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The novel “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” by Mark Haddon is a really alone novel. It is alone in many ways as it’s written through the eyes of person with Aspegers Syndrome and this status is explored throughout the novel. The novel is about a 15 twelvemonth old male child called Christopher who has Aspegers Syndrome. This status doesn’t let him to understand things the manner people without this status would. The novel shoes how Christopher grows up. some of the experiences he goes through and how he copes with and understands life.

The subjects in the novel are turning up. populating with particular demands and the most of import subject household relationships. “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” has a alone manner in that it has been written through the eyes of a individual with Aspegers. As it has been written through the eyes of a individual with Aspegers it is different to most novels and reveals the authors personality. The storyteller. Christopher Boone. who has Aspegers can’t understand people and has to include every item and explicate everything he says. The narrative manner is written in a logical manner with lists and diagrams.

Using lists and diagrams in the novel helped us understand Christopher’s status more. As that is the manner he thinks and works things out so he can grok them. Besides as we see everything signifier Christopher’s point of position it conveys to us that he sees the universe with perfect lucidity. In portion of the fresh Christopher negotiations about how he doesn’t like metaphors. Christopher doesn’t like them because they confuse him and he doesn’t understand them. “He was the apple of her oculus. ” Christopher does non understand this metaphor because he sees it as a prevarication.

He sees it as a prevarication because an apple in someone’s oculus has nil to make with wishing person. Since they have nil to make with each other it makes Christopher bury about what they were speaking about in the first topographic point. This subdivision adds tour apprehension of Christopher’s jobs because as he has Aspergers he merely sees the universe in black or white. Metaphors are a gray country so he can’t treat them in his encephalon. Throughout the novel Christopher struggles to interact with other characters and finds it hard to understand them.

For illustration. at the beginning of the narrative when the police officer is speaking to Christopher he finds it hard to interact with him. “The policeman took clasp of my arm and lifted me onto my pess. I didn’t like him touching me like this and this is why I hit him. ” Since Christopher has Aspergers he doesn’t like being touched. If person touches him he feels like he is being attacked and reacts to it. This is why he hit the police officer. Another ground why Christopher finds it hard to interact with other people is that he can’t understand facial looks.

As he can’t understand facial looks he finds it difficult to cognize what people are stating and hence finds it hard to interact with them. In portion of the novel it explains why Christopher doesn’t ‘get’ gags. He says “I can non state gags because I do non understand them. ” he doesn’t understand gags because as he has Aspergers Syndrome he has to analyze and believe everything through in a logical manner before understanding what things mean. For illustration. “His face was drawn by the drapes were existent. ” Christopher doesn’t understand this gag because after he has thought about it he realises that “drawn” has three different significances.

This confuses Christopher and because of his status it makes him experience like three people are speaking to him at one time. This helps us to understand they manner he thinks and sees the universe excessively. Due to the nature of Christopher’s status he is incognizant of the jobs he causes for his parents. Since he has Aspergers it causes his parents to reason and finally causes his female parent to go forth. His parents would reason because his female parent couldn’t header with Christopher’s actions. For illustration. one clip his female parent couldn’t header was when she took him shopping.

And you crouched down on the floor and set your custodies over your ears and you were in the manner of everyone so I got cross…But you shouted and knocked those sociables of the shelf. ” This state of affairs upsets her and causes a row between his parents. After a piece both his parents cant header with reasoning any longer so his Dendranthema grandifloruom so leaves. She leaves because she believes her hubby is better with Christopher and she feels unequal to cover with him. Christopher is incognizant of the jobs he causes because that is merely the manner he thinks. This gives us a better apprehension of how he thins and trades with jobs to holding Aspergers.

As the novel goes on the relationship between Christopher and his male parent alteration and struggle develops between them at the get downing their relationship is really positive and strong. For illustration. when Christopher gets taken to the constabulary station his male parent shouts at the constabulary in defense mechanism of his boy. This shows that’s he cares about Christopher and that he is non angry at him fro acquiring taking to the constabulary station. Besides when his male parent sees Christopher inside the cell they both hold up their custodies and their fingers touch. This s how they show that they love each other as Christopher hates to be hugged or touched.

Their relationship begins to deteriorate when his male parent banged his fist on the tabular array truly hard so that the home bases and the cutter jumped about. He besides shouts at Christopher. This was the first clip his male parent had lost his forbearance with him. Later in the novel Christopher made a immense error which made the relationship autumn apart. His male parent found the book Christopher was composing and reacted by cursing at him and finally hit him. This made their relationship hit stone underside and Christopher began to go frightened of his male parent.

The Christopher happen out that his male parent had lied about is mother being dead and that he killed Wellington. After he finds out he tilt swear his male parent any longer. This causes him to run off to happen his female parent. When he is at his female parents house his male parent comes to her house cheering and demanding to see Christopher but he doesn’t want to talk to him but their relationship wills ne’er be the same once more. As Christopher has Aspergers he is obsessed with certain things for case. he likes everything to be in an order and good yearss and inkinesss yearss.

He works out if he’s holding a good twenty-four hours or a black twenty-four hours from autos. If he saw three ruddy autos it was a good twenty-four hours and if he saw four yellows it was black yearss. He besides is obsessed with maths and natural philosophies because he likes them and he is really good at them. He likes so much as they merely have one reply and are straightforward which helps him to understand them. In the novel Christopher explains his dream. In his dream everyone on the Earth is dead except from the people who don’t understand facial looks like Christopher. Everyone dies because they all catch a virus.

They catch the virus because of the significance of something an septic individual says and what facial looks they do when they say it. After everyone is dead and there is merely people left like Christopher. he can make whatever he wants and ne’er see anyone as they all like being entirely. The symbolic significance in the dream is that everyone who is alive is like Christopher. Therefore in the dream Christopher fits in and life is a batch easier because everyone tells the truth and no emotions are included. So they all understand each other and they are all happy.

One cardinal scene in the novel is when Christopher finds the letters from his female parent and realises she isn’t dead. When he foremost realised what was traveling on he felt ill and baffled. This is the first clip we can see Christopher sing emotional hurting. He doesn’t cognize what to make so he merely sits curled up in a ball for a long clip and doesn’t speak. This scene helps us to understand Christopher’s status as it shows us that when Christopher is confused or emotional he doesn’t speak or make anything so that he can either analyse what’s go oning or to seek set the topic out of his head.

Another cardinal scene in the novel is when Christopher negotiations about when people tell you what to make it usually doesn’t do sense or it’s confusing. For illustration. maintain of the grass marks. He thinks that they should state “keep off the grass around this mark or support of the grass in this park. ” people without Aspergers would understand this mark but as Christopher has Aspergers this mark confuses him. It confuses him because he thinks abut it logically and realises that there is a batch of grass that you are allowed to walk on.

This scene besides helps us understand Christopher’s status because it shows us that everything he sees he has to be able to understand it logically to be able to understand it at all. In decision. I think the novel was truly good. I liked how it was written through the eyes of person with Aspergers as it helped you understand the novel more and besides taught you about people with the status. I besides think that because it was written in narrative manner it helped you to react to Christopher better and truly understands what he was traveling through and how he seen the universe from his point of position.

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