The Energies Flashcard

Chemical Bond
A force that holds atoms togther.
Property of a substance in which it returns to equalibrium after being stretched or compresed.
Elastic Potential Energy
PEs= 1/2Kx(Squared)

x= Distance from equalibrium.

K= Force Constant

Kenetic Energy
The Energy of motion.
Potential Energy
The Energy of position and stored energy.
Formula for Potential Energy


The ability to do work.
Unit for potential Energy
“joule”= (Newton x meter)
Kenetic Energy
The energy of motion.
Formula for Kenetic Energy
KEt= 1/2mv(squared)
Unit for Kenetic Energy
“joule”= (Newton x meter)

(kg m/s squared x meter)

The rate at which work is done.
Formula for Power
P= w/t
Unit for Power
Watt= (Joule/ Second)= (N x M / Second)= (kg m/s squared x Merter/ Second)
A Force that opposes motion.
Tungsten (W)

W= chemical sumel

Give an example of Mechanical energy
The school bus you ride in
What is elastic potential Energy?
potential Energy that is associated with objects that are streched or compressed.
What is potential energy that depends on height?
gravatational potential energy
What is mechanical energy?
the energy associated with the motion posistion of an object.
what is thermal energy?
the total energy of the particles in an object.
What is chemical energy?
the potential energy store in chemical bonds that hold chemical compounds together.
what kind of energy is stored in the foods you eat?
thermal energy
what kind of energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom?
nuclear energy
what is an example of electromagnetic energy?
the light we see everyday
the change from one form of energy to another is called?
energy conversion
when you throw and orange into the air what kind of energy increases and hieght increases?
potential energy
as an orange falls from it height, what kind of energy increases and what kind of energy decreases?
potential energy increases and kenetic energy decreases.
what is the law of conservation of energy
energy can be changed from one form to another, but energy can never be created or destroyed.
friction converts mechanical energy to what?
thermal energy
how did albert enstein say the law of conservtion could be changed?
he said energy could sometimes be created by destroying matter.

matter and energy can be converted back and forth?


A fuel is a material that stores chemical potential energy

name 3 fossil fuels
Natural gas, coal, and petroleum
where did the energy is fossil fuels origionally come from?
ancient plants
What energy conversion takes place durring photosynthesis?
plants convert light energy from the sun into chemical potential energy
The process of burning fossil fuels is know as…
What is the formula to calculate Power?
Power= work/ time


Power= force x distance/ time

Power is the ______ at which energy is transferred from one form into anotheror transferred from one object to another.
1 horsepower= _____watts

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