre-arranged her future matrimony to Prince Gorf of Marioland. He was the boy of King Harry and Queen Hermione. Selene reluctantly agreed for the interest of her parents’ felicity. However. her secret friend. Lance. would ever convert her non to give her consent.

He was a secret friend because he was an ordinary male child from outside the palace who would on a regular basis direct her wood coal studies of the universe outside by wrapping the paper around a stone and throwing it over towards her sleeping room window. Lance would compose her narratives about the outside universe which she found to be precisely the antonym of what she saw from her palace window. She would frequently compose back inquiring more inquiries about the existent universe. Spear claimed it was hell outdoors. and what she simply saw from her window were semblances created by her parent’s prestidigitators and visionaries.

However. the King and Queen were rather rigorous in footings of her utmost friendliness with the ordinary occupants of Charming Kingdom. so they kept the friendly relationship secret. Subsequently on. they stopped composing to each other when Lance accused the King and Queen of gulling their people. Selene ne’er believed him because her parents would ever remind her how good they were to the occupants and how thankless these occupants were to them. Despite these claims. Selene wondered why they prohibited her to roll outside the land. “There are unsafe people outside our gardens. beloved Selene.

You are non to travel beyond those fencings for you might be held confined by Rebels who wish to dethrone your male parent. ” the King explained when Selene implied an involvement in seeing the universe outside the castle evidences. “We can non delight everybody even though how difficult we try. my beloved. ” “Dethrone you? How can they perchance even think of replacing you? They owe you their life. male parent. ” Selene protested with a at a loss expression. She could non believe that there were even evil people who exist. This was the consequence of being given the gift of artlessness. “Indeed. so. ” the Queen interfered.

“We have given them everything they need but still some of them abhor us. Yet. it is apprehensible. Selene. They are of the lesser existences. Please merely assure us ne’er to traverse that fencing. ” Since she was gifted with obeisance. she ne’er dared to see the universe outside the palace until the forenoon of her 18th twelvemonth on Fairytale state. Early that forenoon. when most of the retainers were still asleep and the guards’ eyes were half-closed. she woke up in hastiness with a unusual feeling of wonder. She all of a sudden got out of bed and mutely roamed around the garden of the palace.

She noticed the tall and heavily-cemented fencing that separates the palace from the universe exterior. She thought she heard a sound coming from behind that fencing. “Is person at that place? ” She called out quietly afraid to rouse the guards on responsibility nearby. “Selene! ” She heard person replied at the other side. She recognized that familiar voice and that voice was the lone individual who ne’er called her princess. “Selene. come out here. I’ve dug a hole for you where you can steal out of these fencings. ” Selene followed where she thought she heard the voice the loudest so looked down.

There was a little hole beneath the rock fencing where her little stature was capable of creeping out. “I can’t. ” she hesitated. “What do you intend. you can’t? I’ve dug this hole for over a month to turn out what you antecedently accused of me as prevarications. ” Lance insisted. Finally. she gave in. She carefully bent down to ease her manner through the little hole that Lance had hollowed out for her. She was transformed into a universe much different to her old 1. She saw dead trees and hungering animate beings. She caught sight of a apparently abandoned town really much antonym of the town she saw from her window position.

She saw the rugged and tired image of Lance looking at her. One by one. the ordinary occupants came walking towards her. All of them appeared to be hungering and foul. Cipher seemed to be the contemplation of the nourished people her parents have described before. She could non believe it. “What is this topographic point? ” She asked in horror unable to believe she was merely a few stairss off from her palace. “This is your town. Selene. ” Lance murmured in a sympathetic tone. “Help us. Princess…” she heard the nearing townsfolk said. “Help us. ”

She was startled by the sudden bolt of boom and lightning which pierced the sky. She noticed the sudden displacement of the townspeople’s attending from her to the palace behind her. In daze. she had forgotten the being of a topographic point before her. She shifted her regard to the palace. She stared in horror as she caught whole position of the castle’s loathsomeness. It was covered in dark moss. to the full surrounded and enveloped by dark bulging clouds. The frontage were ornamented with clefts and the towers were to the full nested with ugly crows. It was non an image of beauty and perfectly non a topographic point of peace and harmoniousness.

It was an image of darkness and evil merely covered with elegant decorations and semblances. Illusions—everything the princess have known before were merely semblances. Among the flock of trees. the 13th faery smiled as she saw the expression on the princess’ face. The faery was torn between the feeling of commiseration towards the princess’ old life of ignorance and delectation that she had eventually made her manner outside that ignorance. Her eyes were eventually opened to the existent universe outside her fairytale life. “At last. the gift of world has already been consumed. ”

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