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Dance is defined as the art of motion. It can be used to show feelings, to exert, to execute, and some can even interact and hold gestural conversation though the art of dance. Dance is normally performed through the beat and round of music, but it does n’t needfully hold to affect music. Sports even sometimes integrate a certain dance, or type of dance. For illustration, a soldierly humanistic disciplines kata is merely a series of motions set together to be performed with the grace and strength of a dance. Dance is besides used in athleticss such as synchronised swimming, ice skating, and gymnastic exercises.

There are many types of dance, concert dance, pat, wind, hip-hop, modern, and modern-day merely to call a few. Most people ca n’t travel through the twenty-four hours without seeing a type of dance performed in some manner. Whether its seeing childs dance at a prom, a individual walking down the street traveling to the round of their iPod, or merely turning on the telecasting, it ‘s something that ‘s in our mundane lives. But have you of all time wondered where it all started, or how it became what it is today?

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It was believed that dancing was a ritual in early ancient civilisations ; priests would dance to the beat of harps and pipes to state narratives to the ancient Gods, people besides danced at funerals to show their sorrow. Around this same clip period concert dance was get downing to germinate in France. As it continued to distribute through Italy, England, and Russia, it became a concert dance, which is frequently, even today, seen in films and events all over the universe. Dancing has continued to bloom into what it is today, and the best manner to demo how it has become what it is today, is though movie.

One of the first films that involved sing and dance was the 1952 movie, Singing in the Rain, starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. This film was more of a Broadway musical, but it is one of the first films that involved dance at all. The most celebrated portion of this film is when the chief character, Don Lockwood ( Gene Kelly ) , dances through the streets with an umbrella as he twirls and sings the rubric vocal. He so grabs onto a pole and swings around it go oning to sing. During the cinematography of this scene he had a 103 grade febrility, but thanks to the aid of the camera crew, this scene merely had to be changeable one clip.

After the production of this film, dancing became the new fad. Dances such as, the Bop, the Stroll and the Swing became popular. Besides when the vocal “ Willy and The Hand Jive ” was released, it stayed at the top of the charts for 16 hebdomads. Poodle skirts and pony-tails were the manner, and “ Do Wop ” music was what everyone wanted to hear.

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The 60 ‘s rolled around rapidly and with a new decennary, came new traditions. A trade name new dance became the new tendency. In 1960 Chubby Checker released his vocal entitled “ The Turn. ” The Twist was the first Rock & A ; Roll dance in which spouses did n’t hold to touch each other.

The Twist was one time said to be like, “ seting out a coffin nail with both pess and drying off your underside with a towel to the round of the music. ” It was performed with the feel shoulder width apart, standing straight up, with the weaponries to the full extended and somewhat set at the cubituss. Then the following move was merely to writhe the organic structure back and Forth.

Other popular dances during this clip period were the Mashed Potato, the Monkey, and the Madison. The “ Baby Boomers ” decidedly played a function in all the dance detonation of the 60 ‘s. Throughout the terminal of this decennary many of these dances were seen in film productions and on Broadway.

Next we enter the retro old ages of the 70 ‘s, KC and the Sunshine Band topped the charts, and Disco was the new fad. Everyone was cognizant that Oklahoman or subsequently the sex entreaty of disco would do its manner to the movie industry. There is n’t a film that shows this better than Saturday Night Fever starring, John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney. Saturday Night Fever became an instant box office hit with the celebrated dance by John Travolta to the Bee Gee ‘s knock hit Stayin ‘ Alive. Disco was one of the fast dances of the decennary, with 110-140 bmp ( beats per minute ) . It was n’t long earlier everyone wanted to go a portion of the ramping disco scene, finally

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groups such as Kiss, and The Rolling Stones, and people like Cher and Rod Stewart were all in on the merriment.

As the old ages passed Broadway musicals became popular for a short period of clip. After the great success of Hair in 1970, films continued to do it from Broadway to the large screen. Grease, All That Jazz, and Dreamgirls, merely to call a few.

Toward the terminal of the 70 ‘s came the first large Broadway movie to hit the box office. Grease hit the film in 1978 and it shortly became a dance esthesis. The dances from this movie are frequently recreated in dance categories, at narrations, shows and other events ; some of these dances are even trademarked. This film was non merely a musical it was besides really popular for its energetic dramatis personae and it ‘s “ experience good ” love narrative. One of the most celebrated dance moves from this film was “ The Hand Jive. ” Since so there have been many different fluctuations of how it is done.

Grease is one musical that has been said to “ ne’er acquire old ” with the catchy vocals and the disco and jive moves of John Travolta. Grease produced one of the best merchandising soundtracks in the universe. Besides, one time Grease went to Broadway, it was one of the longest running musicals of all clip, until Cats overtook it merely late.

The following film of the 70 ‘s that shows a definite alteration in the music and dance of the decennary was All That Jazz in 1979. This movie starring Roy Scheider and Jessica Lange is based on the facets of a terpsichorean, a choreographer, and a manager ‘s life and calling. It was inspired by the

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manager ‘s attempt to redact a movie, while besides presenting a 1975 musical Chicago. This movie closed out the 1970 ‘s with a “ knock. ” It was awarded many awards, and four Oscars. Besides, in 2001, the United States deemed the movie “ culturally important ” and it is now preserved in the National Film Registry.

So to wrap up the 70 ‘s the Twist, the Bump, the Jitterbug, the Hustle and the Swing were all really popular dances, but through these old ages nil compared to the Americans love for the Disco. It was the last immensely popular move driven by the babe boomers coevals, but shortly plenty came the 80 ‘s and with a new decennary came new traditions, manners, and of class a trade name new dance.

The 80 ‘s was decidedly one of the best decennaries for new dance moves, and films that portrayed this. From the musicals like Fame and Footloose, to the interruption dancing accomplishments showed in the movie Breakin ‘ , a rewind of 70 ‘s disco in Saturday Night Fever, the mambo and freestyle dance of Dirty Dancing, to the unusual dance moves of the highly popular Michael Jackson. The 80 ‘s was another measure to do dancing what it is today. These 10 old ages were some of the best in dance history.

One of the first 1980 ‘s dance films to gain a topographic point in the all-time films hall of celebrity is Fame ( 1980 ) , starring Eddie Barth, Irene Cara and Laura Dean. Fame chiefly took portion at a Performing Arts Academy, with many great public presentations. Fame is considered a musical with a big sum of vocalizing and dance. It was awarded 3 awards, 2 Oscars, every bit good as 16 other

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nominations. It was n’t a immense hit, but it still remembered by some and it showed how the sing and dance of this clip period was done.

1983 ‘s Flashdance was a major dad civilization influence, with a manner of its ain. This movie is the narrative of a Pittsburgh adult female ( Jennifer Beals ) that juggles two occupations, one as a welder, and the other as an alien terpsichorean. Of class, during this clip alien dance was n’t swirling on a pole and taking off apparels, it was much different. She longs to do a calling of her dance and use to a concert dance school, but does n’t hold to confidence in her accomplishments to use. Flashdance had a world-wide box-office gross of 100 million, won 10 awards, one Academy award, and was nominated for 13 other nominations. This was a really fashionable film that entertained 1000000s with the 80 ‘s dad music and new dance moves. Flashdance popularized the dance of the 80 ‘s with many new hit vocals and dances.

The following film that shows an development in the dance moves of the 80 ‘s is really a subsequence to the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. Stayin ‘ Alive was a 1983 film starring John Travolta, Cynthia Rhodes, and Finola Hughes. This movie begins five old ages subsequently with the chief character, Tony Manero, dancing on the weekend darks at a disco nine to run from his jobs. Finally he decides to go forth his life as a dance teacher and nine server to prosecute a calling on Broadway. He ends up acquiring the lead function in a Broadway show called Satan ‘s Alley. This movie brought in 65 million, it was a batch less than its predecessor in 1977, but it managed to be one of the top 10 successful films of the 80 ‘s.

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In 1984 Kevin Bacon ‘s moves and energy made one of the best “ high budget ” dance films of the 80 ‘s. Footloose combines great dance music with terpsichoreans and a narrative of a cat that came from a large metropolis, to a little town where dance is banned. Jazz, Hip-hop and freestyle were the chief dances of pick throughout this movie. Around this clip in the 80 ‘s Footloose was a rival to Flashdance, but it was said many times that Footloose was decidedly the favourite for most people. This movie starring non merely Kevin Bacon, but Lori Singer and John Lithgow every bit good, brought in 80 million, it was nominated for 2 Academy awards and 4 other nominations.

The following 1984 film was one of the “ lower budget ” films, and harmonizing to some, it put some of the “ higher budget ” films to dishonor. Breakin ‘ was one of those films that were really different than what most people were used to. Unlike most films, it used gifted terpsichoreans, instead than talented histrions to dance. The difference with this film instead than most during the 80 ‘s was that it ‘s a jubilation of dance ; it does n’t truly hold any peculiar manner it was more of a freestyle dance film. This film was about a wind terpsichorean named Kelly ( Lucinda Dickey ) that meets two interruption terpsichoreans who combine their dance manners. Although the playing was n’t great, the dance decidedly made up for it. The subsequence was released a twelvemonth subsequently, but it was n’t near the hit as this 1. Because this film was n’t like the traditional films of the 80 ‘s it was merely nominated for one award and it merely brought in 38 million, nevertheless this film was besides really different than the remainder during this clip period that was a major factor in the ruin.

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In the movie industry of the 80 ‘s one of the biggest successes was Dirty Dancing. This is a 1987 movie starring Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey and Cynthia Rhodes. Personally this is my absolute favourite film of all clip. Something that most people do n’t cognize was that Dirty Dancing was a true narrative based on the film writer, Eleanor Bergstein ‘s ain childhood. This film was the narrative of a 17 twelvemonth old miss and her household who goes on holiday at a resort, finally Baby Housman ( Jennifer Gray ) falls in love with the resorts dance teacher ( Patrick Swayze ) , while her household strongly disapproves. She spends her full summer with him as he teaches her to dance. When this movie was finished and about to be put in theaters the managers and dramatis personae were informed that this movie would be a immense “ floating-point operation ” and perchance one of the worst movies made during this clip period.

Little did they know that Dirty Dancing is considered today, “ the best dance film of all time made ” and it would still be the favourite of many people today. As of 2007 this movie earned $ 213.9 million worldwide, and it was the first place picture to sell more than a million transcripts. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack besides produced two multi-platinum albums and multiple singles. This movie went on to win an Oscar, every bit good as 9 other awards, and 5 nominations.

Although there was n’t a film about the dance manners of Michael Jackson, I believe that he played a major portion in the displacement of manners in the 80 ‘s. Michael Jackson ‘s calling was dining with new dances, vocals and manners during this clip. In 1982 his album “ Thriller ” still remains

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today, the bestselling album of all clip, and remained on the Billboard 200 extremum place for 37 hebdomads directly. It contained 7 top 10 hits, and it was merely a 9 path album. “ We Are the World ” and “ Bad ” were besides large hits during this clip period, doing music and dance even more popular. As the 80 ‘s continued Michael Jackson was said to be one of the biggest stars of the universe. He popularized dances such as the Moonwalk, the Kick, the Soulful Robot and the Ceaseless Spin.

The 80 ‘s has been said to be “ the decennary of dance, ” there was interruption dance, the Worm, the Moonwalk and more. During the 80 ‘s the dance decidedly took a measure up to what it is for most people today. Besides, many films through these 10 old ages showed a alteration in the dance manners.

The beginning of the 90 ‘s dance manners was really similar to the 80 ‘s. Michael Jackson was still popular ; the same dance films were being watched over and over ; and most people were still stuck in their 80 ‘s ways of life. As the 1990 ‘s continued dance moves such as the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, the Running Man, and the Electric Slide.

One of the first dance films in a long clip came out in the twelvemonth 2000, Center Stage, starring Amanda Schull, Zoe Saldana and Peter Gallagher was one of those dance films with a secret plan that “ was n’t so good ” , but the dance was first-class. This movie revisits manners of concert dance, Broadway dance, and disco, and blends together manners of its ain. It besides shows the trouble

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and common issues of professional dance and how some people cope with the emphasis without computing machine particular effects.

The following film is n’t precisely a “ dance ” film, but it shows how dance has late been incorporated into other activities, such as cheerleading. Bring it On was the 2000 ; movie starring Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku and Gabrielle Union. Bringing it On shows how cheerleading involves dance every bit good, and how had dance has spread to other activities. Not merely does cheerleading affect dance, but many other athleticss excessively, such as synchronised swimming it ‘s nil more than a dance in H2O, or figure skating. Even professional football participants are sent to ballet categories to obtain balance and poise. This is an first-class movie that shows the importance of dancing in athleticss such as cheerleading.

The twelvemonth 2004 takes us to a memorable film where the manner alterations to ballroom dance. Shall We Dance shows many types of dance hall dance, like the Waltz, Quickstep and Tango. This movie was foremost a Nipponese movie, but this version starring Jennifer Lopez, Richard Gere, and Susan Sarandon, is the narrative of a workaholic attorney who is acquiring bored with his day-to-day modus operandi, and he decides to take dance hall dance classes to do his life a little more interesting. As the clip he dances continues he finds joy in it more and more. This movie brought in 57.8 million dollars and was nominated for 4 awards.

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The following movie takes us back to the musicals of the 70 ‘s and 80 ‘s, Hairspray, starring Zac Efron, John Travolta, Amanda Bynes, Queen Latifah and Michelle Pfeiffer was the 4th highest grossing musical movie in US film history, behind Grease, Chicago and Momma Mia! This movie is set in Baltimore in 1963 ; the narrative is about a plump adolescent Tracy Turnblad ( Nikki Blonsky ) who seeks stardom as a terpsichorean on a local telecasting show. The 1988 original version of Hairspray earned 6.6 million and was nominated for 4 awards, while the 2007 version earned 188.8 million in the box office, was nominated for 3 Golden Globes, won 12 other awards, and had 18 other nominations. This was an energetic dance film, much like Grease, with plentifulness of bosom, it was said to do people “ want to acquire up and sing and dance. ”

The concluding and most recent successful 2006 dance film is really similar to Dirty Dancing. Step Up, starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, is a perfect illustration of what dance has become today. Step Up is the narrative of a privileged concert dance terpsichorean who meets a free manner dance Rebel with a dream of doing it in the existent universe of dance. In this movie there was a mix of hip-hop, concert dance, modern and break dance to do this movie perfect for this list of films that helped our styled evolve today. This film earned 65.3 million in the box office, and won one award and was nominated for 3 other awards.

Thingss have decidedly changed from the 1950 ‘s until today, but one thing in common with all of these films is the existent message ; follow your dreams, and ne’er give up on the things that you want. Another thing that all these films have in common, it that it gives most people the impulse to acquire up and dance.

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