The Devil and Tom Walker

swampy forest
tom encounters the devil in a ___________________.
Captain Kidds
”loan shark”
the pact with the devil, if tomsold his soul, then he would acquire _________________treasure to use as a ___________________.(also known as________ ________)
stingy and miserly
despite his wealth, he stays just as _________________ as even with his unfinished home and starving horses.
escape his terrible fate
though tom regrets his deal and attempts to change his life, he cannot______________________________.
“violent churchgoer”
tom becomes a _________________ _________________ nd always carried his bible in his pocket.
this story serves as a lesson that illustrates how people can be overcome by _______________________.
That it would be bad on his conscience
what factors contribute to tom’s initial refusal?
Nobody knows he real fate. but tom found her liver and heart hung up in a tree in her apron covered with vultures.
what happens to tom’s wife?
He ultimately cared more for his passions..
what do you learn about tom based on his reaction to the loss of his wife?
making them poor
tdtw implies that god expressed his dissaproval of human sins by…
“old Scratch”
what did tom refer to the devil as?

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