The Fairness

Up to now, I have learned many lessons about the nature, society, humans… And I realize that everything has certain fairness. Life is a product of nature and I believe that fairness always exists in it. If life gives me the telepathic ability, it can help me get everything I want. But I would definitely say NO, because I love surprises and I always respect the success that comes from the efforts.
I don’t want to become an unemotional person. If I know what my family and my friends think, I could make them happy and love me easily. But, it’s undeniable that knowing what others think will make me tired to please everybody. Moreover, If I knew everything before, it wouldn’t be surprising anymore, that’d spoil all of my friend’s energy and good thoughts. Without these amazing emotions, I would be insensitive and it’s really terrible.
I don’t want to become a greedy, arbitrary person in work. Special ability could help me to achieve success easily. But the question is: “Is it really absolute and sustainable?”. My teacher said: “If you could get what you want easily, you would be satisfied with yourself and become a esurient, grumpy, dictatorial manager”. I don’t want to become that.
In conclusion, communication is the most important skill in any relationship and only the efforts could make our absolute success. “Easy come, easy go”, I don’t want to swap the taste of the great life for having this ability. I don’t want to be a different person because of the special abilities, I want to be a successful person who has the same starting point like everyone.