The Cretaceous Period Essay

In the Cretaceous Period started when the Jurassic period ended. which was precisely 144 million old ages ago and was besides longer than any other period. making to about 65 million old ages. The Cretaceous period besides marks the terminal of the Dinosaurs. who were destroyed by the meteorite that struck the Earth 65 million old ages ago.

In the Cretaceous Period there was a freshly discovered bird or sailplane called. The Microraptor Gui or besides known as The Dinosaur with Four Wings. which was believed to demo how birds evolved from a group of little dinosaurs called dromaeosaurs. The Microraptor graphical user interface was discovered in the Jiufotang Formation in western Liaoning. China. The Microraptor Gui is 77 centimeter in length and has four wings. What’s different about this species is that it has a wing on each of its hind limbs.

On January 23 in the issue of the journal Nature. Xu Xing. a palaeontologist at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing. China. says that in the the species was an early ascendant of birds that most probably used its feathery limbs. along with its long feather-fringed tail. to surge from tree to corner.

The dominant life in the Cretaceous Period was the dinosaurs they besides branched out in to antecedently less-dominant species like horned dinosaurs. There were besides insects. birds. and even mammals although they were the smallest carnal life at the clip period.

The early Cretaceous Time period is where works life. besides known as Angiosperms. foremost began to bloom. this caused a growing in insects populations. The clime was the coldest for the Mesozoic times as glaciers appeared at the poles. Due to the steady addition of CO2 degrees the ice chest conditions was gone and a warming period replaced it.

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