The DR of Congo

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Congo is a country that has many resources. It has a large source of water available as it has in its territory one of the largest river In the world, it is also a source of many deferent minerals, it has rich soils used for plantations and It Is also a source of rubber. All this resources would have made It Into one of the most rich and developed countries in the world but this was all ruined when colonialism took place. They saw the locals as a source of slaves.

The population was really affected by his as the poor conditions In which the people lived In caused millions of people to die, over five million. People started dying because of starvation and diseases. Many people where also killed as they formed parts of political parties which could have represented a threat to the rebels. This caused the government to become very weak and unstable, almost UN-excellent. People where also denied education, which stopped them from rising and health care, which made diseases spread quicker and reverted the sick from getting better.

Later on when they tried to be independent in 1960 a military man named Mobbed became their ruler. He turned into a tyrant, he wasted all the countries money instead of spending it on medical care or education to increase and control their population. In conclusion the population has been suffering deeply as they have been mistreated and this has caused over 5 million deaths meaning a decrease in their population and an elevated death rate.

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