The Dream of Minding My Own Business

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Managing a business has been one of the recurring images in my head every time I think about my future. I was born in Hong Kong which is considered to be one of the world’s business capitals. The process of how economics and finance works in a certain business or institution is quite intriguing for me. I have always enjoyed marvelling with the idea of how economics affects the development of a certain society or country. I am definitely interested in finding out how and why economics, business and stock markets operates in the business world—how they are the primary factors that determine a country’s progress and why is it so.

The advancement of a country’s economy is the advancement of the country itself. It seems to me that without economic growth, a country could not survive. I know how most of the most powerful and wealthy countries like United States of America and some parts of Europe have excellent economic features and businesses. Otherwise, they would not be considered powerful at all. Most third and fourth world countries, however, have poor and undeveloped economies which quite explain their situation.

By specializing in business, I can obtain

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up-to-date information about this ever-changing world of business, most especially today when the threat of a second Great Depression is felt among the market of these powerful countries. Ever since I have encountered the term “stock market”, I have always wondered how it works for the economy. The electronic board filled wit numbers and currency signs did not seem comprehensible for me at all not until high school. Back in Hong Kong in 2007, I joined a certain business competition when I was in high school.

The competition is called Citigroup Youth Investment Contest. It was a two month-long simulation stock market on-line investment transaction competition organized by the Citigroup Company. All teams were provided equally with HKD$200,000 to start the competition. With that amount we were instructed tat we can buy and sell any stock in the market that we like. After two months, my team ended with a full HKD$ 277721. 71 and ranked 11th among 273 teams. It was a very fulfilling task to do. The competition made me discover a great deal of tings about the importance of stock market in the industry.

After the competition, I further understood how the market operates, and obtained basic concept of an individual’s financial control in order to achieve healthy financial status. It was the first time that I actually put a hand in stock market and I really got hooked into the idea of it. Furthermore, I also earned a distinguished prize from the Hong Kong Statistical Society upon joining the senior section of the Statistical Project Competition for Secondary School Students. I was also the treasurer of the Photography Club in my high school. I guess I am really interested in the concept of managing money and handling finances.

These experiences absolutely taught me a lot of things about business management. The competitions that I have joined whether I have won or not just made more enthusiastic to involve myself with the real thing. I know that business is the best for my career. I cannot imagine myself in any profession at all if I do not become a businessperson in the future. My Personal Qualities As for my personal qualities and talents, I guess what I am most proud to disclose would be my involvement with music. I am an avid trombone player and when I was in high school I was a member of our Symphonic Band and Orchestra.

I was the principal of trombone section since I was in 9th grade. Our band joined and won several band and orchestra competition organized by some notable music organizations in Hong Kong such as the Hong Kong Music Office which produced the Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows competition. Our school band garnered the Bronze Award while the orchestra, the Silver Award. During our participation in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival which was organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association, our senior band won the championship in 2004 while I won 2nd runner up in the trombone solo category in 2005.

As an orchestra member, cooperation is a quality that one must possess in order to produce a quality piece. Working as the principal of the trombone section for almost 5 years, I always make it to the point that my members practice everyday and develop tacit understanding among ourselves. Synchronization can only be achieved if the members are focused and highly conducted by the principal player; therefore, I have a huge role to play in the success of our shows. As a board member of music society, I have also organized some activities like singing contests, music summer camps and preparation work before competitions and performances.

I have also visited Singapore and Beijing with my school band members to share music experiences with students there. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in different countries. That is why I believe that music shapes me into being an outgoing person which can further help me in succeeding in my future career in business. Belonging in a music-oriented organization helped me in enhancing not only my artistic and musical skills but also my communication skills. I noticed that communication plays an enormous part in the success of a certain business.

Businesspeople should also acquire good communication skills aside from marketing and selling skills. Since, public relations is a vital element that keeps a business going, it must be dealt with great caution by means of good and effective communication. That is why; I must say that my extra-curricular activities back in high school earned me a lot more than just awards. It gave me the communication skills that I need to be able to interact more with other people which I consider to be a major factor that can contribute to my future success.

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